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Chapter 710: Human body medicinal cauldron

Chapter 710: Human body medicinal cauldron
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Fergie took out the ring on her finger, then smiled and handed it to the old woman. "Here’re five-colored Perish Essence Crystals I’ve collected. It’s good for your little baby, Granny. I hope your baby can evolve faster."

The old woman squinted, her mood seeming not too bad as she nodded, "Good! Thank you!" She took out all the five-colored Perish Essence Crystals and poured them into the eager, open mouth of the snake.

As soon as the five-colored Perish Essence Crystals got into the snake belly, the moving halo on its body became dazzling. Apparently, it received a good deal of energy from the crystals.

The old woman’s smile became brighter. Her bright-lit eyes gazed at Shi Yan for a while and then said, "Kid, behave. If my baby can ascend using your body, I will consider saving your life."

Shi Yan’s visage was grim. He frowned, but didn’t say a word.

He understood that this hag and Fergie were full of lies, and that he couldn’t believe their words. If his body could help the snake evolve, the other would absolutely not let him go. She would take his body as the long-term supply station for that little snake.

However, he had no solution at this moment. There were many King God Realm experts in this place. That hag was not only a Rank two Divine Grade alchemist, but also a King God Realm warrior.

If he fought with them now, he would receive nothing good but a faster death.

"Come, my little baby. I hope you like your new home." The old woman’s eyes got colder all of a sudden. A sharp, gloomy look fell on Shi Yan’s body with an obvious threat.

That small snake flew happily from her hand, shooting towards Shi Yan’s left palm. Its relatively long fangs bared as it bit open a small hole on his palm. The snake then shrank its body to intrude into Shi Yan’s body through the hole it created on his left hand.

Right after the snake got into Shi Yan’s left arm, his face changed dramatically, as a tearing pain expanded from his arm to his entire body.

A large amount of Essence Qi and Blood Qi in his body rolled massively and uncontrollably towards his left arm. The snake started to absorb his energy little by little, giving him a head-splitting pain. Shortly, his spirit, soul, and Qi became vulnerable.

This snake was a parasite living on the human body. It could devour the essence of the human body and make it stronger. This snake was extremely evil and ghoulish.

A marvelous energy fluctuation was constantly moving on the snake’s body, which was scarily sharp, as if it had the considerable lethality that could eat humans alive.

Shi Yan’s body was really sturdy after so many years of being quenched. His bones and internal organs all had massive Qi, while each of his muscles contained the mysterious energy. At the same time, his blood had miraculous effects, which could be compared to many outstanding medicines.

After the small snake got into his body, it released a happy energy wave while making some hissing sounds. Its body slithered under the skin on Shi Yan’s arm, then reappeared through the hole, which tingled people’s scalp.

Granny's eye brightened on seeing the little snake happy. She continually nodded and said, "Not bad! Fergie, you got me good stuff this time. I'll help you solve your trouble. Your seniors will never punish you."

Fergie put on a smiling face, bowing to the old woman. "Thank you, Granny."

"Yeah, for the time being, you should stay here. Once I’m done with your things, it’s not too late to leave." The hag waved her hand to order the King God Realm expert. "Hui Shuang, you take this kid to the potion chamber and give him Rank 5 Sacred Grade pellets. Ah no, give him Rank 7 Solid Pellet. His corporeal body's tenacious enough to endure the medicinal power of these kinds of meds.

The King God Realm expert called Hui Shuang cracked a grin, talking to Shi Yan, "Follow me."

Shi Yan was begrudging. He knew that it wasn’t the right time to rouse any dispute. Otherwise, his consequence would be pathetic.

He didn’t say anything, just threw Fergie a glare before leaving with Hui Shuang.

Fergie was startled as a cold feeling crept over her body. She furrowed her eyebrows. After the men had left for a while, she spoke up. "Granny, this kid came from a low-level continent, but his innate endowment isn’t bad. He has many mysteries too. You should be careful. Don’t give him a chance to rebel."

The hag beamed a chilly smile while nodding. "Little Fergie, don’t worry. No one can dream to get out from my place alive. That kid’s a brutal character, I can see that. Anyway, since his realm’s too low, he can’t struggle at all."

Fergie seemed to ease her mind after listening to the old woman. She didn’t talk further.

Shi Yan’s cold and sinister gaze that fell on her when he left still irritated her. It was like a wolf hiding in the dark, gazing at her in silence.

Shaking her head, Fergie tried to sweep away the tangling thoughts. She stretched her body, revealing her charming bearing. "I have stayed in the Meteorolite Sea for too long. I didn’t even have time to bathe. Haha, Granny, I’m going to take a rest now. I won’t bother you anymore."

"Okay, you should go. Don’t worry. We won’t let you suffer while staying here." The hag squinted, throwing her a bottle casually. "Take this. It’s good for your realm. You deserve it."

Fergie’s eyes lit up, thanking the old woman continually. She squeezed her fist around the pellet bottle, leaving with a smile on her face.

