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Chapter 681: Collapse!

Chapter 681: Collapse!

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Yue Zhong was also sent flying back a few meters due to the powerful skill.

Bai Xiao Sheng, who had already evolved into a Strength and Agility dual-attribute Evolver shot towards Wilson with a cold look, bringing his blade down.

"Trash! Die!" Wilson’s attack was broken and his eyes burned with a furious gaze. He pointed towards Bai Xiao Sheng, sending another 4 air blades towards him.

A suffocating pressure enveloped Bai Xiao Sheng and his face fell as he slashed out with blade beams, while retreating quickly.

The 4 air blades managed to breach his attacks and landed on his body. One in particular actually pierced through the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide on his body, leaving a deep wound as fresh blood flowed from his shoulder.

Bai Xiao Sheng looked at Wilson with a look of shock, "Strong!! This is an Apostle of the Kingdom of God? Truly on another level!"

Yue Zhong had led his troops to launch a night raid on the 2 Apostles the other time, and it was due to Yin Shuang that managed to fend off one of the Apostles, while the rest of the soldiers had injured the other Apostle.

As Yin Shuang was tied up with the Type 3 Mutant Beast, these 2 Apostles had appeared with their incredible fighting prowess, and none of Yue Zhong’s subordinates could handle them.

It was precisely because of the Apostles’ strengths that the Kingdom of God was able to expand in so many areas. As long as an Apostle appeared in a local area, there would be almost no trouble whatsoever. Each of them was on par with an entire elite battalion. They could single-handedly destroy a faction of 10,000 with no problems.

Yue Zhong retreated slightly, his eyes flashing and he barked, "Qing Wu! Do it!!"

A 2m-tall blue, human-shaped biological armor suddenly appeared with a 1.5m-long blade, slashing at Wilson with a bright green blade beam.

"Fast!!" Wilson’s face finally fell, and he even felt a sense of danger for the first time. He was forced to retreat, his right hand extending out. 7 sharp blades of wind that could pierce through even the hulls of armored vehicles fired at the blue armor.

Ji Qing Wu was controlling the Biological Armor within, and she did not dodge the incoming air blades, instead, her eyes flashed with a hint of madness. Her blade came slashing down, slicing apart 2 wind blades before she continued towards Wilson.

The remaining 5 wind blades landed on the blue Biological Armor, and caused deep gashes, but ultimately not slicing through nor damaging the suit.

Wilson flipped his hands, and a bright shield appeared, blocking in front of him.

The terrifying blade came slashing down on the white shield and split it apart. As the blade continued through its trajectory, Wilson’s Level 4 Defense Vest was sliced through, and his right arm was chopped off.

Ji Qing Wu had chosen to strengthen her sword Qi as her path. Her selected Job was the Swordsman, which allowed her to evolve her skill into the Level 4 Sword Radiance. After enhancing sure-kill skill, when she activated it, it was truly unbridled and uninhibited, slashing through the Type 4 Mutant Beast hide like it was nothing.

However, in training this skill, there was a requirement, which was to give up all long-range attacks. After Ji Qing Wu learned this skill, she had no way of picking up any other long-distance skills through the system.

"AH!!! IT HURTS!!! IT HURTS!!" Wilson’s face was contorted in pain as he grabbed what remained of his right shoulder, and a huge pocket of air blew him up into the sky.

Ji Qing Wu eyed Wilson coldly as he was forced away by her.

At the next instant, an Empowered bullet shot through the skies, blasting at Wilson.

Wilson suppressed the pain and conjured another shield, forcefully defending against that shot.

"Wade, retreat!!" Wilson roared out, as he commanded the air around him to propel him through the sky.

"It’s too dangerous, these uncouth yellow monkeys are truly something, seems like we need the 1st Apostle here." Wade’s heart was shocked, and he abandoned the rest of the KoG soldiers, rushing into the distance.

These Apostles were truly strong, but they were more afraid of death than most others. As long as they remained alive, they could enjoy life’s pleasures, but if they were to die, they would have nothing.

