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Chapter 271: No matter what flames, it is useless (1)

Chapter 271: No matter what flames, it is useless (1)

Astral Saint Energy was indeed the power of creation, and for Zhou Weiqing to have such an attribute, he could be considered particularly gifted by nature. With sufficient Heavenly Core Nuclei, the rise in his cultivation could be disgustingly astronomical. The moment he gained access to the Astral Saint Energy, he had already broken away from just the talents that the Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline had granted him.

This was also because of the Destruction Attribute in the Second and Fourth Grand Elder’s Heavenly Core Nuclei, causing a large amount of wastage in the Feedback process. Otherwise, with the sheer volume of power of a Heavenly Emperor, it would not be as simple as raising to the Max Level Heavenly King stage.

Even so, this was already more than enough for Zhou Weiqing. The brilliant gold light fully covering the dark gold of his ‘Hate Ground no Handle’ Legendary Set, as the thick Saint Energy reverberations in the skies burst out explosively, and another eight rays of star light were sent forth to his allies in healing, regeneration and boosting.

With Zhou Weiqing’s support once more, Long Shiya and the others perked up once more, slow and steadily suppressing the enemies. Without question, if things continued this way, the Blood Red Hell powerhouses would not have any chance.

Up in the skies, Zhou Weiqing took a step forward, arriving right above the battlefield.

The Blood Red Hell First and Third Grand Elders exchanged a glance, and the First Grand Elder nodded. In that instant, his powerful Heavenly Energy exploded outwards in full strength, and the Third Grand Elder’s body began to balloon instantly.

Self-detonation. That was the Third Grand Elder’s choice.

Facing such a powerful foe like Zhou Weiqing, they no longer had any other choice. If they did not seize the opportunity before Zhou Weiqing took action, it would be difficult to say if they even had any chance left to self-detonate.

The Third Grand Elder was attempting to use his own sacrifice to bring about a chance of escape and survival for the First Grand Elder and the others. Furthermore, he could see that Zhou Weiqing was using their Heavenly Core Nuclei to raise his own abilities. As long as he could self-detonate successfully, he could prevent Zhou Weiqing from making use of his own, as nothing would be left.

“Trying to self-detonate? You’ll have to ask for my permission first.” In midair, Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly, the Astral Cloud at his chest abruptly spinning swiftly. Instantly, a ray of gold light shot down from his body, enveloping the Third Grand Elder’s body totally.

The gold pillar of light did not have any offensive power, and thus though the Third Grand Elder’s body was raging with violent power, it did not have any signs of stopping the gold light.

In the next instant, the Third Grand Elder almost cried out in shock, as he discovered in surprise that his own Heavenly Core Nucleus that he had been trying to self-detonate with all his might had suddenly calmed down. Under the golden ray, it even felt soothing and comfortable.

That was his own core origin powers! Yet, in that moment, the Third Grand Elder found that he was no longer able to control it. Although it had not totally left his control or broken connection, at least in the current circumstance he was no longer able to self-detonate. Furthermore, his own overall powers seemed to have dropped almost thirty percent.


In order to give the Third Grand Elder the opportunity to self-detonate, the First Grand Elder had burst forth to deal with the two opposing Heavenly Emperors by himself. More so, it was the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor after Zhou Weiqing’s second boost; how could he possibly last for a long time? At this point, he couldn’t help but spurt out a mouthful of fresh blood, even as he was sent flying back, seeing how Third Grand Elder had been enveloped by Zhou Weiqing’s Astral star light, unable to continue self-detonation as they had planned.

What kind of energy was that? Currently, the First Grand Elder could only feel a chill down his spine as his heart gripped in fear. Although Zhou Weiqing had not used any particular strong attack or Skills all this while, but it was his existence that fully suppressed all of the Blood Red Hell powerhouses. If not for him, this battle would be of absolute advantage to the Blood Red Hell side, and how could they possibly lose?

The First Grand Elder truly hated Zhou Weiqing, but at this moment he knew he could do nothing to him. With another spurt of a mouthful blood, he gave a crazed howl. In the next instant, blinding dark-red flames burst forth from his body.

As soon as the terrifying flames rose, even the Six Ultimate Heavenly Emperor and Demonic Emperor dared not continue attacking, scrambling back at once.

Long Shiya couldn’t help but cry out in a low tone: “This fellow has gone crazy! He is actually combusting his own Heavenly Core Nucleus, using his own life force, soul and Heavenly Core Nucleus to form these Flames of Life.”

Any Fire Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master could ignite and burn their own life force to temporarily gain access to the powerful Flames of Life. However, a Heavenly Emperor’s Flame of Life was truly on a different level and scale from an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master.

