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Chapter 962: Soul changing!

Chapter 962: Soul changing!

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The three souls moved swiftly. At that moment, Shi Yan, McGee, and the Ice woman faced a huge trouble, as the three souls brutally entered their body!

Carlos directly intruded Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, occupying his soul altar. He then released a wisp of Origin energy, tempting the soul. Shi Yan seemed to have been struck by a lethal hit. He felt like his soul was cut into many pieces, almost scattering into nothingness.

He lost the control of his God Body immediately.

At this moment, Carlos got the control of Shi Yan's God Body, using his thought to manipulate it. He urged Shi Yan's body to move towards that blue bubble.

At the same time, Evil Dragon McGee and the Ice woman were also invaded. Ibaka and Christen got control of their body instantly. They then manipulated the others' God Body, thrusting into the bubble.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Countless electric beams entangled their bodies when Shi Yan, McGee, and the Ice woman got through the membrane of the blue bubble. The electric beams entered their body through their skin, veins, and bones.

Pain flooded them!

It felt like tens of thousands of steel needles were pricking him at the same time. Shi Yan shivered as his skin was melted. The electric beams had crushed his flesh and energy. McGee and the Ice woman also screeched the moment they got through the membrane. They felt so much pain, as if someone was tearing their intestines.

Beams of hazy blue electricity entered their body, destroying their energy and flesh on a large scale.

It was much powerful and lethal than the erosive power of the chaotic space currents. This kind of pain that was hard to endure had almost broken Shi Yan's soul.

His body was enduring a pain as though it was burned, making his soul anxious. He couldn't resist Carlos sufficiently, letting him control his God Body wholly.


After Carlos entered Shi Yan head, he screamed in astonishment. He observed Shi Yan's soul altar, his face getting stern. Different from the other warriors, Shi Yan's soul altar also had three tiers, but it was marvelous.

Floating above the Sea Consciousness, his soul altar was divided into three sections, including the black hole, the heaven flames, and the powers Upanishad. Above the tier of powers Upanishad and heaven flames floated two souls.

Two souls!

Carlos's eyes were cold and dark. He felt a bit frightened as he had discovered Shi Yan's secrets. He gazed at the two souls.

"Kid, what's happened to your soul altar? You've cultivated many powers Upanishad, and you have two souls. What are you?" Carlos felt something had gone wrong. He knew he had caused grudges against someone he shouldn't have provoked.

Shi Yan wasn't free to mind him. A pain just like his heart being drilled was expanding in his entire body. He was shivering as his blood and flesh shattered.

Those intimidating blue electric beams were eroding his entire vigorous body. The God Body he was proud of couldn't endure this harsh attack.

After Carlos had gotten over his fright as he shrilled in astonishment. "Good! Good! My time's come!"

Shi Yan and the other two didn't know how fatal the bubble's outer membrane with the blue electric beams weaving on it were. But, Carlos knew about them.

That year, Carlos had tried to enter this bubble. He couldn't resist the formidable energy of those blue electric beams. After ten days, his body was eroded, vanishing into nothingness.

At this moment, Shi Yan's body was being dissolved. However, this speed was much slower than what he had imagined.

Carlos' eyes brightened. He could see hope!

Carlos had thought that Shi Yan was only at the Second Sky of Original God Realm, so he wouldn't be able to bring the former inside. As Carlos wasn't so sure, he had always been worried.

But now...

At this moment, Shi Yan's tenacious body was much more than what he had expected. This body was strong enough to resist until they got to the center of the bubble!

Carlos was so happy he had almost cracked up.

Staying inside Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness, Carlos couldn't help but watch McGee and the Ice woman.

McGee of the Evil Dragon Tribe could make it. Although its massive body was hurt severely under the electric beams, and its scales fell off, its body hadn't been eroded yet.

However, the Ice woman couldn't endure it anymore. She was a bloody figure shortly after getting in contact. They could even see her crystalline bones.

Until now, even Shi Yan's body was damaged, though his skeleton was still alright. Apparently, he possessed an endless potential.

Carlos laughed crazily. He had thought that this kid he had just brought here because he had no other choice around couldn't help him much. Who would have thought that he had picked up a treasure? If it kept going this way, he could even achieve his target.

While Carlos was still excited, he found that the Ice woman's almost doomed. Her ice crystal-like skeleton was almost melted all.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh!

The Ice woman suddenly moved, gliding toward Carlos.

Carlos darkened his face while staying inside Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. He could guess Christen's plan. With cold eyes, he started to gather soul energy in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness to prevent Christen from getting in.

