Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 200: Given A Critical Hit

Chapter 200: Given A Critical Hit

Lu Ting Xiao picked up a book up from the drawers next to the bed. The cover has flowers, a small rabbit, and a wolfs face; a book of fairy tales. His face expressionless, he asks Little Treasure, “Want to hear it?”

Little treasure finally looks up and stares and Lu Ting Xiao, his eyes full of despise.

Lu Ting Xiao pinches the bridge of his nose, “Book about a prince?”

Little Treasure glares

“A brief history of time?”

Little Treasure ignores him.

Lu Ting Xiao finally gives up, looking at his watch, his face became gloomy, “It’s already eleven o’clock”

The BAT team sends puppy dog eyes towards Little Treasure. They want to hear overlord Lu read them a fairy tale.

Little Treasure glances at the pitiful translation team and proceeds to ignore both them and his father: the only one allowed to read him such baby stories is his Aunty Xiao Xi.

Lu Ting Xiao glances over and spots the BAT team: “It seems you guys have a lot of free time. Come, let me test what I have planned for Jiang Muye on you”

All you hear are screams and pleading as the BAT team suffers.