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Chapter 281: Taking Turns To Cheer Up Little Treasure

Chapter 281: Taking Turns To Cheer Up Little Treasure

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Father Lu was frustrated as he looked at his stone-hearted eldest son, then turned to see the crying mess that was his wife and younger son. "The both of you, stop crying already! It’s not like Little Treasure is critically ill or anything. Didn’t the doctor say that he was only suffering from indigestion because he was suppressing his feelings?"

Mother Lu anxiously responded with, "What do you mean he isn’t critically ill? He’s suppressing his feelings! Little Treasure’s autism was just about to be better, but what if he gets depression now?"

"It can’t be that serious, I don’t think children can suffer from depression…"

This was when Little Treasure’s room door opened and Qin Mufeng came out, cleared his throat, and said, "Mr. Lu, from a medical perspective, children can suffer from depression too. And based on Little Treasure’s current situation, there are indeed such symptoms."

"See! Even the doctor said so!"

Father Lu’s expression hardened before he asked, "Then what if we get a girl who looks similar to that woman to accompany Little Treasure? Isn’t there something called the shifting of affection in psychology?"

"Well…" Qin Mufeng didn’t want to be too blunt and he chose his words carefully.

Lu Jingli on the other hand didn’t restrain himself and directly replied, "Dad, Little Treasure is just introverted, not mentally retarded. You fooling him like this is too mean!"

"Don’t run, you little punk, I’m going to hit you!" Father Lu said angrily. As he was about to hit him, Lu Tingxiao raised a hand to deflect the blow.

Lu Jingli was so touched he almost cried tears of joy! His brother had actually defended him!

"You brothers are trying to get on my nerves, aren’t you?!"

"That’s enough, what are you fighting for? And so loudly! Don’t frighten Little Treasure now," said Mother Lu who rushed to calm everyone down. "Tingxiao, quickly go see Little Treasure and speak to him!"

Inside the room, Little Treasure was just as obedient as Mother Lu said he had been.

When Lu Tingxiao entered, the little guy was holding up his own cup to drink his medicine.

How could Lu Tingxiao advise his kid when his expression barely even changed? He only said to him robotically, "Every person has a life of their own with choices that they make. Over-attachment will only slow you down, so you should learn to let go."

His expression and tone would have easily led one to misunderstand that he was offering his condolences.

Little Treasure’s face was still, as if he did not immediately understand the meaning of his father’s words. Then suddenly, his little eyes started to fill with immense sadness…

Mother Lu was suddenly concerned and said, "I told you to cheer him up, why did you go ahead and give a five-year-old kid life wisdom advice?"

She buried her face in her hands and sighed, "I’m so silly. Why did I call you, an emotionless person, back for? We would have been better off without you! You’ve made Little Treasure sadder now. Jingli my good son, you come and try!"

"Ah, me?" Jingli scratched his head a little and walked over, softly saying, "Hey Little Treasure, let Uncle sing for you, okay? Cough cough, gourd doll, oh ,gourd doll on a seven flower vine, unafraid despite the storm, la la la la la…"

In the next second, Little Treasure’s eyes suddenly filled with hot tears that started to pour…

Mother Lu was so upset and angry that she hit Lu Jingli on the back, "Dang you! Why did you sing that song? You’ve made Little Treasure cry now!"

Lu Jingli felt falsely accused, "Please! This is on me too? I sang such a happy song! He used to love listening to his Aunty Xiao Xi sing songs, okay! Uhh...fine, maybe I shouldn’t have sang this song…"