Hui Shuang took Shi Yan to a strange conical building. A crystal-clear pond stood in front of that building, where many fishes were swimming back and forth. A large amount of white mist hovered above the pond. It was the Five Elements steam, which diffused and flooded the herb field around the planet.

The building behind the pond was made of dark brown rock. It had several stories. Barriers were arranged at each stair leading to the other floor.

Hui Shuang arranged him to stay on the lowest floor. Shi Yan could see many square lots containing many bottles and jars, which had been labeled as the foundation pellets.

Hui Shuang threw him a bottle malignantly and sneered, "This is Rank 7 Solid Pellet. You have to take one after every three days. It will restore your Blood Qi. Otherwise, you will die soon."

Shi Yan darkened his face. As he knew he had nothing to discuss with this man, he took the pellet and sat down, without saying anything.

"You are not allowed to go further than ten miles around here. Or else, I will capture you and give you some bitter flavor," Hui Shuang advised Shi Yan. "You're not allowed to touch anything here. Every day, you should urge the pellet's medicinal powers to supplement your Blood Qi. It will help you live a little longer."

Afterward, Hui Shuang walked to the door. In just a flash, his figure faded like a mist.

The place suddenly quieted down. No noise could be heard anymore besides the murmuring pond in front of the building with its thick steam.

There was no shadow of humans on Shi Yan’s floor, and he couldn’t reach the upper floors because of the barriers and restrictions. Also, Shi Yan didn’t dare to touch the pellets on the square boxes. He didn’t know most of them, and he wasn’t interested in them either. Shi Yan sat down in this room.

He used his Soul Consciousness to check his situation. He could see clearly that the small snake was taking in his Blood Qi little by little from his left arm.

After every fifteen minutes, his Blood Qi was reduced. This hurt Shi Yan’s heart a lot. His body convulsed from time to time as the pain flooded him.

He had never thought about this situation. He didn’t know Fergie’s wicked intention, so she ended up setting him up in such dangerous circumstances. If he had known of her evil plan, he would have attacked her maliciously when they were still in the outer space.

With his current realm, if he had ambushed her in the energy storm, he could have killed Fergie, escaping from her and entering a wider galaxy.

However, it was too late. At this moment, he could only accept his destiny. When he could see his situation clearly, he would plan the next steps.

Shi Yan tried to stop his Essence Qi and Blood Qi from flowing into his arm. However, when he did that, he found a fierce, surging soul fluctuation come from the snake, which gave his God Soul an inexplicable pain from time to time, while his body suffered from a several times stronger pain.

That soul fluctuation carried the small snake’s aura and a flow of that hag’s Soul Consciousness, giving him a clear warning message.

He immediately stopped his probe as he knew that he would only bear a bad result when the other found his operation.

If he couldn’t prevent the loss of his Blood Qi, he could only think about how to enhance the Blood Qi and Essence Qi in his body. Or else, when the snake drained him, his tenacious body would be like a thin sheet of paper, that would be ripped effortlessly.

Shi Yan took out the so-called Rank 7 Sacred Level Solid Pellet. He pondered for a while. Eventually, he beamed a forced smile and took out a longan-sized pellet. Taking in the pleasant smell of the pellet, Shi Yan didn’t feel any joy but only bitterness.

He knew that the other had made him a potion cauldron to provide his Blood Qi as the nutrient for that snake to evolve. She was using his exhausted Blood Qi and body to exchange for the flourishing, quick development of the snake.

The Rank 7 Sacred Level Solid Pellet was just another ingredient of this cauldron, which would keep him alive a little longer, and give the snake more time to enjoy his energy. All of these were to urge the snake’s ascension faster.

And Shi Yan, he was just a pathetic supporting rock.

Shaking his head, Shi Yan reluctantly swallowed the Solid Pellet. He then stood upright, using the Essence Qi to urge and take in the medicinal efficacy of the pellet.

As soon as the pellet got into his body, an extremely extravagant medicinal efficacy started to slaughter his body like a furious flood, with the pellet as the eye of the storm. Numerous currents appeared like countless streams, connecting with his blood vessels. The furious medicinal efficacy attacked his body here and there, boiling in his vessels just like hundreds of wild horses escaping their leads, running madly inside his body.

Shi Yan’s vessels and tendons were swollen forcefully. Such kind of pain was indescribable, making his consciousness blurry.

It was just a Rank 7 Scared Grade pellet, but the power it brought was like an erupting flood, which could be compared to the power of a warrior at the Second or Third Sky of True God Realm. This medicinal power was wildly destroying his vessels and acupuncture points. Shi Yan thought that he could die from this intensive pain.

Shi Yan paled. He finally knew why Hui Shuang had such a mocking smile when he heard the old woman call the name of the Rank 7 Sacred Grade Solid Pellet.

The medicinal power of this pellet was too harsh. It was much dangerous than the blend of Bao Ao and Jie Jie’s liquors.

This furious power didn’t give him time to counter. Shi Yan felt his entire body swollen. Green vessels bulged on his body like small tadpoles crawling under his skin, giving him an incomparable fearful look.