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Chapter 739: Volcano crystal nucleus

Chapter 739: Volcano crystal nucleus
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Shi Yan felt as if he had received an electric shock. He looked at her with a dumbstruck visage, rubbing his cheek instinctively as he wore an odd expression.

He had never estimated that Princess Zi Yao would act like that in their tragic situation. She...kissed him?

Was it a reward?

He couldn't explain her deed. With a dull and amazed face, he didn't know how to react.

Anyway, this feeling... was so good!

Zi Yao didn't have the time to talk to him. Her beautiful eyes were bright, looking at the farther area while her Soul Consciousness was controlling the volcano-shaped crystals to attack Ka Tuo's team furiously.

Waves of magical energy rippled from those volcano crystals.

Ka Tuo felt something suddenly.

"Scatter!" He shouted all of a sudden. "It's the Volcano Crystal Nucleus!"

While they were furiously swarming over their target, the space pirates paled on hearing their leader as if they had seen ghosts, hastening to retreat.

Boom Boom Boom!

The volcano crystal that was as big as a fist burst off fiercely. The energy it generated was not different from an erupting volcano, brutal to the acme!

Those people who couldn't dodge the explosion would be turned into ashes. Their soul altar was shattered, leaving nothing intact.

Zi Yao had collected the Volcano Crystal Nucleus at a magical volcano range in the Raging Flame Star Area. After so many years of condensing and accumulating, each erupting volcano would have a crystal nucleus.

The crystal, which had preserved the fiercest power of the volcano, was urged at the critical time. It was like triggering the volcano to burst off at a set time, creating an intimidating attack power.

A Volcano Crystal Nucleus was as mighty as a real volcano when it exploded. Even a King God Realm warrior couldn't endure such a blast.

Shortly, more than ten King God Realm pirates were crushed into pulp. Their flesh and bones were smashed, scattering everywhere in the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field.

This attack scared the space pirates. Even Ka Tuo, the wildest man, was frightened, not daring to move forward again.

Shi Yan also discolored in fright. Looking at the exploding Volcano Crystal Nucleus, a cold current arose in his soul.

Too frightening!

The Volcano Crystal Nucleus' explosion had created a tremendous shockwave, which was much more terrible than the impact of the solar fragments.

In the second when the explosion happened, many flaming meteorolites were shattered, while smaller pieces of meteorolites shot out lethally.


He sighed, his face strange.

The Earth Flame had stormed out of his soul altar without any prior notification. Just like an excited flame, it flew towards the center of the fierce explosion created by the Volcano Crystal Nucleus.

He was bewildered, then turned more excited.

The Earth Flame was the most brilliant flame created in a ten thousand years old volcano. After a long period of taking in the power of the volcano, it gradually gained intellect. This kind of a creature was rare and peculiar.

Before it had formed intellect, it seemed like it used to be... a Volcano Crystal Nucleus. To the flame, the surging flaming energy in this area was the best nutrient, much better than any other medicines and pellets.

The Volcano Crystal Nucleus exploded one by one. Waves of flaming energy rolled furiously, creating a vast burning sea that blocked Ka Tuo's team. It troubled them from moving forward.

Zi Yao sneered, talking with full confidence. "Let's go.

Her jade-like hand knocked on the amethyst war chariot, which then shot out like lightning.

"Wait a minute!" Shi Yan couldn't help but cry.

As Zi Yao was busy with the enemies, she didn't notice the Earth Flame flying out of Shi Yan's body. She didn't know that the Earth Flame was taking in the exploding energy of her Volcano Crystal Nucleus. That was why she wanted to leave hurriedly.

"Why?" Although she was full of suspicion, she paused, frowning at Shi Yan. "If we don't leave now, it will be more troublesome later."

"Wait a minute," Shi Yan didn't explain. He begrudgingly condensed a flow of Soul Consciousness to contact the Earth Flame.

But that b*stard didn't answer!

It seemed the flame was wholeheartedly taking in the energy of the Volcano Crystal Nucleus, so it wasn't free to answer Shi Yan. The massive energy generated from the volcano crystals was what it had been yearning for the most. He would never let this chance slide away at any cost.

Shi Yan suddenly had a headache, cursing the flame for being so greedy that it didn't even care about its life.

"What's going on?" Zi Yao was worried. "It's hard to seize the chance to escape, you know? If we don't take this opportunity, we can't break the siege and escape later."

"I'm sorry, we just need to wait for a while." Shi Yan gritted his teeth. His Soul Consciousness moved like a light arrow, entering the exploding area where the Volcano Crystal Nucleus was still bursting off. "Spoiled kid, you come back now or take all these things with you. Or else, I won't care about you anymore."

When Shi Yan shot his flow of Soul Consciousness, Zi Yao could finally feel something. She shouted with astonishment. "Who are you communicating with?"

Shi Yan kept silent, while one hand of his was pressed on his forehead. With an ashen face, he tried to extend his Soul Consciousness.