Christen knew that this sacrifice from the Ice Clan wasn't enough to aid him to get what he wanted. Seeing Shi Yan's tenacious body, he had another plan. He wanted to share Shi Yan's body with Carlos. If he hid his soul in Shi Yan's body, he could get to that place.


A cold light flew out, entering Shi Yan's body like an icicle.

Carlos couldn't help but grin coldly inside Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. The surging soul energy condensed a barrier in Shi Yan's skull, preventing Christen from entering.

The two of them used to cooperate well. But now, they attacked each other at the critical moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After Christen flew out, the Ice woman's body exploded. It turned into nothingness in this world of blue electric beams.

A soul altar emerged. It was the Ice woman. Right after her soul appeared, it got hit. Just like a beautiful firework, her soul turned into smoke, vanishing completely.

She was over.

"Let me in!" Christen roared angrily. The ice-blue crystals covered his soul, moving around him. These crystals could prevent the electric beams from corroding his soul.

He had condensed those ice-blue crystals to resist the electric beams in this place for a short while. But, they couldn't give a long-lasting protection.

Christen was hurried. He knew he would be doomed if he exposed himself for a long time.

As Carlos and Christen were at the same realm and not much different in terms of competence, they understood the dangers of this place. Carlos had soon set up a soul barrier in Shi Yan's skull. He successfully stopped Christen from entering Shi Yan's head.

While he was still screaming, Christen's spinning blue crystals were slowly dissolved. The energy in the crystals was draining, and they could only resist for a short moment.

"Christen! You go find Ibaka's flesh host. That Evil Dragon's strong enough to bear the two of you at the same time." Carlos objected fiercely. "This kid can endure only me alone. Don't mess up with me. Otherwise, don't blame me!"

"Would Ibaka let me in?" Christen shouted, "I'm too far from him. I don't have enough time. Let me in, quick!"

"Get lost!" Carlos thundered.

"I'll risk my life with you!"

The cold light gathered its sharp energy like an icicle, shooting towards Shi Yan's skull.

"You motherf*cker! You'll break his soul!" Carlos shouted, his face worried. At the moment he was confronting Christen, his control of Shi Yan's soul weakened a little bit.

Shi Yan's consciousness had been confined, losing his control of the God Body. He could only stare at his body being eroded little by little. He was worried, as if he had a flame burning his heart.

As Christen appeared, the pressure he had to bear was reduced. His soul could get the control of his body back. Although the energy that bound his soul had halted for a moment, this moment was enough for him to do many things.


Inside the terrifying area of the bubble's membrane, Shi Yan roared like an enraged wild beast, forcefully urging the Immortal Demon Blood.

Drops of dark red blood that looked like jewels burned like a fiery flame, flowing through his God Body. An extreme, surging energy flooded his body instantly.

His God Body turned into a mess of torn flesh and blood, releasing sounds like firecrackers. His veins bulged like snakes under his skin. Each muscle of his was like an erupting volcano. Energy surged powerfully in his body, rocketing his energy to an unimaginable level.

As his body was still transforming into the perfect form of the Immortal Demon Tribe, energy ran unceasingly deep inside his head.

At this moment, he touched his forehead.


His other soul changed all of a sudden, turning into a scorching flame. The formidable heating energy increased without limits, aiming at Carlos.

It was the pure heaven flame generated by the Origin, which could burn down any creature. In his Sea of Consciousness, except for himself, everyone else would be a target.

When the binding that tied his soul was lifted, Shi Yan could control his body as he pleased. His eyes became garnet, and the blood-red halo glowed on the mark on his soul's forehead. That kind of red light rippled, expanding like water waves.

Carlos felt like he was encountering a spooky ghost in this place. He was so uneasy and baffled, looking at the fire sea snatching over him and the red halo coming closer...

He didn't know why he was so panic-stricken. He felt the extreme fear deep in his soul. He knew that the fire sea and the blood red light were enough to extinguish him. This kind of threat was much more terrifying than the blue electric beams out there!

Carlos' soul in Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness screeched. He didn't dare to try to face the attacks from the soul-destroying powers. He ran away from Shi Yan's brain as fast as possible.


Carlos flew out, full of fear and uneasy feelings.

In the next moment, he found that the barrier he had set up in Shi Yan's skull, the one that was supposed to block out Christen, was swept away completely!

He was so scared, his eyes reflecting his extreme fright. He looked at Shi Yan disbelievingly. He felt that he had brought a hungry wolf from outer space to this place.