Although a Heavenly Emperor’s Flame of Life did not have the same instant explosive destructive power as self-detonating their Heavenly Core Nucleus, it could last far longer. Furthermore, due to the fact that the Flame of Life was not just igniting the Heavenly Core Nucleus, but also their entire life force and soul, its overall power was even more terrifying. Once it burned an enemy, it would also ignite the target’s soul!

This was the reason why Long Shiya and Wu Yunyue did not dare to chase forward. The Blood Red Hell First Grand Elder was pitting his life indeed! More importantly, along with the greater power awarded, there was a price to pay. When an ordinary Heavenly Jewel Master used their Flame of Life, they could still stop it at any time. However, for a Heavenly Emperor, once they ignited their Flames of Life, it would be impossible for them to stop it. Under such a situation, making a choice like this was tantamount to suicide; not just death but even at the expense of their soul… even worse than self-detonation of one’s Heavenly core Nucleus.

The First Grand Elder saw that Zhou Weiqing had somehow stopped and restricted the Third Grand Elder’s self-detonation; although his own cultivation was higher than the Third Grand Elder’s, he could not be sure that Zhou Weiqing would be able to stop his own self-detonation if he tried. The deaths of the Second and Fourth Grand Elders had affected him greatly, and if things went on like this, the entire Blood Red Hell contingent would be wiped out! As such, he had thought of the extreme, beginning to ignite his own Flames of Life.

As Wu Yunyue and Long Shiya retreated, the First Grand Elder no longer had any opponents. He did not chase after the two Heavenly Emperors, instead soaring into the skies towards Zhou Weiqing. As long as he could take care of Zhou Weiqing, perhaps the Blood Red Hell could still turn things around.

Covered with the burning dark red flames, the First Grand Elder looked fierce and terrifying, almost like a massive moving fireball. His clothes, hair and skin was starting to burn under the terrifying Flames of Life, and he no longer looked human. However, without question this was the strongest possible point of a Heavenly Emperor.

“Weiqing, careful!” Long Shiya shouted out loud, soaring into the skies as well towards the First Grand Elder. Wu Yunyue hesitated a moment before chasing upwards as well, a step behind. Both of them dared not get too close to him, both launching ranged attacks in an attempt to stop the First Grand Elder.

Alas, currently the First Grand Elder was fighting with his all, ready to sacrifice his life. With the support of the Flames of Life, his speed had already been raised to the max, and he had almost reached Zhou Weiqing in a single flash.

The swirling Astral Cloud in the air was actually covered with a layer of faint dark red colour. One could imagine the sheer intensity of the energies that the First Grand Elder had released.

Originally, Zhou Weiqing’s expression was rather relaxed, but it now grew serious and bleak. Not only did he need to receive the full attack from the First Grand Elder, he still had to maintain his control over the Third Grand Elder’s self-detonation, otherwise if he was allowed to continue self-detonation, let alone them here, even the Heavenly Bow City would be greatly affected. With his family and friends in the Heavenly Bow City, how could he possibly allow the Third Grand Elder to have his way in self-detonation?

The First Grand Elder had made this firm resolution just too quickly, giving Zhou Weiqing no chance to seek any opportunity to deal with things at his leisure.

The Dual Legendary Hammers appeared once more in Zhou Weiqing’s grasp, the powerful Astral Saint Energy causing his entire body to be glowing with a brilliant gold colour, the Astral Clouds at his chest spinning at full speed, causing Zhou Weiqing’s entire person to be covered with a layer of star light. Layers and layers of dark gold light also began to explode forth from his body.

Blazing with the Flames of Life, the current First Grand Elder was now immune to all Skills. All Zhou Weiqing could do was to forcefully accept this blow.

Both hammers swinging in a savage downward motion, his Astral Saint Energy burst forth explosively. At the same time, he did not forget to maintain his control over the Third Grand Elder.

So many things had happened, but in truth all of it happened in the blink of an eye. In the instant that the First Grand Elder ignited his Flames of Life, he had almost instantly slammed savagely into Zhou Weiqing. However, this time their clash did not have any startling or heaven shaking explosions, noise or energy shockwaves. In contrary, when both sides clashed, only a soft thud could be heard.

The dark red flames abruptly swirled around in that moment, fully enveloping Zhou Weiqing’s body as the First Grand Elder’s crazed laughter rang out.

“Little brat, this old man will bring you to the grave to join me. I will burn you to death and self-detonate after that. All of you must die, all of you…”

“Are you daydreaming?”