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Chapter 260: Ning Xi’s Spouse Selection Criteria

Chapter 260 – Ning Xi’s Spouse Selection Criteria
JULY 20, 2017 ~ BLAZARIA
The director actually scheduled out an entire day to complete the two big scenes, but they only took half the day to complete it.

As a result, the time for afternoon interviews are quite abundant.

Ning Xi and Jiang Muye were quite cooperative, answering all the reporters questions. The reporters were quite respectful to their feelings and avoided the extremely sensitive topics.

Seeing that the atmosphere is very good, after completing the interview questions about the drama, the reporters began to ask them some personal questions.

Reporter: “Muye, I have a question. It seems that every time you are asked this question, you avoid it, but I’m going to ask it again today. What type of girl do you like? In reality do you like a strong and more proactive girl like Meng Changge?”

Jiang Muye rested his chin on his hand in thought, “I used to like those type of girls who are timid and loveable that I can protect. But as I grow older, I feel that those girls who are strong and more proactive like Meng Chengge are more brave and real.”

After asking Jiang Muye, the reporter naturally turned to Ning Xi: “Ning Xi, what type of man do you like? Or rather, what criteria are you looking for in a spouse? Can we talk about it?”

Ning Xi had a headache, because it was difficult for her to answer such a conventional question.

She was someone who did not want to get married, and thus she never thought of having to choose a spouse, so how would she have a list of criterias ah?

Just that when the reporter asked the question, at that moment, the figure that flashed through her mind in that second was actually……

Ning Xi shook her head, concentrating on answering the questions from the reporters.

“My spouse selection criterias are that he should be about my age, have similar interests as me, and that we are like-minded people.” Fortunately, on this issue, she was well prepared, so she readily said the prepared lines.

En, the answer was perfectly reasonable and they should not find anything wrong with it.

However, at that instant, a female reporter beside them excitedly said, “From what you said, Jiang Muye fulfills at least two categories! The first criteria; Jiang Muye is close to your age, and the third; both of you are actors, so certainly, you two are like-minded. As for the second criteria, although we are not sure whether your interests hobbies are the same, but as like-minded people, the probability of your interests being the same is very big!”

Ning Xi mouth twitched, and quickly denied, “Haha, there are actually many people who fit these criterias! It is all up to fate!”

At the side, Jiang Muye also used a jest to dodge the topic. He purposely said, “You don’t have to listen to her explanation anyway, explanations are cover-ups. In actual fact, she is just using her senior brother, me, to list her spouse criterias!”

Ning Xi following after his words said, “Senior brother, do your fans know that you are so narcissistic?”


Two hours later, the interview ended.

Even though they got to see the stunning scenes between the two today, but because they are not allowed to release major spoilers, thus they could not share it. However, a small fragmented clips and tidbits were still allowed.

Moreover, the interview went very smoothly, and the content was very rich. Both Ning Xi and Jiang Muye act harmoniously both on and off the screen. Since they received a lot of writing and broadcasting material, the reporters were very satisfied.

After the reporters left, Ning Xi stretched lazily, “I’m exhausted! Today’s battle finally ended smoothly! I am going back to the hotel to get some sleep!”

Jiang Muye glanced at her, “Hotel? Why are you staying in a hotel?”

Ning Xi turned over the script and sighed, “Don’t you know, that my scenes at the back are very important, and there are quite a few major night scenes. It will be a waste of energy to run back and forth, so I’d discussed with Sister Zhizhi and she told me to stay with the crew.”