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Chapter 680: Fierce Battle with the Apostles!

Chapter 680: Fierce Battle with the Apostles!

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Wilson came to the battlefield and saw that while the KoG soldiers had the advantage, they still could not destroy the 3rd Brigade entirely. He chuckled coldly, "What an eyesore! They still haven’t settled this yellow monkeys. Wade, it’s our turn! Let’s go kill all the Evolvers first!"

Wade nodded slightly and immediately charged towards the Special Forces led by Hua Mu La Tuo.

In a few breaths, Wilson and Wade had appeared in front of the Special Forces.

The 2 of them were quadruple-attribute Evolvers, with Strength, Agility, Spirit, and Endurance as their main attributes. They were peak Evolvers and their system equipment was considered top-notch, gathered through the efforts of the Kingdom of God. They were at least Level 4 and above.

Wilson immediately waved his hands the moment he appeared in front of the Mongolian Special Forces, sending 5 blades of air out. That caused 5 soldiers of the 3rd Brigade to be sliced in two at the waist, fresh blood pouring everywhere.

Wade transformed into a blur, with 10 transparent lines on his fingers as sharp as knives. He charged through the crowd, slicing the soldiers into countless parts. Within the Special Forces, no one seemed to be able to defend against the 2 of them.

"Beast!! I’ll kill you!!" Hua Mu La Tuo watched as the 2 Apostles slaughtered his subordinates, and his eyes turned bloodshot, before leading 7 Evolvers towards them.

Hua Mu La Tuo was a Level 60 Spirit-based Evolver, and his main skill was Earth Manipulation. As he slapped down hard on the ground, a number of earth spikes shot out from the ground, each about 6m-tall, striking at Wilson and Wade.

The 2 Apostles flashed and dodged the spikes like ghosts.

"Die!" The 7 Evolvers formed a small team that launched a sudden assault on Wilson with a pronged attack.

A number of Gravity pulses, flaming arrows, flying blades and ice shards formed a myriad of attacks that slammed towards Wilson, together with a few other shockwaves, weapons as well as summon beasts.

"It’s useless! There’s only one outcome for you guys, which is death!" Wilson faced the onslaught of attacks and his face revealed a cold smile. He extended his fingers and 7 large air blades shot out as though they had a will of their own, instantly slicing the 7 Evolvers into halves.

After taking out the 7 Evolvers in a single move, the myriad of attacks dissolved onto an air barrier that Wilson had conjured around him, not damaging him in the slightest.

"How is this possible? How is this strong?" Hua Mu La Tuo stared at the uninjured Wilson, his eyes flashing with shock. The 7 Evolvers had joined hands, and their attack was something even Hu-er Ran dared not face head-on. However, they had actually died in an instant under Wilson’s methods, and Hua Mu La Tuo could not believe his eyes.

"Go to hell!" All of a sudden, there was a shout, and 10 transparent lines pierced through his head before they started spinning and sliced up his brain.

Hua Mu La Tuo, the strongest expert within the 3rd Brigade, had died!

With his death, the rest of the soldiers immediately went crazy, pulling out their weapons and firing madly at the 2 Apostles. They had plenty of experience and knew that if they were to charge forwards like bees, they would only rush to their deaths.

Only by having Hu-er Ran, their own peak Evolver to hold them off, the rest of them could find the chance to take them out.

"Are you guys Apostles?" Just as the 2 brothers were preparing to slaughter the rest of the 3rd Brigade, a voice resounded.


"Leader is here!!"

"Long live Leader!!"


The moment the voice resounded, the entire 3rd Brigade cheered out in an earthshaking roar. In the past, they had been Yue Zhong’s enemies, but even then, they were full of respect for him. When on the battlefield, as long as Yue Zhong came personally, they would achieve victory. With such an aura, not only did they roared out in triumph, their morale was pushed high again.

Any troop that had victories and glory under their belt, would be able to grow even more in confidence with each additional victory.

At the same time that Yue Zhong appeared, 8 high-level Treants, 2,000 low-level Treants of above Level 30, as well as the 10 Type 3 Treants charged out and engaged the KoG soldiers.

