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Chapter 707: The three major God Realms

Chapter 707: The three major God Realms
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Shi Yan’s team stayed inside the meteorolite, exploiting ores and consuming energy every day. They didn’t notice how much time had passed.

Whenever the energy in their bodies was drained, Decca would give them a piece of low-quality Divine Crystal so they could restore their powers. Then, they had to go back to work.

Decca only gave them the thumb-sized Divine Crystals. He had never given them anything bigger, which kept Bao Ao and the other high-realm warriors from restoring their full powers.

Shi Yan, Bo Ruo, and Gu Da Si had a relatively low realm, so they could use these low-quality Divine Crystals to restore their full energy. However, these three didn't dare to act rashly. Otherwise, they would have killed Decca instantly.

What if they could kill Decca?

Their Troop still had Anmou, the King God Realm expert. Besides, they had another five experts at the Peak of True God Realm. This meteorolite sea was also the others’ territory. If they dared to kill him, would they have a way to live any longer?

Everybody understood and accepted their fate. They had to collect the five-colored ores in the mine and hand them to receive the Divine Crystals. Decca controlled all the harvest.

During this period, they didn't see Anmou and the other five. They didn't know how many days had passed by, or whether it was night or day. Every day, they recovered their energy and then got back to collect the ores.

Among them, Bao Ao, Kante, and Zenith didn’t gain any benefits from this day-and-night labor work. In fact, they even received a minor harm.

Quite the contrary, Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si at the Second Sky of True God Realm, could refill their consumed energy with only one piece of low-quality Divine Crystal. Gradually, their power seemed to increase.

After each time of recovering their energy, they had a little bit of increase. During this strenuous labor, Bo Ruo and Gu Da Si were always calm and even secretly happy.

There was another person that had such progress: Shi Yan.

He was at the First Sky of True God Realm, the lowest realm here, and the time for which he had reached this realm wasn't too long. At this time, his realm wasn't stable yet. If he took risks to increase the realm, it would be hazardous.

They had been working in the dark mine for a long time. His Essence Qi had been drained and then refilled for so many times. Shi Yan didn't think about it much, since it helped him steady his realm. The altar in his head seemed to be trained too. It became more secure.

The power in his body had gained something good during this running out and recovering process, as his power was increasing daily.

Gradually, Shi Yan found that he had secured his realm already. While his energy had been increasing every day, he found the altar in his head had marvelous changes accordingly.

This kind of change was hard to describe. He vaguely thought that his realm was also enhanced, as if the subtle mysteries of the Devouring Original Essence had benefited his altar.

Every time he exploited the ores, he needed to gather his energy, using the power Upanishad to cover the five-colored stones.

This tedious labor work seemed like a new quenching activity to him. As he had just reached the True God Realm, he wasn’t too familiar with using his power Upanishads. Usually, he needed a period of time to adapt to the new realm and become fluent in using his energy.

This day-and-night of exploiting ores had given him a cool-down time. Every time he needed to condense energy, he used the power Upanishad he had comprehended. This process gave him a chance to review and strengthen his understanding of powers and the martial techniques.

He understood that even though mining ores was a begrudgingly tedious task, and he was forced to do that, it was also a rare chance to steady his new realm, making him more fluent in using his power Upanishads.

That was why he could stay calm the most in this group.

After that, he didn’t hate this mining work. Gradually, he had taken it as one of his leisure activities, turning it into a good foundation for his new breakthrough.

The change in his mindset had given him greater benefits. With a positive mind, while he didn’t notice, his realm and powers had increased strongly. Day by day, his visage got bright and glowing, totally different from Bao Ao and Zenith.

He was enjoying this process.

After an unknown period, Anmou brought the other five and appeared in this cave.

Decca laughed, handing a ring to Anmou. The old man checked it. He seemed to have a smile in his eyes as he nodded contentedly. "Not bad, you guys work better than the others."

Decca squinted, his face happy.

"Can’t let you take all the good things," said Anmou. "These eight should be separated. We need to push up the progress of the other areas." He looked at the other five. "You shall choose your men."

Soon, those five people had picked one of Bao Ao’s group. The warrior of the Dark Spirit Clan chose Zenith, while the warrior of the Ghost Mark Clan picked Bao Ao and Bo Ruo. An old human took Kante and Corpse Chief; another Dark Spirit Clan’s warrior picked Jie Ji and Gu Da Si, and Shi Yan was assigned to a beautiful human woman.