The seething flaming sea in front of them changed suddenly. It started to move, and then accelerated towards them.

The Earth Flame finally responded, and Shi Yan exhaled in relief.

Right at this moment, a magical jade token suddenly appeared from an interlacing place of sunbeams not far from them. This token had been carved with a miraculous formation, which was releasing surging energy waves. Shortly, it could almost reach Zi Yao.

Zi Yao's soft body shivered as a gleam of deep fear sparkled in her eyes. She hastened to urge all the energy she had left. God Light bloomed out from her entire body, condensing into a seven-colored light column and striking towards that jade token.


The jade token trembled. The shockwave emitted from it had smashed the massive flaming meteorolites into pieces.

The jade token was stopped, and it couldn't storm over the second time.

Blood gushed out from Zi Yao's mouth as she closed her eyes exhaustedly. Her breathing was feeble while her soft body lost control.

Shi Yan was scared. At this moment, he didn't care about anything else, shouting hoarsely. "Go!"

A purple light appeared from Zi Yao's fingertip, then fell onto the war chariot. Then, the amethyst war chariot buzzed and glided swiftly over the sunbeams, moving forward quickly.

Shi Yan tried to use his last beam of energy to pulled around ten bodies floating nearest to them to the chariot on the way out.

Essence Qi emitted from those corpses rolled massively into his body, like a furious flood breaking the dike. The acupuncture points from his entire body swelled instantly, causing him a paralyzing pain.

Since the Earth Flame had absorbed the power of the volcano fire sea behind them, it started to shrink. Eventually, the entire sea shrank into some floating flames, which could pierce through the Solar Star Exploding Fragment Field easily without being afraid of the sunbeams. That was why they could fly rapidly and catch up with Shi Yan, who was using the amethyst battleship.

Those flames then lined up and combined with each other, turning into a windmill-sized flame that disappeared into Shi Yan's glabella.

After the Earth Flame got into the heaven flame soul altar, it calmed down and sent Shi Yan an exciting thought. "It's so good! I can ascend this time. Haha, wait until I wake up. I can evolve to another level!"

Shi Yan was surprised.

The amethyst war chariot continued to accelerate crazily. Besides Zhi Yao, who was fainted next to Shi Yan, there were nine corpses of the space pirates. Those people were killed by Zi Yao's God Light not too long ago. Shi Yan could tell it from the holes on their bodies.

They included eight people at the Second and Third Sky of True God Realm, and one at the King God Realm!

The massive Essence Qi from that King God Realm warrior was equal to the amount Shi Yan could get from the other eight warriors. It was so abundant that it surprised Shi Yan a lot.

The amethyst war chariot was running wildly, agilely, and swiftly, worming through the sunbeams like lightning.

Behind him, the space pirates were shouting and cursing. Their eyes were bloodshot as they still wanted to storm over and kill them all. However, their tiger shark chariots weren't as fast as the amethyst chariot. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't catch up with it.

Shi Yan concentrated on the jade token that appeared the last.

That jade token had appeared at the most critical time. With only one strike, it had hurt Zi Yao badly, directly putting her into a coma. Shi Yan knew that jade token was the fatal attack. Perhaps, the one who controlled that jade token had a stronger cultivation base than Ka Tuo's.

The one who controlled that jade token must have been hiding in the place where the sunbeams were interlacing for a long time for that fatal strike.

That person was the most dangerous factor of this hunting operation... Perhaps, he knew Zi Yao personally. Otherwise, he wouldn't have hidden from the beginning. He clearly didn't dare to show his face.

He had been waiting persistently, depending on the magical and dangerous feature of the sunbeam interlacing area to avoid people's Soul Consciousness from sensing. This person was much more dangerous than those space pirates!

When Shi Yan turned around to check it, the jade token had disappeared into thin air, leaving no trace. It was possible that the owner had retrieved it.

That person was still hiding on his spot. If he didn't show up, he seemed to be afraid of something.

The war chariot flew forward at max speed.

Shi Yan gradually pulled himself together. While absorbing the enormous Essence Qi, Shi Yan checked Zi Yao's wounds with a solemn countenance.

She was still breathing, and her soul altar still existed. However, Shi Yan found an unknown force, which was constantly destroying her vitality, fighting against the energies inside her body.

After Shi Yan had sensed it for a while, he paled, his eyes full of cold intent.

That unknown energy flow seemed to be taking the upper hand. During its battle with the energies inside Zi Yao's body, it could drain her energy continually. When Zi Yao's energy was emptied out, that flow of energy would cut off all of her vitality. At least, it would be able to destroy her God Body.

But that was not what scared him the most.

Shi Yan could sense a soul destroying power within that unknown energy as well. In other words, after it destroyed Zi Yao's God Body, it would storm into her Sea of Consciousness and smash down her soul sacrificial altar!

The one who had cast this technique truly wanted to take Zi Yao's life, leaving her no hope or way to revive!