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Chapter 430: Tear the mask

Chapter 430: Tear the mask

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"Kid, you know nothing!" This person didn’t look happy. He coldly stared at Shi Yan and said, "If you can have just a glimpse of the Holy Maiden’s figure, it would be your best luck already. Hmm, kid, what do you come to our Inky Cloud Island for?"

"Nothing," Shi Yan frowned and replied.

With his Sky Realm, as long as Shi Yan covered up himself, nobody could realize his real Realm. For instance, right now, as he was hiding his real strength, the other warrior wasn’t able to see through him. He just considered Shi Yan a Human Realm warrior and thus apparently exposed his disdain.

"The Holy Maiden’s here! Liu Tao, be careful. Don’t let the Holy Maiden see that you are lazy."

Suddenly, a loud shout arose from a distance. A bold, hefty man sternly stared at the warrior who was talking to Shi Yan. Liu Tao mused and shut his mouth immediately. He slightly trembled in fear, looking away into the distance.

Shi Yan also looked at the direction towards a small mountain not far away from him. At the bottom of the mountain, there was a row of red-tile-roofed houses. A prominent figure slowly walked out from a three-story house.

It was Qu Yan Qing.

The clean, neat, silvery costume made her heart-shaking body even more beautiful. That ordinary face glinted with sharp, bright eyes, which revealed some kind of dignity that no one dared to despise.

In the Heaven Lake Divine Land, Qu Yan Qing had a high and noble position. To the general warriors of the Heaven Lake Divine Land, Qu Yan Qing was undoubtedly the noble character whom they could only behold from a far distance. No one dared to express any feelings toward her, and could only keep them in their hearts.

On the road, many warriors of the Heaven Lake Divine Land stared at her with a dignified look when she passed them. However, after she had walked over, those people’s eyes stuck onto her s*xy rear end.

Qu Yan Qing walked upright all the way while her beautiful eyes brightened. She headed straight to Shi Yan’s place. "A stranger comes to the island?" She looked at Shi Yan, but the question was certainly for Liu Tao.

Liu Tao slightly bent in fear and flattered. "This guy said that he is from the Tuta Sea and went around the Yuanluo Sea. He said that he came to our Black Sea to find some cultivating materials. He has been cautious on the way and didn't confront the pagans."

Qu Yan Qing eyed Shi Yan from top to toe and then said, "Follow me. I have something to ask you." Her tone sounded like she didn’t allow him to refuse.

Shi Yan coldly sneered in his heart while still keeping a calm face and said, "Okay."

"Brat, behave. You have to answer when the Holy Maiden asks you. If you are not obedient, I will let you know what pain is."

Shi Yan shrugged, but he was still calm.

"Follow me," Qu Yan Qing obviously came here because of him. She threw a glance at him with a cold and arrogant attitude, clearly considering him just a normal warrior.

Shi Yan didn’t say much and just followed her quietly.

On the way there, he realized the warriors of the Heaven Lake Divine Land kept staring at Qu Yan Qing with greedy eyes when they were behind her back. However, when they were in front of her, they all showed a frightened and serious expression.

Secretly laughing in his mind, Shi Yan knew that Qu Yan Qing was apparently delicious in those warriors’ eyes, but they could only see and never have the opportunities to touch her for their whole life.

He suddenly remembered the abandoned place where he had soothed this woman’s bottom and torn her mask. So, on seeing those warriors of the Heaven Lake Divine Land, he suddenly had a feeling of arrogance.

I’ve touched your Holy Maiden!

Shi Yan laughed and talked to himself.

Arriving at the red-tile-roofed house, Qu Yan Qing went into the central fifty-square-meter chamber which could seat many people.

Qu Yan Qing sat down on the principal chair and waved her hand, indicating that Shi Yan should also sit down on her left side.

Shi Yan calmly sat down and looked at the front, realizing that the door was just slightly closed. There were two vague figures of warriors very far away, who could not see the scene or hear anything from here.

"You have said that you are from the Tuta Sea. So, do you know the situation over there? Well, as long as it’s the useful information, I’ll give you a good reward." Qu Yan Qing’s voice was clear but cold, her eyes haughty. While talking, she slowly hauled out something and put it on the table. They were three top grade shining spiritual stones. Her fingers gently tapped on them and asked indifferently.

"I don’t know," Shi Yan shook his head.

"What?" Qu Yan Qing frowned and revealed an unhappy face. "For a warrior with a low realm like you, these three spiritual stones are not a small reward. Do you still feel that the reward is still low? Alright. Let me see how precious your information is. If it is rare enough, I will give you more rewards. What do you think?"

"I’m not short of spiritual stones," Shi Yan shook his head and said. "I just want to know what’s the current situation here. You are the Holy Maiden of the Heaven Lake Divine Land, so you should be aware the situation very well. Do you have anything to tell me?"