And since each and every Apostle was an important tool of the Kingdom of God, the KoG would not blame them. Even if they decided not to be in the KoG anymore, they could easily become high-ranking members of any other factions. Under such circumstances, with the exception of a few Apostles, the rest were all selfish, and once they felt any danger to their lives, they would choose to retreat.

"They fled real quick!" Yue Zhong watched as Wilson and Wade both abandoned everything with such decisiveness and was shocked.

   The escape of the 2 Apostles caused much mayhem and chaos within the Kingdom of God soldiers. The remaining Divine Envoys and Envoys-in-waiting immediately fled as well.

The Judges and Adjudicators were plunged into despair, and some became enraged and fought with more vigor, while others threw their weapons down to surrender. Some chose to flee.

As Yue Zhong was intending to execute all of them, the troops of the Alliance fell back from their defense post like a surge of flood waters.

The Alliance was not comparable to the troops of Yue Zhong, and they were already holding on with all their might. After Zhang Jian Xing was assassinated by Erek, the troops crumbled without command.

Zheng Da Long and Su Xing He were both peak level Evolvers with impressive fighting strength, however, the brains behind most of the operations on the ground had been Zhang Jian Xing. With the death of the ‘brains’, the huge troop was easily swatted around by the Mutant Beast horde.

The thousands of soldiers of the Alliance fled in different directions, chasing behind them were the Mutant Beasts.

"AH!! NO!!! AHH!!! AH!!!" One soldier ran slower than the rest, and dozens of Mutant Rats immediately pounced onto him, knocking him to the ground. In an instant, countless Mutant Rats came scurrying, completely burying him out of sight.

When they left, there was only a pile of bloodied bones.

A Type 2 Mutant Bullfrog of about 4m-tall continued to hop quickly, its elongated tongue shooting out once in awhile to latch onto some unfortunate soldiers, sucking them into its mouth. It then clamped down hard with its mutated sharp teeth, crushing the soldiers before gobbling them.

Zheng Da Long and Su Xing He fled quickly, and they instantly jumped over the rest of the soldiers, making their way out of town.

As Zheng Da Long was about to escape successfully, the castle-like Mutant Giant Turtle activated its innate ability, firing out a terrifying mist of frost.

Wherever the mist touched, everything would be frozen solid in an instant, turning into shiny ice sculptures. Zheng Da Long was caught in the mist, and he immediately froze. Within the ice sculpture, his expression of shock could be seen.

Su Xing He saw this and his face turned pale. With a flicker of his body, he disappeared into a house within the town.

By now, the entire town had been surrounded by the Mutant Beasts. Those soldiers that tried to flee out were easily picked off.

Under such circumstances, the Alliance soldiers could only flee towards the defense post of Yue Zhong’s troops as it was the safest.

The disorder caused the soldiers of the Alliance and Kingdom of God to be squeezed together, and both immediately engaged in a slaughter among themselves.

Yue Zhong took a look at the chaos and his eyes blazed with fury, "The Kingdom of God is truly damnable!"

Originally, the Alliance and Yue Zhong’s troops could still somewhat hold off the Mutant Beast Horde. However, the balance was broken because of the interference of the Kingdom of God, and even Yue Zhong’s troops were plunged into danger. If they were not careful, Yue Zhong’s troops might end up being annihilated.

"Save me! Let me through!"



The soldiers of the Alliance rushed past the KoG soldiers and tried to plead with the soldiers of Yue Zhong. Behind them were the Mutant Beasts, and in front of them was dense gunfire. They could only beg Yue Zhong for help.

Yue Zhong went to a corner and roared out, "ALL OF YOU COME HERE! Put down your weapons and get in orderly!"

The soldiers of the Alliance all heaved a sigh of relief and came to the designated point to put down their weapons.

The Judges and Adjudicators of the Kingdom of God also raised their hands and called out, "We surrender! We surrender!!"

Being abandoned by the 2 Apostles, those elite soldiers of the KoG felt despair, they didn’t want to die in the jaws of those Mutant Beasts as well.

These elites of the Kingdom of God might be Aryans but they were also humans and feared death just like anyone else. After being deserted by their leaders, their fighting spirit plunged.

Yue Zhong pondered a while and chose to accept the surrender of the KoG elites, "Come over here, and put down your weapons, before lining up orderly."