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Chapter 245: Is This The Rhythm Of A Confession?

Chapter 245 – Is This The Rhythm Of A Confession?
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Looking at the large bouquet of lilies, Ning Xi gawked as she blinked, and accepted the bouquet out of conditioned reflex.

Then, the waiters filed into the room, spread the tablecloth, place the candlestick and laid the table. In just five minutes, an exquisite candle light dinner was set up. The waiters then bowed in unison and left the room.

So, this was what Lu Ting Xiao meant when he asked if they could dine here……

She even thought he meant cooking at home!

She was too naive!!!

Just now, on one of the waiter’s uniform, she saw the word ‘Red Restaurant’ imprinted on it. Red Restaurant is the most famous private restaurant in B city’s aristocratic circle. It is known for cooking only one table of food a day, and for those who people who wants to order, they have to line up and wait till next year.

This restaurant had a rule, they do not take specific orders, they cook at their own will and you have to eat them regardless of your preference. To think that Lu Ting Xiao could actually make such a willful restaurant personally send takeaway to her house……

Ning Xi looked at the flowers, looked at the table and the candlelit dinner……

“This……this is clearly the setting for a confession, right?” Ning Xi quietly whispered to herself.

Lu Ting Xiao deliberately sent Little Treasure away today, arranged this in advance, and even asked the question of how to pursue a girl……

Is he really going to do it……

Why is she feeling more and more panicked?

The next second, her eyes glanced down at the small dessert on the table. Uh there should not be any wedding ring hidden in the cake or something right, cough cough……

It’s impossible, definitely impossible. With Lu Ting Xiao’s personality, how could he do something that would be so easy to guess!

“You don’t like the food?” Seeing that her expression wasn’t good, Lu Ting Xiao frowned slightly. Then he picked up the phone, “I’ll ask them to change the dishes.”

Ning Xi quickly waved, “No, it is not needed! They are all the food that I like to eat! I mean……the dinner should be on me, how did it became the other way round?”

“It’s the same.” Lu Ting Xiao shrugged, then he pulled the chair out for her like a gentleman.

“Cough, thank you……” Ning Xi had no choice but to sit down.

She carefully observed Lu Ting Xiao and found something peculiar.

Today was a day of rest, so he should be wearing casual clothing. However, he was formally dressed today, and he even had a bow tie, which was extremely rare!

After sitting down, Ning Xi found herself feeling absent-minded. She actually forgot that she was still holding the flowers, hence she rushed to find a vase to put them into.

“Do you like them?” Lu Ting Xiao asked.

“What?” Ning Xi froze for a moment.


“Uh, yes I really like them……”

“En, I think lilies are right for you.”

Ning Xi: “……”

Was he referring to the fact that lilies stand for ‘purity’ or the fact that lilies represent ‘a hundred good years together’?

(T/N Akari: funfact- 百合 is the chinese name of the lily flower, which also directly translates to hundred [百], together [合].)

“Let us eat.” Lu Ting Xiao said, while passing her a pair of chopsticks.

“En, en……I will do just that!” To cover up the tension, Ning Xi began to bury her head and eat.

When she ate until her stomach felt bloated, she finally found out that something is wrong. In one of her hand was a slice of half-eaten cake, and her brows furrowed as she looked at the man across her……

Lu Ting Xiao had not eaten much. Instead, he opened a bottle of wine and start drinking by himself. He been drinking without discretion, and soon the bottle was almost empty……

“Lu Ting Xiao, how can you just be drinking wine, and you even drank so much! Also, I did not see you touching the food much, uh……pff……”

Ning Xi was still speaking as she took a bite of the cake. Her teeth suddenly bit something hard and she hurriedly spit it out.

“F***, what the hell is this, my teeth have become numb……”

‘Ding-’ a sparkling ring……fell onto the white porcelain plate in front of her……