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Chapter 274: I Have A Date Tonight

Chapter 274: I Have A Date Tonight

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"Did you just say...that your brother is locking himself up in the house?" Father Lu pondered.

Lu Jingli was just about to say something when his handphone suddenly rang - it was Cheng Feng.

"Second master, help!"

"I know, I’m on my way!"

As soon as Cheng Feng uttered those words, Lu Jingli knew what was up. He hung up the phone and shrugged at his parents, saying, "Brother’s assistant just called, he’s finally left the house and gone to the office, so I’ve got to go provide support to my comrades! Bye!"

As they watched Lu Jingli leave, the Lu parents just sat there and looked at one another.

"Chong Shan, what do you think about this?" Mother Lu asked worriedly.

Father Lu merely responded coldly, "Let’s just wait further and see how things go. Who knows if that girl is just using reverse psychology?"

Mother Lu bit her tongue as she thought about her son’s confession. Which stupid girl would continue playing tricks when they had already succeeded in making him fall for her?

"What about Little Treasure then?" This was what she really wanted to know.

"I think Little Treasure has almost completely healed, so it’s no big deal. Stop worrying for no reason. The past few days that he has been with us, that girl wasn’t by his side, and he looks just fine, doesn’t he?"


At the same time, in Movie City

Ning Xi laid on her bed, clammy with cold sweat as her body seemed to writhe with torture written all over her face…

She was having a wonderful time, or at least it was a wonderful dream.

She dreamt that she was wearing a beautiful white wedding dress, her hand held by the one who gave her hope and light, and slowly they walked into the sacred church. However, as the pastor was reading the vows, the world around her started to be engulfed in darkness…

A man was forcefully tugging her hand, and no matter how loud she shouted, he wouldn’t let go…

At last, she was finally dragged into the hell hole behind her…

"Ding dong, ding dong..."

The doorbell rang urgently and woke her up from the nightmare.

Ning Xi immediately sat up and realised that her entire body was damp from sweating profusely, and her head hurt so much it felt like it was going to explode.

Last night, she barely got any sleep. When dawn came, she finally got some shut eye, but she might as well have stayed awake because her sleep was ruined by all sorts of nightmares.

"Ding dong..."

The doorbell was still ringing incessantly.

With a heavy head, Ning Xi dragged her feet to open the door.

"Who’s there?"

"I bought extra breakfast do you want… some…" responded Jiang Muye who did not finish sentence, as he stared wide-eyed at Ning Xi as if seeing a ghost. "My God! You look frightening! You better be careful not to let the paparazzi see your face or they might think you’re on drugs!"

Ning Xi snatched the breakfast out of his hands and snapped, "Stop acting so shocked! Haven’t you seen a victim of heartbreak?"

Jiang Muye replied, "I’ve seen other heartbroken people, but I’ve never seen you heartbroken, all you do is break the hearts of others…"

Ning Xi took a bite of the bun and said, "Then you’re in luck today!"

Jiang Muye sighed worriedly, seeing through her facade, "Ning Xi, are you really okay? Would you like me to drink with you tonight?"

Ning Xi smiled and waved, "Apologies, but no thanks, I’ve already got a date tonight!"

"What! I was just feeling sorry for you, but you’ve gotten a date already?!"

It was a good thing Ning Xi only had war scenes today, so her face was covered in black charcoal, strategically covering up her pale skin, otherwise she would definitely have delayed the shooting progress.

As much as she tried her best to focus, she still did make a few mistakes. Some of her kung fu moves almost caused grievous harm to other actors but thankfully, nothing too terrible happened.

Ning Xi knew that she could not continue in her current condition, or else, she would not be able to shoot any longer.