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Chapter 267: A Tensed Atmosphere

Chapter 267: A Tensed Atmosphere

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When the set was ready, the two lead actors made their way out from the resting area.

The moment Ning Xi appeared in a red and black outfit...Guo Qisheng was not sure if he imagined it, but it seemed as if Luo Tingxiao’s arrogant and distant demeanor warmed up a little…

Ning Xi looked towards Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao from afar. Lu Jingli immediately gave her a sneaky wink and pointed at his camera, indicating that his brother had found out about everything.

Ning Xi slowly shifted her sight to look at Lu Tingxiao, who was looking at her in an aggressive, possessive manner, like a predator that was hungry for its prey.

The clapperboard sounded and Ning Xi gathered her senses again, immediately sinking into her role for the scene —

Meng Changge furiously ran away after fighting with Sun Huanqing. As the night fell and the sky darkened, Sun Huanqing who started to worry about her whereabouts.

Actually, Meng Changge had already found Sun Huanqing much earlier. She just did not want to appear, instead mischievously following closely behind him. Observing his grave concern for her, her usually tough demeanour softened.

Ning Xi accurately portrayed the feelings of a girl who was in love yet abashed to admit so.

Finally, Meng Changge couldn’t resist letting her husband Sun worry any longer. Just as Sun Huanqing was about to break down, she tapped his shoulder from behind, wearing a mask that she had bought from the market. With a delighted tone, she said—

"My dear husband, were you looking for me?"

Jiang Muye was first stunned, then revealed a face shining with joy, before pulling her into his arms, "Changge…"

Lu Jingli’s first reaction was to stop watching the scene, but to look at his brother’s reaction. He was shocked and quickly nudged his brother’s fingers, saying, "Bro, bro, bro, not so hard. This cup is made of glass and not of steel. Remember, this is only acting…"

Before he could finish his sentence, there was a loud crack…the tea cup was broken…

Lu Jingli looked up and only saw Ning Xi slowly removing the mask from her face, revealing eyes that were filled with love, looking at Jiang Muye. Then, she leaned forward, slowly approaching his lips…

"Oh no...this time there was no preparation at all!" Lu Jingli did not dare look and had to cover his eyes, yet he could not help but peek through the slits between his fingers.

One second passed…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Four seconds…

Wait, what’s happening?!

Five seconds later, Ning Xi who had yet to plant the kiss suddenly buried her face in her hands and apologized, "Sorry, I wasn’t ready, let’s do it again!"

Ning Xi actually had a bad take!

All the crew members, including both directors and producers were shocked! However, they could understand the reason for the mistake - having the CEO there was a huge distraction!

They were only on the sidelines but already felt the tremendous pressure, what more Ning Xi.

"No worries, let’s get ready and do it again," consoled Guo Qisheng.

Xiao Tao quickly passed a bottle of mineral water to Ning Xi, "Sister Xi, you can do it!". Ning Xi finished the entire bottle at one go.

Jiang Muye who was on the side shot her a look, "Who knew you’d have stage fright too!"

With a pale face, Ning Xi replied, "You better make less sarcastic remarks! You know how scary your uncle is. Imagine if you were the one being stared at - we’ll see if you can still perform normally."