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Chapter 1007: The Giant Blood Shield

Chapter 1007: The Giant Blood Shield

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Without beautiful strikes or changes of power Upanishad, the lightning spear continued to thrust at the crystal glacier.

Pieces of ice exploded, shooting away from the glacier and moving to unknown places.

Thunderbolts flashed as if the Lightning power Upanishad was urged to the acme. The power of thunderbolts could even discolor the whole universe. It illuminated the dark area while divine lights flashed and shot far away. It was unknown how many life stars those thunderbolts would attack.

When the Original Incipient Grade weapons released the power, it could trigger some kind of disorderly power Upanishad that could lead to a catastrophe.

This was similar to when Incipient God Realm experts fought each other.

Supernatural experts at Incipient God Realm could destroy an entire life star if they fought to the death. Rumors said that when the tremendous Incipient God Realm experts battled so fiercely that one of them died, they could crush many life stars with them.

Du Lin and Fu Wei hadn't reached Incipient God Realm, but if they could urge the power of their Original Incipient Grade weapons to the utmost, their lethality could even surge towards outer space. It was enough to compare slightly to the Incipient God Realm experts.

Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards on the battleship and the Ghost Mark clansmen kept silent, looking at their battle in a far distance.

No one was in the mood to talk.

Each of them could see that Fu Wei couldn't resist anymore. As the Thunder God Spear kept drilling and thrusting, the glacier exploded bit by bit. The bitter cold aura was decreasing. Fu Wei looked as pale as a sheet of white paper. She was tired, indeed.

Du Lin had also consumed energy, but he was still full. His energy was as abundant as a rising tide. At this moment, he was still intimidating.

The energy accumulations of a Peak of Ethereal God Realm warrior and a Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm warrior were very different. At the same time, Fu Wei wasn't a fighter who was good at fighting. Her lifetime effort had been invested in refining things. In bloody battles, her performance wasn't really excellent.

Du Lin was different from her. Since he was born in the Kroc family, he had to take the mission of strengthening his family. He had to pursue absolute power for the rest of his life. Du Lin had experienced bloody battles and killed many people.

To this kind of bloody fighting, Du Lin got used to it. How to seize the chance to attack, how to utilize his powers and advantages the most... He understood all of these much better than Fu Wei.

Add the gap between their realms and the result of this battle was determined even before it started.

Members of the Ghost Mark Clan had a joy that they couldn't hide on their faces... Du Lin had proven his ability to sweep off all the obstacles one more time. They believed he could bring the Kroc family to the peak of glory.

Looking at Du Lin at this moment, his fellows felt excited as they knew that the distance between Du Lin and the Chief of Ghost Mark Clan position wasn't far away. They believed that if Du Lin could help Zuo Lou to get the Canon, he would receive generous support from Zuo Lou.

With the favor of Potion and Tool Pavilion's Great Elder and Du Lin's competence, the Mad Shark Fleet would become the strongest force in the Agate Star Area. They could help the Kroc family move further...

Quite the contrary, Feng An, An Yun, and the other guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion had put on stern faces. They felt suffocated as if they had a big stone pressing on their chests.

"If Fu Wei is defeated, what will happen to... you guys?" On a corner of the battleship, Shi Yan contemplated for a while, speaking all of a sudden. In this quiet ambiance, his voice was a bit unpleasant.

Many Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards looked at him with unknown intentions in their eyes.

An Yun's brows slammed together as she looked at Shi Yan and the warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She spoke earnestly, "If Young Elder is defeated but remains relatively unharmed, nothing bad will happen to us, I suppose. But if Young Elder forces herself to the point that she perishes, I think Du Lin will massacre all of us in his rage."

She beamed a forced smile, sighing. "If Young Elder is killed, we don't have the face to live anymore as servants."

Shi Yan frowned.

The warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion had a dark and gloomy face as if their parents had just passed away.

They seemed to see the end of their lives.

"Senior, what about us?" Ka Tuo grinned oddly. "Would we encounter danger too?"

"You guys insisted on staying." An Yun sighed, looking at Shi Yan. "If Young Elder dies, I'm afraid... you guys can't escape death. After she dies, we can't do anything. Du Lin would never let any witnesses leave alive."

"Senior!" Ka Tuo's face darkened.

Shi Yan nodded quietly. Looking at the immense galaxy out there, he had a lot of thoughts in his mind.

At the moment Shi Yan decided to stay, he had resonated his soul with the space node. He believed when he used his Space power that he could bring Ka Tuo, Leona, Fei Lan, Xuan Ming, and Zuo Shi away. They could escape this deadly battle in just a blink.

As he had this confidence, he decided to let Zuo Shi and Xuan Ming stay.

In other words, Du Lin couldn't stop him if he wanted to run.

However, he didn't want to run away!

He didn't want to see Fu Wei die!

