Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 216: The old situation has been revived? (unedited)

Chapter 216: The old situation has been revived? (unedited)

Ning Xi subconsciously put Little Treasures face on her shoulders, tapping his back, and casually replied, “He’s a friend’s child. I’m leaving so you can rest! I’ll help you contact Ning Xuelo.”

After Ning Xi left, Su Yan stared at the door, his face surprised and undecided.

Who was that child in the end?

And why did he think for a moment, that the child’s facial features resembled Ning Xi’s?

He even recalled five years ago that dead baby, if the child did not die it would probably be……..
Damn! In the end, he’s just imagining things. It’s crazy! The child died five years ago!

The child is……dead……just has to be dead……

There’s no way he could have survived……

Looking at Little Treasure who went in less than five seconds agao and has already brought Ning Xi out. Lu Jingli could not help but clap for him. Little treasure, good job!

Ning Xi took one look at Lu Ting Xiao’s expression and immediately knew he was about to blame Little Treasure, so she hurried to defend him, “Don’t blame Little Treasure. He’s a child and he doesn’t understand!”

Lu Ting Xiao, face helpless replied, “You spoil him too much.” His tone tried to be reproachful, but there’s no trace of anger.

On the side, Jiang Muye watched how the atmosphere around Lu Ting Xiao changed, his expression becoming warm as soon as Ning Xi came out. He just stared shocked, his face an open book.

Hypocritical! What is this hypocrisy!

“I let my Little Treasure become so sad. I’ll definitely make it up to you!” Ning Xi said, touching the little buns head, her eyes a little sad.

This time, if she hurt Little Treasure, she wouldn’t be able to make it up.

After leaving the hospital, in the car Ning Xi coaxed the little bun for a while, and he soon fell asleep in her arms.

Lu Jingli who had been holding back for a long time finally couldn’t wait any longer. Looking in the rearview mirror at Ning Xi one, he hastily asked, “Little XiXi, isn’t this the brother Yan from your memories that you wanted to kill? In the end what kind of game are you playing? It can’t be that you want to get back with that trash of a man, right?”

In the passenger seat, Jiang Muye heard him and snorted, “Get together my ass! She’s playing him like a fiddle. She’s just setting a honey trap for him.”

Ning Xi looked at him with an eyebrow raised, “Muye, you’ve actually grown up. You’ve come to understand me!”

Sitting next to Ning Xi, Ting Xiao has a slightly cold expression. Just now, he saw at a glance that Ning Xi’s attitude towards Su Yan wasn’t from the heart. What made him really angry is the honey trap……that for men other than him she would……

“Speaking of which, I have to give Ning Xuelo a call!” Ning Xi, arms full of Little Treasure, carefully moved him a bit, and took out the phone.

“I’ll hold him.” Lu Ting Xiao said, taking Little Treasure into his arms.

Ning Xi dialed the number, and the phone was immediately picked up with Ning Xuelo’s sharp voice, “Ning Xi? What did you call me for? To brag? Slut! You’ve ruined me, I bet your proud and happy right? Let me tell you, it’s too early to be proud! Do you think brother Yan and my father and mother will believe you your lies? You really think we’re country bumpkins…… ”

Ning Xuelo continued to curse, only giving Ning Xi a faint opening, “Miss Ning … … let me remind you once, the phone is on speaker mode and Su Yan is next to me~”