That pretty woman had a messy, chestnut-brown hair and a pair of bright eyes. She was wearing a tight, green colored robe, which had many delicate patterns on the hem. This woman had a healthy wheat skin tone. Her body looked amazingly flexible.

It seemed the woman wasn’t satisfied with this arrangement. She stared at Shi Yan for a while and then frowned. "Why give me a First Sky of True God Realm kid? How effective is he?"

This woman seemed to have a high position; even Anmou the leader had to be polite to her. "Fergie, you will be more tired if you work more. You’re almost done. If you slow down, I will have another arrangement. Of course, I won’t let you suffer."

"Forget it," Fergie snorted and then waved her hand. She threw a glance at Shi Yan, then talked to him faintly. "This kid looks good, better than the others. I’ll take him."

Anmou nodded, talking to them. "Alright, you guys follow them. After we’re done, I will check your contributions and give you something."

"Follow me," the woman called Fergie nodded to Shi Yan with an indifferent countenance. She walked out of the cave first.

As Shi Yan knew he couldn’t resist, he pondered and then said to Bao Ao and Jie Ji, "Take care."

"Take care," Bao Ao and Jie Ji replied with a reluctant face.

They were the heroes, the overlords of a vast area in the Grace Mainland, where they could swagger without being afraid of anyone. However, after reaching outer space, they had fallen in such a situation. Of course, they couldn’t feel comfortable.

Shi Yan didn’t feel pleasant either. After bidding farewell to the other two, he followed the human woman named Fergie to another cave and continued his mining career.

Fergie, his new boss, was more generous than Decca. Although she also gave him the bad-quality Divine Crystals, she gave him three pieces each time. Then, she busied herself with exploiting ores, and didn’t care about him much.

This woman was at the Peak of True God Realm. The energy moving inside her body was special. It could be as soft as cotton or as rigid as stone with just one flicker of her thought. And, she had many rare techniques.

While her energy was changing, it generated a strange magnetic field. Just like two poles, it had a powerful suction force. It was like a pure, subtle power of heaven and earth.

She was collecting the five-colored Perish Essence faster than Decca of the Ghost Mark Clan. While the energy of two-pole magnetic field of her body was changing, it drew pieces of five-colored stones into her ring.

She alone was faster than the combination of Decca, Zenith, Bao Ao, and Jie Ji. It was no wonder why she had progressed faster than them. Shi Yan found that he could only help her a bit here, and his help was trivial to this woman.

Every time the woman collected ores, all pieces of five-colored Perish Essence would fly to her after the beast had broken the hard rock.

Sometimes, one or two pieces got out of her magnetic field, which was Shi Yan’s chance to release his energy to cover them, putting them into his ring.

He was just doing some odd jobs, which were much easier than when he was with Decca. He could be safe and free in this cave while working with that woman. No one had said a word

Today, it seemed the woman had consumed much of her energy. She suddenly stopped and took out a big Divine Crystal, stroking it with her jade-like hand to take the energy from the stone.

She seemed bored to death too. Eventually, she remembered she still had a company here. The woman threw a glance to Shi Yan and asked with a faint voice. "I heard that you guys came from a low-level continent, eh?"

Shi Yan was surprised. He contemplated for a while and then said, "I don't know what you mean by ‘low-level continent'?"

"A continent that doesn’t have warriors at Original God Realm is a low-level one. Do you have experts at Original God Realm in your continent?" The woman answered herself mockingly. "I think no. Otherwise, you must have known the classification of continents."

"Original God Realm?" Shi Yan was stunned and then smiled miserably. "What realm is that?"

"What is the strongest realm in your continent?" The woman seemed to get bored stiff, asking casually.

"King God Realm," Shi Yan answered honestly.

"I knew it," Fergie nodded and answered slowly. "The Spirit Realm, True God Realm, and King God Realm are the three minor God Realms. After the King God Realm is the Original God Realm. Above that is the Ethereal God Realm, and finally, the Incipient God Realm. Each realm’s also divided into three Skies. The Original God Realm, Ethereal God Realm, and Incipient God Realm are the three major God Realms."

Shi Yan’s eyes brightened as his heart was struck.

It turned out that the God Realm was classified into three minor God Realms and three major God Realms. The Spirit Realm, True God Realm, and King God Realm were just three minor realms in the eyes of the outer space’s experts. The Original God Realm, Ethereal God Realm, and Incipient God Realm were the bigger realms to them.

At this moment, Shi Yan finally had a precise knowledge of the realms above the King God Realm. He knew the names of those new realms.