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Chapter 334: Rearranging Scenes

Chapter 334: Rearranging Scenes

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Very soon, 20 minutes passed.

Ning Xi returned to the resting area. Guan Xiaoqi and Fang Ya continued shooting, but the result was as terrible as ever…

Ning Xi quietly walked towards the director, who almost wanted to bang his head on the camera, and said, "Director, I have something to discuss with you."

Guo Qisheng turned around with a tired face, "Oh, Ning Xi, what is it? Tell me!"

Ning Xi thought for a bit and asked, "I have something urgent to do later and it really can’t wait. Is it possible for you to maybe rearrange for my scene with Guan Xiaoqi to be shot earlier?"

"Uh…" Guo Qisheng felt troubled, "Well, you can see for yourself how bad Guan Xiaoqi’s acting is, and your scene with her is even more difficult…"

"It’s okay, director, let’s try! Maybe she's just finds that scene too challenging. Perhaps it might improve if we change the scene?" Ning Xi comforted.

"How can it be…" Guo Qisheng shook his head with a bitter smile, "Forget it, with her acting skills, it would be the same. Anyhow, let’s just follow your plan. If it doesn’t work, then you don’t need to waste your time with her and you can go settle your matter first!"

Ning Xi quickly thanked, "Thank you, director!"

Guo Qisheng coughed softly and interrupted Guan Xiaoqi’s mechanical lines, "Guan Xiaoqi, stop for a while! Fang Ya, take a break first. Ning Xi has some urgent matters later, so we’ll shoot her part earlier!"

Fang Ya was happy, "Alright, no objections to that!"

But as Guan Xiaoqi heard this, she froze and her fists tightened.

Of course Fang Ya had no objections. Instead, she was excited when she went back to the resting area, chuckling, "Hahaha, Guan Xiaoqi is going to be dead! Do you guys know which scene she's shooting with Ning Xi next?"

"Ugh, it can't be…the one that Jia Qingqing failed 30 times, right?"

"That’s right! That's the one!"

"Oh god, Then Guan Xiaoqi is in for it!"

Guan Xiaoqi’s two assistants, Eleven and Twelve were nervous for her.

"Miss, let me go and discuss with the director and Ning Xi! This scene is too difficult! You definitely can't do it!"

"Yeah, when Jia Qingqing was shooting with Ning Xi they had to reshoot many times!"

"Shut up! Who said that I can't do it?" Guan Xiaoqi still bundled her fists tightly, scolding both of them fiercely, "No one is allowed to say anything! I’ll do this scene! Are you saying that I’m worse than Jia Qingqing?"

Both assistants looked and each other and thought, if Guan Xiaoqi was at least half as good as Jia Qingqing, they would be so overjoyed that it would be like a dream come true.

"Sigh, this Ning Xi...We’re colleagues from the same company anyway, so why is she being like this? Can’t she wait a while more? She knows that this scene is hard!"

"So what if the both of you are from the same company? You're not really acquainted. With our Miss’s personality, she almost made enemies out of everyone from the company! In the entertainment field, everyone only cares about themselves and never for others!"

After a few moments, the set for the next scene was ready.

Ning Xi and Guan Xiaoqi got into their positions. Ning Xi sat on a luxurious wooden chair, while Guan Xiaoqi fell on the floor embarrassingly.

Seeing Ning Xi’s eyes look down on her, Guan Xiaoqi felt humiliated and it was clearly expressed on her face...

This time, Guo Qisheng did not even care to give guidance before shooting, he just waved his hands and said, "Let’s just begin!"