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Chapter 285: I Really Miss You

Chapter 285: I Really Miss You

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Ning Xi continued to sing—

"Life slips away with the years, grows old with white hair, leaves as you do, leaving happiness unheard of…"

As he listened, Jiang Muye knew something was up. Why did he feel like this song wasn’t a casual choice, but was sung for a specific person?

"I really miss you, I do, but I reveal no signs, I still think of you, I still let memories take over, I still pretend to be okay…"

"I really miss you?" realization dawned on Jiang Muye. Indeed, she was singing for someone!

At this moment, no one knew but outside the room door stood a tall figure.

He was initially only passing by, but found himself stuck and mesmerized at the door.

His partner noticed him stopping and could not help but called out, "CEO Lu, is there a problem? CEO Zhang and CEO Wang are still waiting for us upstairs."


The coldness of his tone rendered his partner speechless.

Then, a girl’s low and sultry voice was heard from the room—

"I really miss you, I do, yet I lie to myself, I really miss you, I do, but let’s just keep it a secret, I really miss you, I do, I’ll just keep it to myself…"

Even when she had stopped singing, he stood at the same spot, not moving for a long time before he left.

Late at night.

Lu Family Old Residence.

In the garden on the jade colored stairs, he held a cigarette between his fingers. He did not put it to his lips at all till it burnt out, lost in his own deep thoughts.

"Bro, it’s already so late, why haven’t you made your move?" Lu Jingli rushed over to ask.

Lu Tingxiao put out his cigarette and said, "What?"

Lu Jingli shot him a look, "Stop pretending! You’ve planned such for Father Lu to be outstation. Wasn’t so you could call Xiao Xi Xi over tonight? Father Lu will rush home first thing tomorrow morning. If you don’t call Xiao Xi Xi now, we won’t make it! Look at our poor Little Treasure, doesn’t it break your heart? I’m heartbroken as his uncle! Don’t wait till he really gets depression!"

"You can try, but the probability of her agreeing to it is zero," said Lu Tingxiao as he got up and walked into the house.

"No way! I can definitely persuade her to come over!" Lu Jingli said, full of confidence as he took out his handphone.

After the gathering ended, all the drama team members left one after another.

Just as Ning Xi reached the hotel, her handphone rang.

She took a look at the caller ID. It was Lu Jingli.

She didn’t immediately pick up, but instead she let it ring several times until the caller hung up.

After a while, her phone started to ring incessantly again.

Ning Xi hesitated momentarily before finally answering the call.


"Hello, Xiao Xi Xi? Are you asleep?"

"Nope, the drama team’s gathering just ended. Second master, it’s already so late, is there anything?"

Lu Jingli had too many things that he wanted to say and rant about. He immediately blurted non-stop to her and asked, "Xiao Xi Xi, what did you actually say to my brother that day? He locked himself inside his room for a whole day after that. When he came out, he pretended like nothing happened and began to work without stopping for three whole days. Only until my mom called to tell us that Little Treasure was feeling unwell, then he returned to the old residence, and then these few days…"

"Little Treasure is ill? What’s wrong with him?" Ning Xi quickly caught Lu Jingli’s key point and stopped him.


Lu Jingli paused for a moment for his brother. Indeed Xiao Xi Xi still cared about Little Treasure the most! Poor brother!