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Chapter 923: Taboo Power

Chapter 923: Taboo Power

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Na Xin's words shocked Shi Yan's team.

There was about an 80% or 90% chance that a person with a blood mark belonged to one of the eight lineages of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege. Fei Lan and Leona came here also to find those people.

Leona's father and Fei Lan's man, the strongest of the Dark Sky, had followed the star map's direction to the Agate Star Area. Fei Lan and Leona wanted to know whether they were alive or not.

Na Xin gave them hope.

"Can you give us more details?" Leona's voice trembled uneasily. She longed for it, but she was also afraid.

She hoped that the person Na Xin mentioned was her father or her big uncle. However, she was afraid that it could be a negative answer.

Fei Lan's eyes were dark and gloomy. The wrinkles on her face were like the bark of a ten-thousand-year-old ancient tree. They were dried, reflecting no light. At this moment, she felt tense.

Na Xin pondered for a while and then looked at Shi Yan and the other three with a little fear. "Are you... related to him?"

"Something like that" Shi Yan smiled. "I hope you can solve our doubts."

"It happened around one thousand five hundred or six hundred years ago. It has been a long time so I can't give you the exact number of years. But the scene that year is like a nightmare that haunts me deep in my soul. It feels like it happened just yesterday. I can remember it clearly."

"I had only First Sky of Original God Realm that year. I went with the soldiers of my tribe to Broken Star Field to try to find the rare cultivating materials for our tribe.

"We heard some news that they had found the Original Incipient Grade material in Broken Star Field. We knew our capacity. We would never get it. But since we were curious, we went there to see.

"Many warriors gathered in a deep place inside the Broken Star Field. It was the most dangerous area. They were trying to take that Original Incipient Grade material.

"The battle was inevitable. It was very harsh and fiery. Forces of the Far West joined this battle, killing each other for that rare material. That battle was one of the most unique events that I've witnessed in my life. It gave me a deep impression that I have never forgotten.

"While the battle continued very furiously, a withered old man wearing a straw coat appeared. He had a blood mark like yours on his forehead. As soon as he appeared, he headed to the area where the Original Incipient Grade material lay. He just kept walking and the warriors in his way stopped fighting. Their eyes became empty. Their vitality was gone. They died like that, standing at their spots. No one could move while the old man walked. After he got to the center, several thousand warriors who joined the battle all fell. All of them...

"It looked like he just took a walk in his backyard. He didn't care about the dangers, deliberately taking the material and leaving to a deep place inside Broken Star Field. He disappeared shortly after.

"At that time, many weaker warriors were observing that battle. We were some of them. Because we stayed far from them, we weren't affected.

"We waited for some days after he left to send people there and check. We found that thousands of warriors who had joined that battle had their soul altars vanished. There was no one alive. They looked like dried mummies without a single beam of vitality."

Reaching this part, Na Xin stopped, giving a forced smile. "Many warriors joined that battle had the Ethereal God Realm. One of them was at the First Sky of Incipient God Realm. They all died."

Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, and Ka Tuo had strange faces as they were stern inwardly.

"It's him! He used to appear in Raging Flame Star Area. The one that cultivates Dead power Upanishad!" After a long time, Leona said weakly, "Seems like he wasn't killed in God Perishing Land. Ge Lu left the Chaos power Upanishad and then died. But he's still alive! He's such an imposing existence."

When that man appeared in Raging Flame Star Area, he brought them a great disaster. He had taken lives on dozens of life stars, killing many experts of the Raging Flame Star Area.

The Head of the Dark Sky family was the Imperial Master of the divine nation. After the short encounter with this man, he got the Corrosion power Upanishad and a little explanation of the blood mark. He said that he wanted to go to God Perishing Land to rescue one of his brothers, Ge Lu who cultivated Chaos Upanishad.

Ge Lu was dead. His soul altar shattered, leaving only the inheritance to Ka Tuo.

His rescuer cultivated Death power Upanishad and that man was still alive under besiege of the God Clan. He drifted to the Agate and showed himself once.

"You guys... are related to him, right? The mark on your head is identical to his!" Na Xin hesitated for a while and then said, "When we get to the Broken Star Field, you'd better not show that mark. Otherwise, we will fall into big trouble."

Na Xin smiled begrudgingly and continued his talk. "Many forces in the Far West and the precursors of the experts here had buried themselves in that battle. If they know you guys are related to that man, they will not spare you."

Shi Yan and the others exchanged looks, falling into silence.

"Don't worry. We know how to behave. We won't expose the mark. If we aren't so begrudging, we won't show our weakness." After a long moment, Shi Yan curled his lips, "It will be like today. We will kill all the ones who may cause trouble."

