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Chapter 237 - An extraordinary treasure

Chapter 237: An extraordinary treasure

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The Sun Refined Spirit inside the dune continuously shot out stronger sun powers. Some aura seemed to be drawing the Solar Refined Flames, creating a state of chaos.

Ten meters away from the Sun Refined Spirit, the flames were wrapping around a big and sturdy body which was enduring the terrifying fight between the sun power and the icy power.

At this moment, the burning strength of the Solar Refined Flame and the icy power of the Ice Cold Flame were battling inside his body, causing his body to fall into the Flame Ice Collision state. His body changed from being freezingly chilled to uncomfortable burning just in a second.

His sea of consciousness also became chaotic. A lot of negative feelings from his meridians spread out uncontrollably.

Shi Yan did not know what was going on; he could only passively suffer everything.

The struggle between the Solar Refined Flame and the Ice Cold Flame was still taking place inside his body. While these two powers continued attacking each other, his heart was still absorbing the sun powers from the Sun Refined Spirit.

Shi Yan's sea of consciousness was a little chaotic; his conscious also became ambiguous. Shi Yan gradually slipped into the unconsciousness without knowing who he was.

Meanwhile, the negative feelings also started diffusing inside his body. Different kinds of negative feelings became rebellious, stirring up in his head, making him almost lose himself.

Under the red clouds.

A big figure with full of burning fires and two red eyes raised his head up to the sky and roared out loud as if he wanted to destroy the universe.

Horrible scream hovered around the desert and could be heard from more than ten miles away.

"Who is screaming?"

In the desert, a line of warriors was lurching aimlessly. They all looked extremely exhausted.

A girl with an elegant body was leading this group. Her eyebrows suddenly slammed together while she quickly turned around and looked toward the direction of the scream. After a while, she shouted out loud, "Gu xiao mei (Chinese way to call a younger sister), I think the guy who is screaming should be your enemy". Cao Zhi Lan's beautiful face was very strange.

This group was Cao Zhi Lan, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, and Qu Yan Qing. In the beginning, they had separated, but they had found each other again during the time going around in the desert.

After having seen each other again, they voluntarily gathered and stayed together in this desert to search for the Yang family's warriors. However, no matter how hard they had searched, how many times Cao Zhi Lan had used her Spirit God Martial Spirit, they were still like the blinds in this desert, impossible to find a way out.

Currently, even Cao Zhi Lan was also a little unconscious.

While they were all exhausted and didn't know what to do, they suddenly heard a terrifying scream. Cao Zhi Lan's sharp sense power could immediately identify the person from that scream; thus, they instantly became excited again.

"Hahaha, we finally identify the target." Gu Ling Lung urged, "What are we waiting for then? We should kill him right away".

Pan Zhe smiled, nodded his head, and said, "We have been walking for a long time and been in this desert for almost half a year. Hmm, the sooner we kill the Yangs, the sooner we can get out of here."

"Get out of here soon?" Cao Zhi Lan laughed and glanced at Pan Zhe. "I don't know what miraculous solution do you have to get us out of here?"

"I think that guy is the key point. He should be the first one who came here; he probably knows the way out". Pan Zhe scratched his head, embarrassedly said with a faint smile, "It is not right. Isn't it that we already have Miss Cao. I believe that relying on Miss Cao's Spirit God Martial Spirit, we will certainly find out the way to get out of this desert sooner or later."

"I don't believe so." Cao Zhi Lan shook her head, her face became serious. "Shi Yan's direction is scorching. I don't think everyone can adapt to that hot temperature. If I want to go there, I have to use my secret treasure. You yourselves should carefully consider it."

Everyone's face changed immediately.

After a short pause, Gu Ling Lung and other people slightly nodded their heads and then turned around to remind their fellows to be careful and not to freely move forward to avoid being killed by the hot burning fires.

After having assigned their fellows, Pan Zhe, Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing caught up with Cao Zhi Lan and quickly moved towards Shi Yan's direction.

After a while, the four people of Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing, and Pan Zhe appeared at the distance of five hundred meters away from the Sun Refined Spirit. From five hundred meters away, because of the great and dazzling sunlight of the Sun Refined Spirit, the four of them could neither see Shi Yan nor know what was going on over there.

The other warriors did not dare to follow them anymore.

Under the scorching power of the sun, even some Third Sky of the Earth Realm warriors could not stand the heat and stopped far away.

The reason that the four people of Cao Zhi Lan, Gu Ling Long, Qu Yan Qing, and Pan Zhe dared to come closer was that they were the outstanding future Masters in the Endless Sea. Not only had they cultivated the special martial techniques but they also had many secret treasures. Thanks to those secret treasures and the Mystery Martial Spirit, they were able to stand the heat at the distance of five hundred meters from the Sun Refined Spirit.

