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Chapter 294: Confrontation Between Father and Son

Chapter 294: Confrontation Between Father and Son

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Lu Tingxiao briefly nodded and said, "Mmm."

Lu Jingli was about to cry, "Please! What do you mean by "mmm"? Do you actually have a plan? Based on the old man's stubborn personally, what if he got provoked and did something crazy? Who can stop him?!"

The worst part was that the person who let Ning Xi and Little Treasure go was him!

He could almost predict his tragic future...

At this moment, the sound footsteps could be heard from below, followed by the sound of Father Lu and the maid's conversation.

"How is Little Treasure today?"

"Master, little master is not awake yet."

"Mmm, I'll go see him."

Father Lu's heart was where his dearest grandson was, so it was only natural that the first thing he did when he returned was to go see Little Treasure.

Lu Jingli flew down the stairs and spread his arms apart to stop the old man in front of him and said, "Father! Are you hungry? Let's go have breakfast first! Mother has been working away in the kitchen since this morning!"

"I'll eat later, I want to see Little Treasure first."

"Best to eat first before seeing him! Otherwise, the food will get cold!"

"If it gets cold, I can just get the maids to heat it up!"

"That way the nutrition will be lost!"

Lu Chongshan finally realised that something was not right, as he frowned at his son, "You little punk, what did you do now?"

Lu Jingli laughed feebly as he scratched the back of his head, "N-Nothing! What could I have done?"

Then, Mother Lu came out from the kitchen and said, "Breakfast is ready, tell Little Treasure to wake up! It's not good to sleep too much either!"

He was dead...

Now he really couldn't hide it any longer...

Seeing Lu Jingli's expressions change while he kept blocking Little Treasure's room door not letting them in, the Lu parents noticed that something was not right.

Lu Chongshan angrily walked past him and pushed open the door.

The room was empty.

Lu Chongshan immediately asked furiously, "Where is Little Treasure?!"

Xiao Rong, the maid who was in charge of taking care of Little Treasure, was so frightened that she turned pale. She replied in panic and helplessness, "How could this be...little master has been asleep in his room all this while!"

"How do you guys even work? There are so many of you and yet you couldn't even take good care of a child!"

Lu Jingli was prepared to take everything upon himself when a cold voice came from behind him—

"Little Treasure is not a criminal."

Lu Chongshan immediately replied furiously, "You bastard! What did you do to Little Treasure? Did you send him to that girl again? You're worse than an animal! Little Treasure is your son. How could you hand him over to an unruly girl like that?"

This time even the typically neutral Mother Lu could not stay on the sidelines, "Tingxiao, you've really messed up this time! How could you let Little Treasure go off with that girl?"

When he saw that the atmosphere was getting more and more tensed, Lu Jingli quickly said, "Father, Mother...there are some things I've been keeping in for very long. Even if you wanted to break my leg, I must say it today!

"Just as my brother just said, Little Treasure is your grandson, not a criminal. From the way you guys strictly guard him, what is the difference between putting Little Treasure in jail and staying here?

"Even though Little Treasure was obediently staying here for the past few days, was he truly happy through it all?

"We only let Little Treasure go to his best friend, his favourite aunt's place to play for a while. Can you guys not make such a big deal out of this?"

"You animal! Have you forgotten how Little Treasure became how he is right now?" Lu Chongshan roared as he was about to deliver a slap.

Lu Tingxiao dragged Lu Jingli aside. The next second, a slap heavily landed across his face...