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Chapter 963: Expel

Chapter 963: Expel

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Carlos escaped from Shi Yan's God Body; he was so worried and uneasy. The ice-blue crystals surrounding his soul gradually cracked.

Blue electric beams struck over like snakes, trying to intrude his soul. Just like Christen, Carlos had no place to go. The two souls surrounded Shi Yan, preparing to attack his soul and occupy his body.

"What happened? What are you doing?" Christen communicated with him via soul messaging. "You had subdued his soul. Why did you fly out?"

"You motherf*cker! It's because of you!" Carlos thundered, "If you didn't mess things up, how could that kid get rid of my soul bind? Now, we're over. None of us can get in there again!"

While the two souls were communicating, more blue electric beams shot towards them. They were as big as ropes, slowly tying their souls up. Their blue crystals couldn't help it anymore. They could explode at any moment.

That blue crystals needed a flesh body to promote its effect the most. Without a body to protect the crystals, when they were exposed, they couldn't resist for a long time.

Carlos was afraid of Shi Yan. He pondered, then said, "I've just used up a lot of energy. I need a break. You go for it! You intrude his Sea of Consciousness. As long as you can subdue his soul, we can take over his body!"

Carlos didn't know how strong Shi Yan was, but he did know that Shi Yan's soul was somehow marvelous. The energy released by the latter's soul had terrified him badly.

He wanted Christen to scout out Shi Yan's special powers.

Christen didn't doubt him. He figured that the other had really consumed a lot of his soul energy. As he didn't know how Shi Yan's soul was, he hesitated for a while before forcefully entering Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness.

Christen made up his mind. He immediately turned into a bunch of cold light, aiming at Shi Yan's forehead and trying to get into his Sea of Consciousness.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Shi Yan's God Body had the cracking resounding from his bones. Under the power of the Immortal Demon Blood, his damaged flesh and vessels were healed.

A garnet halo glowed from his body. Under the effect of the Immortal Demon Blood, his God Body transformed quickly.

Sharp and pointy barbs emerged from Shi Yan's shoulders, elbows, and knees. They jutted out as if they grew directly from his bones, giving him a ferocious look. His transformation was aimed towards the perfect form of warriors of the Immortal Demon Tribe, and his blood Qi became thicker in his body.

Blood Qi and Essence Qi were surging inside Shi Yan, which both threatened and thrilled Christen. He suddenly recognized that with this level of intensity, Shi Yan's body could hold both Carlos and himself to get into the center of the bubble.

Christen didn't hesitate anymore.


A big beam of cold light with the icy aura drilled into Shi Yan's glabella, trying to get into his Sea of Consciousness.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Scarlet flames burst out of Shi Yan's eyes, covering his face. As soon as Christen touched this flame, he faced a lethal attack. His soul energy was melted, dissolving rapidly.

The mournful screeching arose from deep inside his soul. Christen's cold and stern face became blurry, as if making clear facial features was now really difficult for him.

It was just a short moment, but Christen was hurt severely, which had even affected his soul's foundation.

At this moment, there was no chaotic current of space energy. Christen and Carlos couldn't use external forces to attack Shi Yan. They could only use their soul energy.

The two of them were powerful existences which were just half a step away from the Incipient God Realm. Their souls were indeed intimidating. Although they couldn't release their energy at the maximum rate since they didn't have a soul altar, ordinary warriors would never gain the upper hand in a soul fight with them.

However, Shi Yan's soul was mysterious and unpredictable due to the other soul that had fused with the Origin. He could use the Origin to summon the heaven flames easily.

The heaven flames had an extremely fiery power, which was enough to destroy the souls. Christen couldn't endure such a force, so he was hurt badly.

Shi Yan chuckled. He had completed his transformation, and his Immortal Demon Form was deemed perfect.

He suddenly recognized that in this magical area, as long as his soul wasn't ambushed, he could still maintain his consciousness. Those two souls couldn't capture him.

Outside the bubbles were many disorderly streamers. Carlos and Christen knew how to use the power of those streamers to attack him. Thus, he kept calm and didn't start the fight with the two souls there.

However, in the outer layer of the bubble, there wasn't a single beam of streamer for them to use. In other words, Christen and Carlos couldn't use the streamers to attack his God Body.

Unless they attacked his Sea of Consciousness and occupied his soul altar, enchanting his consciousness, he didn't need to be afraid of them.

Understanding this, Shi Yan smiled happily.

Glancing at Christen, who was moving restlessly, and Carlos, who was so frightened, Shi Yan grinned while mocking. "You two, I think you've just wasted your efforts here."