Na Xin felt chilled, his face more bitter.

He had a little regret that that man was related to Shi Yan now. This man was technically a thug with harsh and cold deeds. Since this young man was related to that man, Na Xin wondered if he would bring disaster to the Giant Tribe or not.

"Alright, I'll leave you guys here. Excuse me." Na Xin sighed and then turned around and left. He headed to where the Giants, Zi Yao, and Feng Rao gathered.

"Did you... harvest something?" After the giant left, Shi Yan smiled, relaxing. "I have diverged the energy that I got this time and sent more than half of it to you guys, especially to precursor Fei Lan. How do you feel now?"

"Good, so good. I feel so good!" Fei Lan nodded. "We can do it more. Yeah, it is better to do it more. I'm not afraid to share your pressure." Pausing for a while, she smiled honestly. "Such extreme energy fluctuation has exceeded your endurance. It's also the help that we gave you by sharing the excess energy, right?"

Leona and Ka Tuo brightened their eyes.

Shi Yan smiled, "Yeah, it is. I can't take too much energy like that. Absorbing it all is impossible. I felt better sharing it with you guys."

They exchanged looks. Shortly after, they burst out laughing, their countenance relaxed and cheered.

Today, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, and Leona had finally found Shi Yan's secret. They knew how special he was and how tremendous the support they could gain from him.

The energy from Essence Qi and soul altars of the dead expert would be refined and converted to the energy in the warrior's body to nurture the soul altar, making his understanding of power more profound. This deed of benefiting oneself by harming the others was utterly a taboo. Once the others knew about this, that warrior would be eliminated at any cost.

This was the Taboo power! The power that shouldn't exist!

However, to the ones who received benefits from it, they all knew how marvelous it was to them.

"I think I don't need to say much. You guys all know how magical it is," Shi Yan smiled and nodded, "We should arrange our people and continue our journey."

Feng Ke and the pirates couldn't go the same way with Bi Tian to Broken Star Field, indeed. Shi Yan let Jester, Long Zhu, and Feng Rao took them back to the Old Orchid Star. They knew that they should avoid the spear of Blood Halberd.

Shortly after, they arranged everything. Jester, Long Zhu, and Feng Rao took the others, returning to the Old Orchid Star. Shi Yan, Fei Lan, Leona, Ka Tuo, Carthew, and Zi Yao continued to go with the Giants to Broken Star Field.


Broken Star Field.

Deep under a sapphire lake lay a crystal palace.

It was the headquarter of Blood Halberd.

Inside a purple crystal, hall were several gloomy lamps. The flames of those lamps had magical energy fluctuations. It rippled like water waves with life auras.

All of a sudden, the flame of one of those lamps flickered and then extinguished.

Clink Clank Clink Clank!

A series of strange noises arose in the purple crystal hall. It sounded like some kind of sharp weapons had just broken.

Swish Swish Swish!

Silhouettes appeared from different corners. They stood in the hall, looking at that extinguished lamp, their eyes dark and gloomy.

"Tu Feng is dead!" One of them shouted, "He was in charge of transporting the mine slaves. He didn't have any combat engagement mission. Why did he get killed?"

"Report to the Master immediately! Inform him about this!" Another man yelled ear-piercingly. "Whoever that was, if he dares to trouble Blood Halberd and kill our brother, we must find him and skin him little by little!"

"Where's Tu Feng's dage?"

"He's in the center of Broken Star Field."

"Inform him immediately. Let him investigate this. Tu Fei will do his best to take revenge for his brother."


Warriors of Blood Halberd continued to spread the news everywhere from the crystal purple hall.


Deep in a mine of Broken Star Field.

An earth-shaking explosion suddenly sounded in a massive hole. Many mine slaves were slaughtered at their spots. Blood and flesh splashed everywhere.

Boom Boom! Rumble Rumble!

The cave suddenly collapsed, burying many mine slaves. A ferocious man dashed out, facing the sky and shouting crazily. "Brother! I swear I will make that one suffer from all of the torture in this world!"

While roaring, he left the place hastily, rising a tornado when he rocketed into the sky, heading to where the warriors gathering outside the Broken Star Field.

Wherever his figure crossed by, explosions resounded from the place underneath. Many warriors shouted, yelling and cursing.

"Oh f*ck! What has enraged that lunatic Tu Fei?"

"I wonder who has enraged that madman. He will receive big bad luck."

"Well, if you tease him, you won't have a decent ending."

"Nah, let's not discuss this. If that lunatic hears you, you're in big trouble."

Everybody lowered their voices and discussed. However, they were scared and they shivered. It was as if they were afraid that the one flying above their heads would notice them.