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Chapter 761: Suppressing Xiangma Yiming!

Chapter 761: Suppressing Xiangma Yiming!

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"Stop!!!" Xiangma Yiming roared in anger, forcefully trying to break out of the entrapment of the 3 others in order to kill Yue Zhong. However, Shaxi and the rest were all powerful experts in their own right, and he was already heavily injured. He had no way of getting past them, and could only watch as Bai Yi tore through the system.

This air fortress was one of the most precious weapons of the Saint Clan. In the entire arsenal, they only had about 50 of such aircraft.

Every single one of them was the flagship of the Type 5 Saint Clan members, representing their might and authority. Once Yue Zhong obtained one, Sitolius would definitely not let Xiangma Yiming off.

The alarms on the ship rang for an entire minute before it suddenly stopped. After that, the radar systems all withdrew into the ship, as a single powerful radar emerged, sending a scan outward.

Bai Yi’s face on the display also regained her usual expression, revealing a smile to Yue Zhong, "It’s done! Master! I’ve completely integrated and gained control of the mainframe!"

Yue Zhong asked, "Is there anything that can do something to the Type 5 Divine Warrior below?"

There were many powerful cannons that were able to threaten Type 4 Divine Warriors. However, against the Type 5 Divine Warriors, due to their heightened sense of danger, their speed, such projectiles would not be able to hurt them.

Bai Yi replied swiftly, "Making use of all the weapons on this ship, I’m able to force the Type 5 Divine Warrior to retreat, but the probability of killing him is only 7.7%. The only way to injure him heavily or even kill him would require the ultimate weapon on this ship, the R32 Nuclear Bomb."

Yue Zhong’s eyes widened in shock, "Nuclear bomb!! They actually have a nuclear bomb on this shop?"

Yue Zhong was extremely clear about the destruction a nuclear bomb could cause. Once utilized, the entire blast zone would be a dead region.

The speed of a Type 5 Divine Warrior might be terrifying, but it would not be enough to escape a region of at least a 100 li.

When Yue Zhong had utilized the nuclear bomb back then, it had managed to wipe out 2 intelligent evolved zombies. However, as a result, he did not dare casually use that weapon again, because while he killed his enemies, it came at a great cost: the pollution of the environment. It severely impacted the land that humans could live.

Yue Zhong asked, "How many are there?"


Bai Yi suddenly spoke up, "Oh yes, Master, there’s a huge horde of Mutant Beasts making their way over here."

At that, the main display of the mainframe showed a region a slight distance away, heavily irradiated. A number of strange Mutant Snakes were slithering out, their heads black as tar, their bodies full of scars.

Through her calculations, Bai Yi estimated, "These strange beasts would reach our location within 3 minutes."

"Oh yes! There’s a large unit of soldiers currently making their way over here. I’ve used the doors to hold them off, but they’ll likely reach within a minute!"

As she spoke, the image on the screen changed swiftly, showing the various doors shutting, sealing the numerous Type 3 Flesh-Eaters within the corridors. However, under their violent assault, the doors were destroyed and they continued charging.

The design of the ship was to fend off external attacks after all, which could destroy even Type 4 Divine Warriors, but within, the defenses could not withstand even the attacks of Type 3 Divine Warriors.

"1 minute. We must vanquish him by then!!"

Yue Zhong turned to look at Xiangma Yiming with a chilly light, his body surging with Dark Dou Qi. He pushed his speed to the maximum and dashed towards him.

Xiangma Yiming was a powerful expert, while he was facing off Shaxi and the other 2, he was only at a slight disadvantage. If it weren’t for his efforts to deal with Yue Zhong, he would not have been injured so heavily.

Xiangma Yiming stared venomously at Yue Zhong and barked, "Hmph! Despicable human, you dare steal the great Sitolius’s ship, your offense would not be spared even if you die a hundred times!! Our people from the Saint Clan will arrive shortly, by then, there’s only death that awaits you!!"

"What a pity, the one who is going to die is you!!"

Yue Zhong laughed coldly, arriving in front of Xiangma Yiming, and activated his Gravity Manipulation, causing a force to weigh down on Xiangma Yiming.

While it was not threatening to him, that sudden change in gravity threw him off balance, causing his body to shudder.

At that instant, Shaxi clawed towards Xiangma Yiming’s heart.

He quickly sent a fist towards her claws, and his pure strength sent Shaxi flying back 5 meters.

