Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 215: Little Treasure’s Outburst (unedited)

Chapter 215: Little Treasure’s Outburst (unedited)

“Su Yan, you don’t have to apologize, because even if I give you a chance, you will still choose to believe Ning Xuelo.”

Su Yan urgently replied, “I won’t ……”

“Don’t say that you won’t. When things were revealed, Ning Xuelo probably told you that she is innocent, and that she wasn’t involved in anything, that it was all Cui Caijings’ fault? And aren’t you once again unconditionally believing her? If I tell you now, that she lied to you, will you believe me? “Ning Xi asked slowly.

Su Yan subconsciously avoided her cold eyes, and then calmly said, “I will investigate the situation clearly!”

Ning Xi smiled and shook her head, “The fact that you need to verify that I’m telling the truth, yet when she tells you anything you immediately believe her, that’s what you call believing in me? You believe her time and time again but can’t even listen to a word I’m saying. ”

” Ning Xi…… ”
” Yan brother……”
” Ning Xi! “Su Yan suddenly looked up, this time, he heard clearly heard her. She really called him “Yan brother”.

Ning Xi looked out the window into the night, but also like she was seeing through time and space, tone. In a fleeting tone, she asked “Yan brother, do you remember? I was nine years old, and I wanted to buy a bag with my favorite idol printed on it, but my family did not let me. Following that, the family lost fifty dollars and my grandmother insisted that I stole it. Then my father and mother also started to doubt me. Although my brother promised to protect me, he also thought that I took it because he knows I really liked that actor … … ”

Ning Xi said quietly. Su Yan knows the story but still listens, his body shaking slightly, eyes red.

Ning Xi laughed self-depreciatingly, the sound hoarse, “It was you, only you believed that I did not take the money. I had also ran out and spent most of the night knocking on the doors to ask the kids who came to play at the house that day ……I finally found out who really stole the money that day. But you know? At that time I was thinking, in front of this person, so I must grow up soon and get married to him! ”

“Ning Xi, don’t continue…… “Su Yan said, closing his eyes in embarrassment.

Outside the door, Lu Jingli’s hear is screaming. Sister-in-law don’t say that! I’m really afraid that this hospital will be demolished tonight!

Because Lu Ting Xiao aura is really terrible right, now. Even Jiang Muye’s anger has been suppressed, and took a step away from him.

In the eyes of all the people in the ward, Little Treasure suddenly broke out of the hands of Lu Ting Xiao, and quickly rushed into the room.

Little guy was like a little trickster, he quickly ran over to Ning Ci and clung to her legs, staring at her with his big, beautiful eyes before glaring at Su Yan on the bed……

I can only rely on Little Treasure? Lu Jingli thought shocked. He was about to rush into the room to grab Little Treasure, when Lu Ting Xiao raised his hand to stop him.

Lu Jingli seeing this reaction, knew if he went in, it would ruin the mood.

Ning Xi, suddenly rushed by the little bun was shocked, “Uh, Darling … how come you’re here?”

She looked through the glass window on the door, and noticed Lu Ting Xiao and company are outside the door, in the corridor.

Xiao Bao turned towards her. his little head looking straight at her, cheeks flushed, not a mention eyes becoming wet, big drops of tears falling down……

Ning Xi immediately looked anxious, “Hey, don’t cry! You’re a good boy! You’re a good boy don’t cry! Aunty will take you back! ”

Ning Xi picked up Little Treasure and started leaving. In the bed a dumfounded Su Yan finally recovered to called her – “Ning Xi, this …whose child is this?”