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Chapter 330: The Master Is Back

Chapter 330: The Master Is Back

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Lu Chongshan and Yan Ruyi were dumbfounded in front of the monitor screen. They had no idea how to describe their feelings in that moment…

Little Treasure promised…

Little Treasure actually promised to go to school…That meant that Little Treasure had taken the most important step towards becoming a normal child!

Yan Ruyi was too excited, "Chongshan, did you see that? Little Treasure promised to go to school! This is great! It's unbelievable!"

"Yeah! Our baby has promised to go to school!" Lu Chongshan then let out a long sigh, "Even though we have tried convincing him for so long, even using whatever methods we could, she only needed to utter a few words to him to change his mind…"

Yan Ruyi sighed as well, "I used to think that Jingli was exaggerating, but it seems that Little Treasure really listens to her!"

Waves of worry started flowing in after the initial excitement. "It seems that this woman isn’t as simple as she looks. She’s able to hold it in well and I’ve underestimated her…Did you realize that all the things she did were for Little Treasure’s good, but on the surface?"

Yan Ruyi went along with him, "I didn’t understand before as well, now I’m clear why Jingli and Little Treasure like her so much. Even Tingxiao is charmed by her…"

Lu Chongshan shook his head, "Anyhow, Tingxiao is too young!"

Suddenly, a nervous voice came from the walkie-talkie: "Master Lu! Big Master is back!"

Lu Chongshan frowned, "If he’s back, so be it. What are you freaking out for?"

As Lu Chongshan tried to bring up the monitor screen to see where Lu Tingxiao was, the screen went black.

"That little bastard!" Lu Chongshan shouted angrily.

"I knew that we couldn’t hide it from him…"

In the little garden in the backyard, Ning Xi was ecstatic that Little Treasure had promised to go to school!

It was too bad that she had no one to share her happiness with at this moment…

Suddenly, she saw a familiar shadow approaching…

"Lu Tingxiao!" Ning Xi’s first reaction was to run over to him but in her excitement, she almost crashed into him. He held her steadily, and she told him giddily, "Lu Tingxiao! Little Treasure promised to go to school!"

"Mmm." Seeing the girl’s excited, bright red face, Lu Tingxiao gave her an affectionate gaze, caressed her hair and said, "Thanks for your hard work."

The man’s touch broke through her overjoyed spell, and she stood up straight and backed away, awkwardly saying, "I didn’t really do anything... I just talked to him…"

Crap! What was this? Why did she suddenly speed over to Lu Tingxiao like a bird flying back to its nest? She wasn't behaving like herself!

"Well, since you’re back now, I should leave first!" As she prepared to run away again, she suddenly remembered something, squatted down and spoke to the little bun, "Little Treasure baby, can you let me talk to your father in private?"

Little treasure looked at Aunty Xiao Xi and his father, and felt a little unhappy for being left out from the secret, but in the end, he agreed and nodded.

After Ning Xi gave Little Treasure his goodbye hugs, she turned around and spoke in a serious tone, "CEO Lu, I have something important to tell you!"