"Damn it! You motherf*cker! You plotted against me?" Christen was burnt, and he got seriously hurt. The blue crystals around him exploded one by one. His soul felt so uneasy, his situation getting worse.

Christen knew Carlos had fooled him. He knew Carlos was forcefully expelled from Shi Yan's Sea of Consciousness. As Carlos didn't know how strong Shi Yan was, he used Christen as a shield to conduct a test.

"We don't have much time left!" Carlos thundered.

Christen was shaken. He knew they were birds on the same wire. If they couldn't take over Shi Yan's soul altar, they would be doomed here.

The two of them exchanged looks. They hesitated, preparing for the second murderous attack.

Shi Yan glared at them, not saying anything. His God Body in the Immortal Demon Form moved like a sharp weapon that could pierce through everything. He broke out of the blue area, rocketing in another direction.

Evil Dragon McGee was there.

The two-thousand-meters long Evil Dragon was struggling hard in pain. Blood sprayed out of its body like a shower of rain.

McGee's scaled body had so many blue electric beams wound around it, squeezing into his flesh as if they wanted to grind his giant body, killing him slowly in a nasty way.

Ibaka had moved inside McGee. Blue crystals covered the dragon's giant head. Those crystals could generate a blue liquid that could shield the dragon's head from the attack of the blue electric arc.

The real function of the ice blue crystal was to protect the soul from external attack with a premise that this soul had a body!

Ibaka used those crystals to cover McGee's head to protect his own soul hiding inside the head from the electric beams.

Although Carlos and Christen also had the same kind of blue crystals, without a body, they couldn't protect themselves. Those crystals were melted, broken almost completely.

At the moment Shi Yan found McGee, he felt the thick blue electric beams start to seep towards his soul altar.

Christen and Carlos hurried to follow him from the other corner, their faces horrible.

Shi Yan halted. His face looked cold as he was searching for something in the void. A starlight arm that dragged a brilliant tail of over one thousand meters grabbed some crystals, pulling them to him.

Those crystals belonged to Christen. As they were hovering around his soul, Shi Yan had taken them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blue crystals stuck on Shi Yan's head like some medicinal patches. He looked like he was wearing a bizarre crystal helmet. The moment the crystals covered his head, he could feel beams of electric discharge, which were trying to attack his soul altar, retreat quietly. They didn't swarm over his soul altar anymore. At this moment, his soul was safe.

It worked!

Shi Yan grinned, coldly looking at Christen, who was enraged. "You don't like it? Oh yeah, you can try to invade my soul one more time. I will make your soul perish!"

Christen discolored in fright.

Carlos was also scared. He was baffled, looking at Shi Yan. He was hesitant whether he could continue attacking the other or not.


Shi Yan shouted as a flame flew out of his left eye. A fiery light ball shot out of his eyes, moving like a meteor towards McGee's head.

The flaming light ball suddenly changed, turning into many smaller flames that entered the Evil Dragon's head. Those flames had the aura of the heaven flames, the most scorching flames that could burn down all kinds of souls and entities.

Ibaka screamed, flying away from McGee's head.

He knew that the Origin flame could destroy both his and McGee's soul.

He thought that Shi Yan wanted to kill him and McGee at the same time. He didn't dare to linger. Seeing the incoming danger, Ibaka immediately flew away, avoiding the burning flame.

With wild schemes, those three souls had dragged Shi Yan, Evil Dragon McGee, and the Ice woman here in an attempt to take their body to enter some place.

Up till now, the Ice woman had perished, and her soul and body had both vanished. Shi Yan and McGee were still safe, relatively.

At this moment, the three souls were forcefully expelled. They didn't have a flesh host anymore.

The three souls formed a "品" formation, silently surrounding Shi Yan. Their clear or blurry faces were filled with bone-deep resentment.

"You're just three soul remnants. You can use the space streamers to attack us. But, in this place, you're just three ghosts! Without a God Body or a soul altar, you can't use the power Upanishad. Dare to fight with me? Do you want to die?" Shi Yan was calm and unafraid, just talking coldly and harshly. "If you retreat now, you can escape this place before your soul vanishes. If you want to attack me, haha, don't blame me for striking at your soul until you have nothing left!"

Evil Dragon McGee panted hard; he was still bleeding. He seemed to be enduring a terrible pain. However, his big eyes, which were filled with resentment, were gazing at Ibaka without blinking. "I will remember you! If I survive this time, I will show you how intimidating our Evil Dragon Tribe can be!"

Ibaka's face became chilled.