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Chapter 232 - The Earth Realm

Chapter 232: The Earth Realm

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Inside the dune.

Shi Yan’s entire body luminesced dazzlingly since his tendons and vessels had been overwhelmed with the bountiful Profound Qi which made his vessels sleek and smooth. As a result, the veins on his body were also developed, enlarged, and became much sturdier.

The running speed of the Profound Qi was getting faster while the flow of the Profound Qi kept moving nonstop then branched forth, pouring into the blinding rays of the Profound Qi light.

The Profound Qi’s light on his belly was continually being depressed and refined as it had propelled the stored energy inside of that ray of light so that it kept on increasing, which was the result of that peculiar strength.

That fantastic strength was released from his meridians which had then promoted the miraculous effect of the Profound Qi light. Thanks to this mysterious effect, the Profound Qi light kept on being condensed and refined nonstop, and it didn’t seem to stop even though it had already tripled in size.

As the vessels had been enlarged and hardened, Shi Yan’s body seemed to be bloated, swarmed by heavy sensations of pain. However, the pain that ensued from the bloating was nothing compared to the hardship of the martial arts cultivation.

Shi Yan held his breath as he was initiating the realm of his meditative state while his entire body and mind were concentrating on the process in which the Profound Qi light was transforming his body.

“Ah!” said the Ice Cold Flame, as it suddenly sent out a message from the Blood Vein Ring, “Are you going to break through the Earth Realm?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Very good…very good..!” the Ice Cold Flame displayed a wicked tone, “You have already obtained another Flame. If you use the burning fires of the Earth Flame to temper your vessels during your cultivation, your vessels will be more tenacious and resilient. As long as you can withstand this arduous cultivation, the circulation speed of the Profound Qi in your vessels will be much stronger than that of the other ordinary Earth Realm warriors that have been trained with the same martial art techniques as you have, which naturally means that you will be quicker than them when performing such techniques, so… what do you think of this?”

Shi Yan’s eyes had suddenly brightened up as he exclaimed, “Not a problem at all. I am connecting with the Earth Flame now. You don’t have to do anything this time. Anyway, you are in the confinement area of the Blood Vein Ring, and the communication between the Earth Flame and me is no longer difficult as from before.”

“That’s good since I can’t use my strength either way for now, so I will not be able to help you. Alright, after using the Earth Flame’s power to temper your body, you still have to be on the alert and try not to be too harsh because the Earth Flame is now equivalent to the Heaven Flame; its heating power can easily burn you down into ashes. Remember this carefully; you have to carry on just one step at a time.

“I got it.”

Shi Yan then moved his consciousness from the Ice Cold Flame toward the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame’s direction in the Blood Vein Ring, sending a clear message that he wanted to ask for the support of its heating power to temper his body.

The Earth Flame could not send out a visual message, but it still displayed its excitement and joy. As soon as the Earth Flame showed its emotions, Shi Yan immediately realized that many scorching energy fibers had shot out from the Blood Vein Ring and were now running along his finger toward the vessels inside his body.

The torment from being burned by the burning fires had been spreading all over his body as his original face in being total comfort had now become fierce.

He gritted his teeth and took a deep breath before urging the power of the burning fires so that it was dispersing into the vessels in his body. Right after the Earth Flame’s burning fires had thoroughly penetrated into his vessels, the once bright translucent vessels were now turned into the brilliant colors of a fire crystal.

At the same time, when the Earth Flame’s burning forces had seeped into his body, a tiny trace of a black impurity which was instantly incinerated into ashes by the Earth Flame’s burning fires appeared in the vessels under the constant incineration Flame’s burning fires and was then expelled through his pores.

Absorbing a few impurities was inevitable when his vessels were developing, as the existence of impurities would have certainly affected the resilience and plasticity of his tendons and vessels. Normally, after having broken through the Earth Realm, the warriors would usually be so overwhelmed with joy that in the majority of time, they hadn’t noticed the appearance of the impurities as their vessels were being enlarged.

Even though they had known that the impurities would have also appeared while their vessels were being developed, they had no solutions to avoid it.

However, these peculiar body refinement martial arts techniques could have easily taken advantage of the Heaven Flame’s power to purify all the impurities that were left in Shi Yan’s body, as well as enhance his vessels’ resilience at the same time.

Anyway, body refinement martial arts techniques were originally used to temper magical weapons since each magical weapon needed to have gone through thousands of tempering and purification processes for the purities to be removed so that the weapons would dominate the battlefield without being defeated by superior weapons.

“Alright.” as the Earth Flame was pouring more and more scorching forces into his body, Shi Yan could feel that even his vessels would have burned down, so he hastily sent out a message to ask the Earth Flame to stop. Thus, the sweltering power of the burning fires from the Earth Flame was then silently ceased.

Releasing a long sigh, Shi Yan stopped thinking and then put his mind in the Ethereal Realm, sustained his restful mind, and suffered the pain from the heat’s movement inside his vessels as he gritted his teeth while being on the alert.

He gradually relaxed and enlarged his vessels, receiving many streams of the Profound Qi that were massively flowing into his vessels like surging tides. After a while, his vessels had quietly absorbed a lot of the Profound Qi, which resulted in the decrease of the Profound Qi that were now moving inside the vessels.

The Profound Qi also blended with the peculiar strength that had been refined by that Mystery Martial Spirit. This strength seeped deeply into Shi Yan’s vessels, amending and soothing his painfully cracked vessels a little bit.