However, even though they had brought some treasure weapons, they could only watch from a distance of five hundred meters because their bodies had not been tempered by the Heaven Flames. Shi Yan, on the contrary, could stand in the distance of one hundred meters from the Sun Refined Spirit and be not worried to be burnt by the Sun Refined Flame even without the support of the Ice Cold Flame's icy power.

"I cannot open my eyes!". Gu Ling Long screamed out loud in fear. "What is that place after all? It was like a small dazzling sun. I can't see anything, don't dare to look either."

"Don't open your eyes." Cao Zhi Lan couldn't help shouting. "This, this can only be the Sun Refined Spirit. The Sun Refined Spirit in the center of the sun. Ordinary eyes will be blind if looking at that sunlight".

"The Sun Refined Spirit!". Pan Zhe panicked. "If the Three Gods Sect's people come here, will they be crazily excited to see the Sun Refined Spirit?"

"Regretfully, the Three Gods Sect is busy fighting with the Dark Dwellers right now. They didn't join us to fight with the Yang family this time. Hmm, this is their mistake. If the Three Gods Sect's warriors came here with their Sun Martial Spirits, and they found out the Sun Refined Spirit here, their Sun Martial Spirits would have reached to the terrifying level." Qu Yan Qing slowly closed her eyes, being unable to stand the heat anymore.

Cao Zhi Lan did not utter a word. She just silently released her Spirit God Martial Spirit, wanting to explore the situation over there.

However, as soon as she released her Spirit God Martial Spirit, she immediately realized that the Sun Refined Spirit launched a strong flow of soul vibration, forming a great soul attack chasing Cao Zhi Lan's Spirit God Martial Spirit and going into her head.

"Ptui." Cao Zhi Lan could help but spit a mouthful blood. Her beautiful body strenuously moved backward a few steps. She shouted with her red face, "Do not release any spiritual power. There is something strange inside the Sun Refined Spirit."



Pan Zhe and Gu Ling Long also spat out a mouthful blood, staggeringly stepped backward with clumsy faces.

Qu Yan Qing was panic, retreating her power timely.

Just one second late, Pan Zhe and Gu Ling Long already got severely injured. As soon as they had released the spiritual forces, the strange thing inside the Sun Refined Spirit had instantly attacked them.

"Be careful! Do not release any of your spiritual powers at all cost. Do not continuously open your eyes. Only peep at it and immediately close your eyes to avoid being blinded by the sunlight". Cao Zhi Lan hastened to remind them.

"Not good!". Qu Yan Qing screamed out all of a sudden.

"What happens?". Pan Zhe quickly asked.

"Shi… Shi Yan is coming!" Qu Yan Qing stepped backward with fear. "His body is full of burning fires as well as some strange icy power. What did happen after all?"

"What?" Cao Zhi Lan was terrified. She couldn't help but open her eyes.

In their sight, the dazzling sunlight shone on a powerful and imposing figure who were quickly approaching them. That figure's body shot out two kinds of red burning fires and dark blue burning fires. The red burning fires were scalding while the dark blue burning fires were freezing. These two types of burning fires spread out all over the body, seeming still to be in a drastic fight.

However, he looked very comfortable with those two kinds of fires around his body. He was dashing towards other people like lightning; his speed was getting faster and faster.

Nobody knew why a bunch of these Sun Refined Flames seemed to be attracted to his body. Although he was lunging very quickly, these flames still closely followed him.

The earth-shaking burning fires' power came up as if it had to burn the whole world into ashes. Until the moment that the two eyes were painful, Cao Zhi Lan realized that she could not stand it anymore. She quickly turned around without hesitation, fleeing with the highest speed.


Pan Zhe had been waiting for her to say something, but he realized Cao Zhi Lan had already disappeared in a blink.

His handsome face slightly changed. He did not dare to say further and staggeringly followed Cao Zhi Lan, trying to escape from this place.

Qu Yan Qing and Gu Ling Long still wanted to stay and fight. However, as seeing Cao Zhi Lan who ranked at the top of the combat list running away, they felt unsafe and also quickly followed he and Pan Zhe.


At the same time, a two-meter-long, half-meter-wide red sword like a burning flame suddenly flew out from inside the Sun Refined Spirit.

There were full of ancient symbols on this giant glowing red sword. There was also a red eye on the blade. As soon as the sword flew out, the red eye quickly projected devilish red lights.

A malicious spiritual vibration instantly spread out from the red sword. This brutal vibration was like a deadly tornado wiping out all the beings as if it wanted to deprive all of the being lives.

That huge figure was crazily chasing after Cao Zhi Lan and Pan Zhe. When the sword spread out the malicious spiritual vibration, Shi Yan suddenly stopped, his eyes became bewildered.

It was unknown when the Blood Vein Ring on his finger had shot out the red light which matched the bloody color of the light radiating from the sword. They were surprisingly alike.