Wilson and Wade stared fixedly at Yue Zhong, this man was their target. As long as they could kill this man, they would have done a great deed for their organization, and their position in the Kingdom of God would be further cemented. Their resources would be more as well.

The Apostles were the strongest existences of the Kingdom of God, however, there were only 12 Apostles, each of them representing the peak level of power. The closer the number was to 1, the stronger they were. Wilson and Wade were the last 2 Apostles, and they sought to gain a better ranking and foothold. Only then, they would gain more resources.

Wade eyed Yue Zhong with a look of excitement, "You’re Yue Zhong? You’ll die here today! I will use your head as my wine cup. A cup made out of the skull of an expert on the level of us Apostles. It truly makes me excited. Haha!! Go to hell!"

10 strings had already shot out from behind Yue Zhong, making their way towards his head.

Wade had only about a 2km-distance in handling the transparent lines. Within that distance, the strings could even pierce the hulls of armored vehicles. He could also assassinate numerous experts. Before he had become an Apostle, he had made us of this ability to wipe out plenty of strong enemies.

The line moved, and Yue Zhong was filled with a bad feeling. The possibility of death loomed in his heart, and his body was surrounded by a green radiance, as the Bronze Spiritual Bell protected him.

The 10 transparent lines slammed into the shield, and there was a grating sound of metal striking metal.

"You’re an Evolver that makes use of strings!" Yue Zhong discovered that ordinary people could never make out the transparent lines.

"Kill him!!" Wade and Wilson both pointed at Yue Zhong and roared.

The remaining Divine Envoys and Envoys-in-waiting charged at Yue Zhong together with the rest of the Judges.

Yue Zhong watched them and coldly laughed as he ordered, "Fire the cannons!"

Hong! Hong! Hong!

With loud bangs, a volley of heavy artillery came raining down on the elites of the Kingdom of God, blasting many of them into pieces.

300 soldiers were hiding behind cover, armed with laser guns, and they began firing at the KoG soldiers.

Many laser beams shot out towards the KoG soldiers, and one werewolf had was even turned into a sieve with multiple smoking holes on his body. One of them directly pierced his spine, and he crumpled to the floor.

Wade saw the 300 soldiers appeared with laser guns, slaughtering his subordinates, and he roared out in shock, "How is it possible?! You should only have 500 laser guns, how could you have an additional 300 more?!"

In the reports on Yue Zhong, the Kingdom of God thought that Yue Zhong only had 500 laser guns, and the Central Plains weren’t equipped to manufacture them. They had seen that Yue Zhong’s forces had fought off the wave of Mutant Beasts with all the laser guns they assumed Yue Zhong to have, that was why they had launched their attacks.

"Your information is out of date!" Yue Zhong laughed coldly, and opened his palm, as a terrifying Devil Flame dragon shot out towards Wade.

Wade’s expression turned ugly, and he retaliated by sending his strings towards Yue Zhong from different directions. At the same time, more strings shot in front of him to form a huge shield.

The dragon made out of Devil Flame swallowed the shield, and in a flash, it was incinerated. Without stopping, the Devil Flame continued to pounce towards Wade.

Yue Zhong’s flame ability was precisely the bane of Wade’s ability, as the flames could burn the wires that Wade controlled. Other abilities could not do the same.

Wade waved his hands, and a shield of light appeared in front of him.

The Devil Flame dragon exploded on the shield of light and shattered it.

As for Wade, he had retreated dozens of meters.

Wilson’s eyes flashed coldly and he conjured up a blast of air from behind him, sending him hurtling through the air towards Yue Zhong. He pointed at Yue Zhong and sent 7 sharp blades of air towards him.

Yue Zhong had already activated his Shadow Steps and Bone Encompassing Armor, and though he could not see the air blades, he had already sensed them through his danger perception and abundant battle experience. He pulled out his sharpest weapon, the Flame Blade made of the claw of the Flame Bird, and slashed apart 6 of the air blades with a burst of flames.

The last air blade managed to slam into his left shoulder, breaking the bone armor but was stopped by the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake hide underneath.