Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 207: Can I Continue To Trust You

Chapter 207: Can I Continue To Trust You

Ning Xuelo felt the remote control fall out of her hand onto the ground. Her whole face was without blood, twisted into a hideous expression.

She expected Ning Xi’s claims to be nothing serious, but never imagined that she had such important evidence, completely flipping the script on her.

Is the one who sent anonymous e-mail a two timer? First with her blackmail of eight million, turned around and sold the evidence to the Golden Age Entertainment?

On the TV, the reporter is asking Ning Xi: “As far as I know you and Ning Xuelo’s relationship is very good, what is her motivation to do so? Are there any problems….”

Ning Xuelo shook his fingers, quickly turned off the TV and flung the remote control faraway. She then began clinging to the side of Su Yan. “Yan brother, please listen to me. Let me explain…… ”

After she hugged Su Yan, she found out that his whole body was trembling, his tightly clenched fist issuing a creaky sound, his usually gentle and calm face was making an extremely ugly expression……she had never seen him look so terrible!

Ning Xuelo, her heart in a huge panic, could not help but hold Su Yan even tighter, eager to explain, “Yan brother, it wasn’t me …… really it wasn’t me…… I really don’t know……I don’t know why Cui Caijing would do such a thing? Is it because I occasionally scold her a few times when I’m in a bad mood that she would hate me and try to hurt me? ”

Su Yan let her continue holding him, motionless, his tone expressionless, “If Cui Caijing just wants to harm you, then why should she let Zhang Qiang frame Ning Xi? What is in it for her?”

Ning Xuelo felt her face stiffen, and then immediately finding an opening she continued, “She is certainly trying to make me the scapegoat! She has always been with me, and knows that privately, my relationship with Ning Xi is very bad. With me in the hospital, if she decided to frame Ning Xi, I would not doubt
… ”

“Even if this reason is not plausible, what about your injuries?” Su Yan continued to ask.

“I thought I was all right at the beginning, and my parents were so worried about me I had been staying in the hospital for a while,” she said. “Brother, you know, that time I was really physically and mentally exhausted, my body was very uncomfortable every day, how can they slander me like this! ”

Su Yan was so shocked his face was numb, causing Ning Xuelo to feel a bit of deep pain, “Xuelo, how….can I continue to trust you?”

Ning Xuelo crying with tears running down her face, tightly pulled his hand, looking at his eyes as like he was her salvation,” Yan brother! You must believe me! I believe that I am good! Now,everyone is accusing and doubting me. If you don’t believe me, I do not know where I’ll get the courage to persevere? Others do not understand me and will question me, I don’t care, but don’t you know me? Do you think I will do such a thing? Yan brother, I beg you….. you…..do not abandoned me…..”

Su Yan looked sluggish, as if in trance, and did not respond.

Ning Xuelo has been staring at him nervously. After a long while, Su Yan finally took a deep breath, and then pushed her arms off, staggered up and walked toward the door.

Ning Xuelo in a panic stood up to follow, “Yan brother, where are you going?”

“Do not follow me, I have to think.” Bang! Su Yan left, heavily slamming the door.

In the house, Ning Xuelo falls to the ground, quickly she picked up the phone call Chang Li’s phone …..