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Chapter 259: Simply A Beast

Chapter 259 – Simply A Beast
JULY 19, 2017 ~ BLAZARIA
All of the intractable but dignified, deep grief and hatred, was completely interpreted by Ning Xi with just one dark smile.

At this time, the studio was completely silent.

Until the end of the shoot, no one dared to make a simple sound, or even breath loudly, for fear of disturbing the sorrowful, beautiful soul.

Furthermore, most of the people whose eyes were red with tears didn’t even realize they shed.

Only after Director Guo Qisheng signaled that the shoot had ended, then everyone suddenly came back to their senses, recovering from the shock of their emotions.

“Oh god, I actually cried watching the scene!”

“Wu wu wu, I cried too, I cried too! The mood was so heavy and depressing! Doctor Sun! My Doctor Sun is actually dead!”

“Ning Xi’s acting is simply too formidable! So compelling! I now know that those previously released tidbits were but a drop in the bucket! And I finally understand why Guo Qisheng insisted on using her against all odds!”

“Why isn’t Ning Xi the main female lead? Compared to that mouthful of virtue and morality Shangguan Ying Rong, Meng Chengge’s role has much more depth!”


In the backstage dressing room, after removing her makeup, Ning Xi’s expression of pain and chill have yet to fade. Standing on one side, Xiao Tao, who was waiting to give her her meal, did not dare to disturb her.

At this time, Jiang Muye pushed the door open and walked in. He, who had become inured to the unusual, said, “Just put it down. Don’t worry about her. She will be alright in awhile.”

“Oh.” Xiao Tao put down the lunch, and hurried out. The look Ning Xi had just now was quite horrifying, as if she was possessed.

About five minutes later, Ning Xi lifted her possessed state, cleverly waking up.

Stretching lazily, she twisted her neck and complained. “Damn! I got too deep into my character this time, I almost couldn’t come out of it!”

Jiang Muye stared at her, his eyes narrowed, “Just be contented with it already. If people acted at your level, it will take them at least a few months to come out of their characters! Some even go into madness! You took less than even an hour, what more do you want? You beast!”

Because he was in a ‘dead’ state during the act just now, so he did not know how well Ning Xi acted. He specially went to look at the playback of the scene, and hell, it was simply too astounding!

He even felt that Ning Xi’s feelings were so deep, that even if the seas go dry and rocks crumble, her love will remain firm!

“Eh, where’s my Sister Zhizhi? I haven’t ask Sister Zhizhi for her evaluation of my act!” Ning Xi asked impatiently.

Right after she spoke, Sister Zhizhi pushed the door open. Looking at the time on her watch, with a hurried expression, she said, “Ning Xi, I will be heading to my the office in the afternoon, are you alright alone?”

“Ah? You’re leaving already?” Ning Xi was a little depressed.

“Because I am not needed here anymore.” Lin Zhizhi said, revealing a rare smile.

When Ning Xi heard that, her spirits got lifted up immediately. That sentence was undoubtedly the biggest affirmation of trust in her!

“Go ahead, go ahead! I will be alright alone, and I will be well-behaved!”

“En, contact me anytime.”

“Okie dokie, I’ll let you go!”


After sending Lin Zhizhi off, Ning Xi happily hopped back. Jiang Muye gave her a look of disdain, “Look at your toady behaviour!”

Ning Xi returned him a look of disdain too, “Hmph, you are just jealous of my good relationship with Sister Zhizhi! Speaking of which, I should be thanking you. After experiencing a scumbag like you, she would then cherish an obedient darling like me more!”

Jiang Muye coldly laughed. He had an expression of ‘you are simply too naive’. “Continue being pleased with yourself then! You will definitely face hardship in the future! You think that woman can be messed around with? Don’t blame me for not reminding you when you become tormented until you cry for your dad and shout for your mom.”