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Chapter 328: Brazen intimidation

Chapter 328: Brazen intimidation

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At the foot of the Sacred Light Mountain, the figures of the three people of Yi TianMo’s group were slightly agitated while they felt backbone-chilling cold. Their soul consciousness immediately spread out, covering the entire entrance to the Sacred Light Mountain.

The warriors surrounding were also frightened, running away to extend the distance between them further more.

Under their horrified look, the three of them suddenly opened their gloomy and malevolent eyes, which looked like icy dew, flexed their legs and dashed forward.

LiFu, who was standing in the front and in charge of blocking the way, now became numb with stiffened face. He laughed and hastily moved forward to prevent them, “Sorry. No invite, cannot enter.”

The three people of Yi TianMo’s group didn’t utter any words nor had any regard to LiFu’s words. Instead, they quickly turned into three flows of light storming forward.

LiFu’s face changed dramatically. He wanted to hinder them but realized that they had already disappeared without leaving a trace. He hurriedly transmitted a message up to the mountain, informing that the three of them had gone up to the mountain.

The crowd surrounding was extremely astonished, bewilderedly watching the three people’s figures that were quickly fading away, as well as Li Fu’s urgent act in transmitting the message. They then discussed with each other boisterously.

They didn’t expect that the three people of Yi TianMo’s group had dared to break the rules of the Three Gods Sect even when they were in the other’s territory.

… … …

In a cave at the flank of the mountain, ShiYan was remaining calm with precautions while his cold eyes stared at Qingming.

Qingming’s limbs were a little bungled. Under the intimidation of the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, he had to sweat his blood in resistance and, at the same time, enticed Tang YuanNan into taking actions to prevent its attack.

Tang YuanNan surprisingly looked at ShiYan’s legs, which had sunk about ten meters deep into the ground, then shifted his eyes watching the crater caused by ShiYan’s subduing palm. He contemplated for a while before giving a forced smile then said, “ShiYan, retrieve your Heaven Flame. Otherwise, I will not have mercy.” While speaking, Tang YuanNan quietly walked over behind Qingming and discretely sent ShiYan a message, “Two people of the Yin Yang Wonderland are on the way here, bringing one kind of peculiar treasure that can definitely dominate your Soul Devouring Flame. You should not act rashly.”

ShiYan was agitated in his heart, instantly transmitted a message into the Blood Vein Ring then lifted his left hand, pointing the Blood Vein Ring toward the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame.

The crystal chunk inside the Blood Vein Ring that had confined the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame suddenly flared up a strong light. A powerful attraction force spread along with that light quickly, grabbing and pulling back the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame, which was about to take resistance.

After having finished everything, ShiYan slightly grinned, looked at Tang YuanNan and said, “Don’t blame me. Hierarchy Qingming has intentionally explored the mystery of my body but hasn’t expected to find the Heaven Flame in my body resulted in this situation.”

Seeing the Nine Serenities Soul Devouring Flame disappeared, Qingming quickly retrieved the green halo atop his head. The green dots of light attached on that halo also returned to his eyes.

Listening to what ShiYan said, Qingming coldly snorted with a trace of cruelty in his eyes, didn’t say anything.

At this moment, two figures were approaching side by side from the foot of the mountain. One of them was a man who was very good-looking with full of a mature man's charm; the other was a graceful woman who emitted the exceptionally mesmerizing aura. Any men who caught her glance would gradually lose their mind and become dazed.

That was an experienced woman; her charming body was heart-stirring with perfect curves. Especially her ample bosom, which was as if it just wanted to tear apart her blouse to come out. Her graceful rear-end were big and round; every time she walked, the left and right cheeks kept rippling, which indulged other people and made them unable to wake up from that mesmerizing feeling.

“The two Palace Masters of the Yang Wonderland are here. Ha ha ha, I am still surprised with the two flows of swirling power earlier.”

Tang YuanNan smiled, looked at the two Palace Masters and nodded. Although Tang YuanNan was wearing a broad smile on his face, actually, he was secretly informing ShiYan what had happened.

ShiYan understood immediately. Previously, these two Palace Masters of the Yin Yang Wonderland were the ones who had taken actions at that critical point of time.

That year when he had entered the Endless Sea, Xia XinYan and he had temporarily been lodging in a vessel of the Yin Yang Wonderland. That vessel had brought them straight to the corpse burial plot number 93 of the Corpses God Sect. Afterward, he figured out that the Corpses God Sect and Yin Yang Wonderland had a deep relationship.

This time, when the three people of Yi TianMo’s group had suppressed the soul of the Corpses God Sect’s Hierarchy at the flank of the mountain, these two Palace Masters had used some secret technique to support Qingming. As a result, he had been able to escape the suppression and simultaneously launched a counterattack that had injured ShiYan.

In the cave, ShiYan squinted, looking at the King of Earth and the Queen of Sky of Yin Yang Wonderland with an odd face.

“Such an arrogant little rascal.” The King of Earth slowly walked over, cast a cold glance at ShiYan and laughed softly, “That year, Yang Tian Emperor wasn’t this haughty like you. However, since then, the Yang family’s later generations have been more arrogant than the previous ones. No wonder why other forces have united to sweep them out of the Endless Sea.”

