Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 218: You can do whatever you like

Chapter 218: You can do whatever you like

Chapter 218 – You can do whatever you like

Ning Xi unconsciously put down her phone. Holding hear breath, she watched the door vigilantly, ready for what might happen, but also a bit nervous.

Because the footsteps she heard were Lu Ting Xiao’s.

What does he want from her at this time?

It’s three o’clock in the morning!

The strangest thing of all is that with Lu Ting Xiao’s character, he absolutely would not enter her room without knocking……

Just when Ning Xi settled that chaotic train of thought, a familiar figure has come to her bed.

There’s no light in her room, and no moon tonight so the only thing that’s visible is a vague figure like shadow.

The quietly stood by the bed, motionless.

Ning XI’s heart is beating so fast it almost jumped out of her throat. She is ready to break this torturous silence when she suddenly remembered one thing.

Lu Ting Xiao is a sleepwalker!

She quickly swallowed back her words, so she doesn’t wake him.

Cough, but………in the end, what does he want?

After about five seconds, Lu Ting Xiao took a step forward, sat down on the bed, opened the blankets………and lay by her side

Ning XI: “……”

Ning Xi’s cheek was forced tight against his chest, hearing his steady breathing, while smelling the scent of his cologne, his arms around her waist……

Dissatisfaction! This is simply crazy!

Ning Xi’s heart has been pounding as if running for eight hundred miles, causing her slight trauma.

She would like to think that this is because ‘day dreams turn into sleep walking actions.’, when she had told Lu Ting Xiao he needed to find a woman…. now she understood!

She now understood the true meaning! Isn’t she in a situation of her own making? Wasn’t Lu Ting Xiao waiting and she gave him the go ahead? When she didn’t know how he felt it wasn’t a problem, but now this is inappropriate right?

Ning Xi attempted to move her body and break free. The finally result is her panting and sweating but still stuck in the same position.

She was worried about moving too hard and waking him. Finally, Ning XI had no choice but to compromise. He w and not too hard. No way, Ning Xi finally compromise. Just go to sleep. Go to sleep! After he woke up, he wouldn’t remember anyway……

The clouds finally moved, allowing the moonlight to filter into the room. Lu Ting Xiao’s face was so close to hers……

Ning Xi’s heart skipped a beat, then instantly started pounding like a drum.

She was really afraid that any movement will awaken Lu Ting Xiao.

She didn’t know if it’s because the moonlight is beautiful, or because of the person in front of her is naturally like that.

Ning Xi cannot help but reach out and touch the man’s cheek, “Lu Ting Xiao … …”

Now, no matter what she did, he won’t know anything right? There will be no memory, right? Well, doesn’t that mean she can do whatever she wants?

This idea made her repressed feelings begin to stir……

Ning Xi gently touch the man’s forehead, facial features, nose, and finally stayed on his lips…….