Qu Yan Qing’s smile froze; her eyes looked at him strangely.

When regular warriors saw her, they all appeared uneasy and scared. Given her identity and cultivation base, those warriors couldn’t even make a smooth sentence. However, this person spoke calmly and even dared to pose her question.

This made Qu Yan Qing startled a little bit, as she felt that the person in front of her was somehow strange.

"Do you know the situation of the Tuta Sea after all?" Qu Yan Qing hesitated and asked arrogantly while her face darkened. "You should answer what I’ve asked you. I don’t like people bargaining with me."

After pausing for a short moment, Qu Yan Qing spouted and ridiculed. "Do you think you are qualified enough to bargain with me?"

Shi Yan smiled and confirmed with a nod, "Yes."

"What?" Qu Yan Qing raised her eyebrows and asked impatiently, "Based on what?"

"I’ve touched you."

"You want to die?" Qu Yan Qing suddenly stood up. Her face and eyes were cold. It seemed she was about to attack the man in front of her.

As soon as she raised her hand, she immediately realized that Shi Yan had disappeared.

In the next moment, a rough breath of a man blew on the nape of her neck. She was dumbstruck, and before she could have time to react, her thin mask was ripped off.

"I always like your face behind the mask." Shi Yan smiled and bluntly tapped her breasts and said, "They are still amazingly elastic like before. Your body is still mesmerizing. It is really not a waste for me to think about you."

Qu Yan Qing’s face changed. Her graceful body suddenly trembled, and her voice seemed to be lost. "You, your voice…?"

He had restored his original voice when saying those words.

Shi Yan laughed and said, "Little beauty, you still remember my voice although we have been separated for so long. Not bad, not bad at all. Seems you have such a deep feeling for me. I’m thrilled."

"I will never forget your evil voice."

Qu Yan Qing gritted her teeth tightly and turned around coldly. She didn’t know if she was in fear or excitement when she stared at him fiercely and said, "You dare to come back?"

Shi Yan smiled with a surprised look and asked, "Why can’t I return?"

After asking, he sharply gazed at her beautiful, delicate face and complimented it with a smile. "You obviously have a mesmerizing face, so why do you want to cover it? It’s really annoying. Well, I’m a person who is fond of flowers. Every time I see you, I will make this face display to receive the sunlight and absorb the Heaven-Earth aura."

"You b*stard!"

"Yes, I’m a b*stard." Shi Yan accepted it and constantly nodded. He also reached his hand out and bluntly caressed her face. "But, many people are even more terrible than me. After promising me something, they immediately turned their backs and even sent someone to kill me. So, you tell me… Your fellows or I, who is more of a b*stard? And you... If it weren’t for me saving you, could you still come back alive from the Chasm Battlefield? Could you live until now?"

Qu Yan Qing’s aura suddenly weakened.

"I remember in that abandoned place, you were the slave that I’d purchased. I was busy at that time, so I didn’t really enjoy you. Shall we make it up now?" Shi Yan beamed an evil smile and said with a cruel tone.

"You!" Qu Yan Qing was angry and regretted that she couldn’t devour him.

"You what?" Shi Yan sneered coldly.

"I admit that what my master did was inappropriate." Qu Yan Qing suddenly sighed, avoiding his provocation and then sat down with a gloomy face. "But I couldn’t control it. I didn’t participate when my fellows were sent to kill you. Since you had left, you shouldn’t have come back. When you come back, the situation will repeat. Those who are against you will do the same to you once again."

"They haven’t been beaten up by the Demon Dwellers and Dark Dwellers?" Shi Yan kept a cold face and smiled. "It seems the Endless Sea will be destroyed soon, and you guys still care about internal conflicts. When I have come back this time, I’m able to see the Demon Dwellers and the Dark Dwellers have completely occupied the Endless Sea. Well, that may be good anyways. Those people might as well die instead of staying in the Endless Sea. It is such a waste of cultivation materials if they live. Instead, they should save the resources for the pagans."

"You should not come back." Qu Yan Qing said with a confused face. "There is no place for you in the Endless Sea. You can live well in other places, so why do you want to come back here?"

"Oh, you seem to care for me a lot." Shi Yan was surprised. "Little beauty, did your heart fall for me? Well, I know my charm is irresistible, and you and I used to have s*xual contact. Women have a strange mind indeed. It is said that they have special feelings to those who ignore them or are contemptuous toward them. Are you the same?"

"I don’t care whether you are alive or dead." Qu Yan Qing’s face changed immediately. Her body trembled as she regretted that she couldn’t strangle Shi Yan to death.

Shi Yan still kept his cold attitude and looked at her with meaningful eyes. It seemed he was aware of something strange.