He had a good impression of this woman especially after he heard her secrets. He had feelings for her. He knew that she was also a miserable girl. As thoughts flashed in his mind, he had a decision.

"Put off your guard and hand the Canon to me. Otherwise, your Mysterious Heavenly Glacier will be smashed. It won't be easy to fix. You know that." Floating in the sea of stars, Du Lin had lightning strikes linger on his entire body. He reluctantly gave her advice.

The Thunder God Spear halted one thousand meters in front of the glacier. Lightning strikes flashed on the spear as if it could gather more lightning strikes of this world altogether. Such an earth-shattering threat made everybody feel powerless.

Du Lin knew Fu Wei wasn't in a good condition. Although the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier was a secret treasure at Original Incipient Grade, its quality and level couldn't compare to the spear he had. Fu Wei's realm was lower than his and she had consumed a lot of energy to operate the battleship...

Honestly, Fu Wei's current endurance was already over his estimation. However, seeing Fu Wei's aura ceasing and her tired eyes, Du Lin knew Fu Wei's energy was now chaotic. She couldn't endure it any longer.

If Fu Wei continued this way, her life would be threatened and her foundation would be damaged. Once its owner was hurt, how can the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier resist the fierce attack from the Thunder God Spear?

"No!" Fu Wei shook her head resolutely, her face calm and faint.

Du Lin frowned. He was finally enraged. "You want to court death? Although the Canon is precious, you can't keep it. Do you still want to use your own life to protect it? You're just stubborn. Useless stubbornness is no different from stupidity!"

Fu Wei said nothing. She continued to gather energy. The Mysterious Heavenly Glacier continued to emit the cold air, generating new ice mountains.

She acted to show her attitude!

Du Lin was infuriated. His tender face had become cold eventually. Fu Wei's attitude had enraged him. He didn't want to kill her. But now, he didn't want to advise her in pain either.

A divine spear with thunderbolts winding around moved like a lightning strike sweeping across the world. It brought together the brutal power of flashes and maliciously drilled into the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier operated by its exhausted master.

The Ghost Mark warriors and the guards of Potion and Tool Pavilion were shocked. They didn't even blink while watching this strike of Thunder Divine Spear.

They understood that this strike would announce Fu Wei's sentence. It would put an end to this battle.

Was it going to end?

An Yun was filled with despair. She hopelessly looked at the battle afar, sighing begrudgingly.

It should be like that!

Some old warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan were so excited. They clenched their fists with yearning eyes. They were all waiting for this thunderbolt attack to complete the ending they had known beforehand.


Countless divine lightning strikes blended with blood light. Lightning strikes sparked beautifully at the tip of the spear while the blood light became more visible.

People's pupils shrank. They couldn't help but gawk, dropping their jaws. Divine light sparkled in their eyes, all focused on one thing.

It was a scarlet shield...

It stood in front of the Mysterious Heavenly Glacier, shielding the lethal attack of the Thunder God Spear. At first, the shield was just the size of a palm. Under people's gaze, it was enlarging rapidly.

Corpses and blood of several hundred dead warriors of the Ghost Mark Clan flew towards the shield like a bloody shower. The shield took in blood and enlarged fast. As blood was flooding the shield, it became a gigantic scarlet shield!

It looked even more imposing than the several-thousand-meter Mysterious Heavenly Glacier. It had shielded the entire Mysterious Heavenly Glacier, leaving the Thunder God Speak no leak to attack.

A flow of bloodthirsty, brutal aura slowly expanded on that scarlet shield. It was like an evil creature had just descended to this world. All the warriors felt their soul altars being affected. It felt like some bloody, malicious ghost had haunted their souls, making them irritatedly restless.

As blood seeped into the shield, the magical blood mark on it bloomed like a flower. It was indeed cruelly beautiful that touched people's heart and made them shiver at the same time.

Inside the sea of stars, many Ghost Mark warriors were petrified. They couldn't help but rub their eyes as they thought that they were dizzy.

Potion and Tool Pavilion's guards were bewildered as if they were sinking in the deepest and darkest dream. This feeling was so unreal.

No one knows where this blood shield came from. No one knew why it happened to bock Du Lin's deadly attack at the critical moment.

Everybody was baffled or petrified. They exchanged looks and then gazed at the massive garnet shield. They even forgot that the battle was at the most dangerous and fiercest moment.

The Thunder God Spear thrust into the Blood Shield. Lightning was sent everywhere from the impact. The spear continued its attack as its energy surged wildly.

However, right when the Blood Shield appeared, it stood firmly like the strongest fortress in this world that would never be broken.

The blood drawing lines on the shield moved like human veins. The blood mark bloomed like the most beautiful but evil flower.

The massive Blood Shield was intact. It wasn't chipped or damaged. On the contrary, the Thunder God Spear was shaking from the impact with the shield.