The Queen of Sky was exceptionally mesmerizing, smiled alluringly while looking at ShiYan with meaningful eyes said sweetly, “Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. A young man with great vigor is very praiseworthy. I like it.” Her voice was very gentle and sweet as if it could be carved deeply in people’s hearts. After listening what she had said, ShiYan felt as though he was immersed in a bathtub filled with hundreds of flowers; all pores on his body opened, indescribably relaxing.

Suddenly, a flow of icy aura came up from the Blood Vein Ring. This flow was like a bucket of cold water splashing onto his body, pulling him to the light from some dark, gloomy corner.

ShiYan’s head was agitated; his pupils suddenly regained the brightness, looking at the charming, heart-stirring Queen of Sky who was even more terrifying than the King of Earth.

Having said only a few words, this woman had already made him unable to control his mind, dazzled his head, and almost beaten him. This powerful Mind Control Technique truly frightened ShiYan out of his wit. His face changed dramatically as he quickly communicated with the Ice Cold Flame, asking it to remind him all the time.

The mesmerizing eyes of the Queen of Sky brightened in shock as she felt horrified at heart seeing ShiYan’s reactions. In her eyes, this full-blooded Shi Yan was impossible to withstand her Words Magic. However, he could unexpectedly recover after having been stunned just for a short period.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.”

Three gusts of wind pierced through the air coming up from behind. Not long after that, the three people of Yi TianMo’s group appeared next to ShiYan.

They immediately surrounded ShiYan to protect him. Yi TianMo’s cold eyes then aimed straight at Qingming; at the same time, they shot out a gray stream of light.

YaMeng’s and KaBa’s countenance were unfriendly, furiously stared at Qingming, seemed to be about to launch their most horrifying soul attacks.

Qingming’s eyes became cold while he subconsciously took one step backward and stood together with the King of Earth and the Queen of Sky of the Yin Yang Wonderland.

The three people of Yi TianMo’s group happened to be on a confrontation course with Qingming, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth. The situation was extremely tense.

Tang YuanNan’s face slightly changed, he frowned and said with a serious tone, “Gentlemen, this place is the Three Gods Sect.”

“ShiYan, don’t do anything rash. Do you really want to engage in a fight here?” Tang YuanNan looked at the three people of Qingming’s group, but actually, he was secretly using his soul to send ShiYan a message, “We are now under threats of the Demon Dwellers. A tragedy is coming. This is not the time to cause any internal conflicts. If you want to deal with them, wait until this matter is solved.”

“You three, I think everyone gathers here to discuss the solution to dealing with Demon Dwellers. Is it so?” Tang YuanNan looked at the three people of Qingming’s group.

Both groups of ShiYan and Qingming were still gazing at each other unfriendly, didn’t say anything.

At this moment, Cao ZhiLan and ManGu of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect were walking side by side, approaching them.

ManGu’s face was pale, but his spirit was not bad. Although he had been injured from the fight with Shi Yan, he seemed to have significantly recovered thanks to Cao ZhiLan’s pellets.

“What happened?” Cao ZhiLan was a little bit astonished, looking at ShiYan and those of Qingming’s group respectively then frowned, “Demon Dwellers have not come yet, but you have already wanted to cause an internal war?”

“Lady Cao, that little rascal has taken actions first.” Qingming pointed at ShiYan and said coldly, “That little rascal has released ruthless attacks. If the Queen of Sky and the King of Earth haven’t been nearby, I could have been defeated by his fatal strike. I don’t think that he has any intention of uniting with us to deal with the Demon Dwellers.”

Cao ZhiLan was astonished. She suspiciously shifted her eyes toward Shi Yan and then back to Qingming before speaking up, “ShiYan cannot gather Profound Qi, how could he harm you?”

She was very curious. Since she had left the manor, her head had been occupied with discouraging thoughts about Shi Yan. In her eyes, as he could no longer gather Profound Qi, his future would certainly be limited though he still possessed some mysteries in his body.

However, after only one day, at the flank of this mountain, Qingming had almost tasted ShiYan’s fatal strike. She didn’t know what the current situation was.

Cao ZhiLan’s beautiful eyes glinted with a strange beam of light. She was full of suspicion, didn’t know whether Qingming was telling the truth or not.

“Let’s go.” ShiYan suddenly turned around, walked down the mountain while his eyes remained calm.

Tang YuanNan’s face slightly changed.

The three people of Qingming, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth were also surprised, didn’t know why ShiYan was coming down the mountain.

The three people of Yi TianMo’s group followed ShiYan without uttering a word.


Tang YuanNan dropped his jaw in astonishment with complicated eyes. He guessed something should have gone wrong.

“I don’t have any interest in the Endless Sea’s situation nor any attachments here, and I am not worried about Demon Dwellers’ slaughter in the Seas.” ShiYan ruthlessly said, “How many people die in this Sea doesn’t have anything matters to me, and the Endless Sea is not worthy for me to care. So, you guys can take your time to discuss the plan for dealing with the Demon Dwellers. I am not interested in it.”

After a short pause, Shi Yan suddenly turned around, calmly looked at Qingming, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth and said, “I hope the Corpses God Sect and Yin Yang Wonderland are blessed because besides facing the Demon Dwellers, you guys probably will have to deal with our attack. I honestly hope that you can handle this.”

The faces of Qingming, the Queen of Sky, and the King of Earth changed dramatically.