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Chapter 1024: A kiss for one hundred years

Chapter 1024: A kiss for one hundred years

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"What's the f*ck is going on?"

Inside the main hall, Zha Duo couldn't help but curse. He pulled the few hair left on his head, his face irritated. Fu Wei hadn't recovered from her fear. She looked strange, trying to pry, "Is it possible that Xia Xin Yan does like him?"


Bettina and Zha Duo screamed at the same time.

Fu Wei was surprised. Pondering for a while, she said, "Rumors say that she has never given any man her approval. Isn't it true? Why did she act so awkwardly when she saw him?"

"It must be because she was so infuriated!"

Bettina was surprised. She chuckled as she got something all of a sudden. She talked as if she knew the real situation. "Yeah, it should be that way. I understand my friend. She never lets herself in a disadvantaged situation. She wanted to go to the secret chamber that hurriedly... She... She wanted to separate from us to teach that brat a lesson! Yes! It's like that! I saw clearly that her neck reddened because she was so angry! I can tell she was indignant!"

"Yeah, it must be like that!" Zha Duo agreed with her. "That brat dared to tease her. His despicable eyes were so... With her position and status, of course, she wouldn't let him go easily."

Zha Duo looked like he enjoyed Shi Yan's misfortune, coldly looking in the direction of the secret chamber. "That brat is going to have a lesson this time. It should be a fight taking place now in the room. Wait and see. When he walks out of that door, he won't look nice anymore."

Bettina smiled and nodded. "That brat is stubborn. He dared to say things he shouldn't have. He deserves that! What did he say? 'You look like my lady who went missing for years!' Moron! He's shameless, indeed! Fu Wei, I believe you now. It's impossible that you would like something like him. We've wronged you."

Zha Duo was also embarrassed. "Fu Wei, I was impulsive. If I had known him to be a person like that, I wouldn't have worried about you."

Bettina and Zha Duo relaxed. They seemed to have nothing to worry anymore, and just sat to eat some fruits. They smiled, waiting for Shi Yan to come out of that door with a swollen face.

Although Fu Wei was so confused and thought that Shi Yan had some mental disorder, she didn't want to see Shi Yan encounter bad things. She said worriedly, "Would Lady Xia mishit him? He has a good relationship with Devil Blood Star and Monster Dragon Star. If he encounters bad things in our Potion and Tool Pavilion, don't you think you will need to give them a proper explanation?"

"Don't worry. She knows how to behave. It won't turn so bad that we can't solve it." Bettina waved her hand, talking casually, "It's good for him to learn a lesson. He will know how high the sky is."

"You guys should never underestimate him. I saw how Blood Devil treated him in the Devil Blood Star. He's the only fellow of Blood Devil's tribe. I think you know Blood Devil's characteristics." Fu Wei was still worried.

Hearing her, Bettina and Zha Duo were hesitant.

Pondering for a while, Bettina frowned while talking, "I'm going to sense their fight then."


A low grumbling nose arose from the secret chamber. It sounded like a body impact. It was low, but it wasn't so fierce.

Closing her eyes, Bettina sensed discreetly. She said, "Both of them are panting. They must be fighting now. However, it's under control. It shouldn't be a big deal. Don't worry. She won't take his life. I'm sure about this. She's not an impulsive warrior."

Listening to her, Fu Wei was begrudging. She was still worried, but she said nothing.

Inside the stone chamber, it was a battle as they guessed. However, the way they battled each other wasn't what they had ever imagined...

Inside the ten-square-meter room, Shi Yan and Xia Xin Yan were pressing against each other like a pair of twins with a conjoined body on the jade wall while kissing passionately. They hugged and rolled on the ground. Sometimes, they were stopped by the wall and caused some grumbling noises.

"No, I brought him here. If he gets into trouble, I will blame myself." After Fu Wei had struggled in her mind for a while, she couldn't help but move to the door of the secret chamber despite Zha Duo and Bettina trying to tell her to stop. She hissed at the door. "Lady Xia, please show mercy. Although he spoke rudely, he didn't mean harm. Please, for the face of our Potion and Tool Pavilion, don't hurt him so bad!"

Fu Wei stood by the door, gently knocking to catch the attention of people inside.