At the same time, Duanmu Sheng’s fist came towards his face together with Gong Chang Tian’s fist, both of them hurtling at the speed of sound.

Xiangma Yiming roared in a low voice, bringing his arms back at an insane speed, meeting their fists and the collision forced them back dozens of meters as well.

Having forcefully repelled 3 Type 4 Divine Warriors, Xiangma Yiming’s was not well-off either, as blood trailed down the corner of his mouth. The earlier attempt on Yue Zhong had severely impacted his fighting ability.

Duanmu Sheng and Shaxi rebounded and flew straight at him, continuing to unleash a torrent of blows.

Gong Chang Tian spat out a mouthful of blood, his internal organs obviously injured. He gasped for breath while staying where he was. After all, his strength was only at the Type 3 Divine Warrior level. He had relied on his Dou Qi to bring himself to the realm of Type 4, but it was not his true strength. His constitution could not match.

Duanmu Sheng and Shadi were sent flying once more, when suddenly, Yue Zhong appeared behind Xiangma Yiming noiselessly, his hands wrapped with Devil Flames as he punched out.

Such a blow would be fatal to even Type 4 Divine Warriors once connected.

"Fool!! I was waiting for you!!"

Xiangma Yiming suddenly turned around, his eyes filled with hatred and sarcasm, his claws slashing towards Yue Zhong’s body at the speed of sound.

Xiangma Yiming was a peak Type 4 expert, and he had no special abilities, just relying on his pure speed and strength. Among his peers, he was a terrifying existence. Otherwise, it was impossible to fend off the joint attacks from Duanmu Sheng, Shaxi, and Gong Chang Tian. A single claw of his surpassed what Yue Zhong could handle.

Right at that moment, Yue Zhong’s chest burst out with a white light, as a light shield materialized, blocking in front of him.

Xiangma Yiming’s claw tore through the light shield like it was nothing, continuing towards Yue Zhong’s chest without any decrease in speed.

Without any hesitation, his claws continued to pierce through the Type 4 Mutant Beast hide, Level 5 Defense Vest, even directly through his Body of Steel.

Xiangma Yiming laughed savagely, "Lowly human, time for your death!!"

Yue Zhong spat out a mouthful of blood, before revealing a forced smile, "No! The one to die is you!!"

At the same moment, a Type 4 Puppet Rune came out from Yue Zhong’s head, imprinting itself unto Xiangma Yiming’s forehead.

The rune shone brightly, penetrating his forehead.

Xiangma Yiming roared out loud in rage, his body channeling his Radiance of Life, pushing the rune away, "Puppet Rune!! Too bad, I might not be at my best condition, but such a rune would not be able to control me!! Break!!"

The rune shuddered before it disintegrated. If it could not invade the consciousness and soul of the other party, it would crumble apart.

Forced to utilize his Radiance of Life, Xiangma Yiming was weakened yet again.

At this time, Yue Zhong’s fists wrapped in Devil Flame pierced through Xiangma Yiming’s body, instantly erupting and burning him.

The Second Order Devil Flame had been enhanced thrice, its might truly fearsome, even a Type 4 Divine Warrior might be incinerated quickly.

Xiangma Yiming was shocked, his Radiance of Life burst forth, suppressing then extinguishing the Devil Flames from his body.

Yue Zhong was sent flying back, his chest pouring with blood, and he slammed into a wall, coughing out another mouthful.

Xiangma Yiming made use of his Radiance of Life to knock Yue Zhong back, falling even weaker, as he spat out a mouthful of blood and his countenance turned pale. His constitution was weakening rapidly.

Shaxi’s claw arrived silently, piercing his body, digging his heart out.

Duanmu Sheng arrived like a specter, sending a violent punch that caused Xiangma Yiming to slam into a wall.

Gong Chang Tian charged forward, his fists raining down, causing the Type 4 Divine Warrior’s body to contort.

"Stop! Gong Chang Tian, don’t kill him!!"

With Yue Zhong’s order, Gong Chang Tian stopped somewhat reluctantly.

With a point, another Type 4 Puppet Rune landed on Xiangma Yiming’s forehead, penetrating through to his brain.

A white light then radiated out from his body, swiftly regenerating from the countless injuries and soon, he stood up, and kneeled before Yue Zhong, "Master! I’m your servant Xiangma Yiming!"

It was the first time Gong Chang Tian witnessed the might of the Puppet Runes, and his eyes flashed with shock, "What a treasure!!"