He could clearly feel this peculiar strength’s existence which seemed to make his vessels sturdy and resilient. As long as these mysterious forces ran inside his vessels, he could instantly have a miraculous fantasy that his vessels would never break.

The Mystery Martial Spirit was marvelous indeed.

Time quickly passed by.

After an unknown duration of time, his vessels had stopped enlarging. Since right now, they were like a fire crystal that flared up the heart-stirring glowing red light. When the power of the burning fires had gradually vanished, and the red light also faded away, his vessels were finally recovering, little by little, as they regained their normal state.

The Profound Qi halo on his belly shrank to the peach-like size, radiated sparkling light which contained powerful energy fluctuations.

After going through this refinement, the Profound Qi had been increased five times more than before.

Shi Yan’s mind flickered as the Profound Qi was suddenly poured into his vessels, inducing the moving speed of the Profound Qi inside his vessels to be tripled so that the vessels’ capacity for the Profound Qi had also increased significantly.

Shi Yan then comfortably released a Life Seal.

The handprint was sparkling with seven beams of lights because it was now big as a basin, compared with the normal palm-size from before. He suddenly launched the strike, zooming up above his head.

As soon as this Life Seal was released, it pierced through the ten-meter-tall dune above his head like a magical weapon, breaking the dune, opening up the glowing red sky outside.

The sky was as red as fire; the atmosphere was sweltering, and everything was the same as before.

Shi Yan beamed a faint smile as the vessels on his feet suddenly produced an explosive sound, and his body then instantly moved like lightning, soaring aloft.

Standing on the dune, bowing his head looking down at the sand crater, and Shi Yan saw that his illusory figure had gradually disappeared.

After breaking through the Earth Flame, the speed of his martial arts performance would be several times faster than before, and thus his strength must have also skyrocketed as well.

Previously, he hadn’t been skillful in changing the phantoms. However, as he had just reached the Earth Realm, he could now arbitrarily perform it.

Looking up to the sky, Shi Yan gradually restrained his joy as he then searched inside the Blood Vein Ring for a while before taking out the Sound Stone, trying to make contact with Yang Mu’s group.

However, there was no response after his voice had been transmitted into the Sound Stone. It seemed that the Sound Stone wasn’t working anymore.

Shi Yan’s face became grave while he tightly knitted his eyebrows. He then tried again to transmit his voice into the Sound Stone, hoping for a response to come out. Regretfully, it was unknown whether because of the situation or other reasons that the Sound Stone didn’t have any reactions.

Eventually, Shi Yan had to accept that he had lost contact with the Yang family’s people.

In the vast Chasm Battlefield, being an outsider as well as without the Sound Stone’s intercourse, he had no way to find Yang Mu’s group. In this immense desert, his soul consciousness couldn’t detect any living fluctuations; there was no the sun nor the moon nor the stars. He couldn’t find the direction to move forward, didn’t know where the road ahead led.

Shi Yan suddenly felt a little unconscious.

A small crimson red flame was quietly flying out of the Blood Vein Ring, gathering on his chest, joyfully dancing and jumping.

“You’re going out again?” Shi Yan forced a smile and temporarily forgot all about the unknown directions. He then used his soul consciousness to send out a message to ask with excitement, “So? Do you probably know the direction? Hmm, I still don’t know which way to go. If you have any suggestion, I will follow you.”

The Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame beautifully flickered in the air like a fire wizard and then concernedly retrieved most of its flame power to reduce the heat that Shi Yan was unlikely to endure.

After having received Shi Yan’s message, the Ten Thousand Year Earth Flame didn’t waste more time and proactively led the way.

Without the sun, the moon, and the stars, Shi Yan couldn’t clearly identify the direction, though he just vaguely felt that the direction that the Earth Flame was heading towards was the hottest place in the desert.

“Ok. I am going with you.” Shi Yan revealed a smile and nodded. He joyfully followed the Earth Flame, heading with it towards the direction that it was leading him without overthinking.

It was still early anyway and even if he had to stay in this Chasm Battlefield for three more years, temporarily losing his direction was not a terrible thing. Thus, he was not too anxious.

Under the red fire sky.

In this endless desert, many beams of light flashed up in different areas at the same time.

Besides Shi Yan, Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Lung, Xie Kui, Qu Yan Qing, He Qing Man, and almost a hundred of the other warriors that had also arrived at this desert. Although they had entered that Ancient Formation as a group, for some reason, they had been transported to different areas.

Pan Zhe, Cao Zhi Lan and more than ten other warriors who didn’t belong to the group of the two of them that had been moved to the same area. Meanwhile, Gu Ling Lung and Qu Yan Qing had been transferred to another totally different area. Meanwhile, Xie Kui and He Qing Man, who were always together, had appeared in two different but close areas; they then quickly found each other.

Many of the Earth Realm warriors, who had also been scattered in different areas of this immense desert, were mentally fatigued since they couldn’t identify their coordinates because they didn’t see the sun, the moon, or the stars.

Like Shi Yan, those who had arrived at this peculiar space couldn’t use the Sound Stone to make contact with anyone. In this place, the sensing forces of the soul consciousness were dramatically weakened, and thus their sensing powers were also very feeble.

Therefore, once falling into this place as well as being unlikely to find other companions, when the warriors realized that both the Sound Stone and the sensing power was of no use, they were all in a daze like Shi Yan, without knowing any directions or where to go first in this boundless desert.

The feeling of losing their purposes had dispirited them severely.

After having arrived at this place, as those pursuers all realized that it was very hard to find their target as well as the way to go back, they all had a toneless look on their faces.