In the secret chamber, Shi Yan trembled on hearing Fu Wei's hissing. He cursed under his breath as he was annoyed.

Xia Xin Yan smiled charmingly, lowering her voice. "That woman cares about you a lot. She's afraid that I'm bullying you. What's the relationship between you guys?"

"Nothing!" Shi Yan rose his hand, "I'm perfectly clean!"

"A*shole! You can't stay still wherever you go! If you don't mess with people, you can't feel comfortable, right?" Xia Xin Yan glared, snorting. "I've lost my mood today. I'm not going to satisfy you."

Looking at Shi Yan's eyes which were about to be set ablaze, she gently stood up, gnawing her succulent red underlip. She lowered her voice and then said, "They're all outside. We can't enjoy that much... If I'm careless and let out a moan, my reputation will be destroyed." Her beautiful eyes were watery as her sexy body shivered. Evidently, she was trying to control her surging, passionate affection.

Shi Yan looked at her putting on her clothes and felt so irritated as he couldn't vent out his desire. He gave her a forced smile. "I have nothing ambiguous with her, really."

He knew she was jealous. Otherwise, she wouldn't have insulted him right when she saw him. At the critical moment, this nubile lady ditched him, which was even more annoyed than killing him. He felt a cat paw gently scratching his heart. He felt dry and hot, and it was hard to bear.

"I'm giving you a lesson for your flirty nature. We're done for today. Harrumph! I can't reward you without any merit." Xia Xin Yan smiled gently. Looking at his hurried gait like a monkey, Xia Xin Yan felt so comfortable. "They thought I was teaching you a lesson. Ha, it's interesting! I can see Bettina and Zha Duo hope that I would hit you hard until your face is swollen. You're a failure in their eyes, eh? And only Fu Wei cares about you. Your relationship with women is sure good. Tell me, how did you seduce her?"

"No, I didn't. Really, I didn't!" Shi Yan almost rose his hand to swear.

"At first, we shouldn't reveal our relationship. The Hegemon treats me as his blood sister. He's a bit overprotective. He watches me closely. If he knows of our relationship, he will be enraged badly." Xia Xin Yan grinned, teasing. "You haven't surpassed me yet. I've reached the Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm already. With your status and power, I think my Hegemon won't agree. You should put in more effort. Don't lag behind me."

Listening to her, Shi Yan was shocked, beaming a forced smile. "You've reached the Ethereal God Realm, and you still didn't have any significant bottleneck?"

"Yes," Xia Xin Yan giggled. "Thus, you have to put more efforts. One hundred years ago, I told you to be stronger. When you are stronger than me, I'm willing to be your woman. You're still behind me. So... I can only give you some different advantage."

"Then what should I do now?" Shi Yan put on a sad face, veins bulging on his head. "You want me to walk out of this room like this?"

Xia Xin Yan was bewildered, blushing. Her beautiful watery eyes looked at his private place. Hesitating for a while, she muttered loud enough for the mosquitoes to hear. "I'm going to use my hand then..."

After a long time.

The stone door of the secret chamber squeaked open. Xia Xin Yan walked out with wrinkled clothes and locks of hair tangled over her temples. She lifted her head, walking out arrogantly, her countenance cold and her eyes disdainful.

They had fought!

Bettina and Zha Duo exchanged looks. From Xia Xin Yan's wrinkled clothes, they could confirm their assumption.

Then, Shi Yan walked out of the room dispiritedly. He clutched his stomach as if he were hurt, which strengthened the others' assumption. They now believed that Shi Yan learned his lesson in that chamber already. Otherwise, his footstep wouldn't be that light.

"Are you all right? Did you get hurt?" Fu Wei frowned, glancing at Xia Xin Yan in an unfriendly way. She walked over and reached out to support Shi Yan while nagging. "Why did you need to provoke her? You got your lesson. Will you behave now?"

"I will, I will," Shi Yan nodded instinctively while answering her.

"Shall we talk the business now?" Fu Wei gave a light snort.

"Yeah, we should." Shi Yan chuckled, restoring his deliberating manner. However, he often glanced at Xia Xin Yan.

'He's so bold in this flirting thing! He doesn't even want his life!'

Fu Wei goggled, cursing under her breath. She was so bitter she wanted to vent her anger out. However, she couldn't find anything to do that, and began to feel distressed.