Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 335: What Has Gotten Into Her?

Chapter 335: What Has Gotten Into Her?

Chapter 335: What Has Gotten Into Her?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
Background: Cold Palace[1]

Characters: Meng Changge, Princess Xian

In the ruined palace, Ning Xi sat on the wide, big chair, and looked down arrogantly with contempt, while Guan Xiaoqi was full of anger and humiliation.

Guo Qisheng saw this and his eyebrows softened. Eh? Guan Xiaoqi’s expression…actually looked good!

Next, Ning Xi looked at her disdainfully as if she was looking at a corpse, "Princess Xian, do you know why I hate you so much? Why I must take away your chances of surviving?"

As Ning Xi finished her lines, Guo Qisheng's eyebrows knitted and he was already prepared to stop after Guan Xiaoqi’s first line. The cameraman was adjusting his equipment casually as well.

All the crew members and artiste had had enough of Guan Xiaoqi’s usual arrogant ways, and everyone was waiting to see a good show…

"Witch! You’re jealous of me! You’re jealous that the emperor likes me! Jealous that I’m favored!" Guan Xiaoqi read out her lines angrily, as her eyes became red. Damn it! Fang Ya and all these people, all of them, they were jealous of her!

Everyone was shocked by Guan Xiaoqi’s lines.

Eh?! She didn’t misread any of her lines, and actually had a really good expression and tone...

Maybe it was luck!

Even Guan Xiaoqi was shocked herself, but Ning Xi quickly continued her lines to avoid her losing focus.

"Huh, me, jealous? Jealous that you are favored by that dumb old man?"

Guan Xiaoqi went along with Ning Xi’s line and acted the next part naturally. She pulled an unbelievable face, "Princess De! You…Are you mad? I want to talk to the emperor! I will tell the emperor that you insulted…"

Ning Xi made Guan Xiaoqi back off with a harsh stare, and then spoke, "Princess Liang, do you know who I am? Do you still remember…the name of Meng Changge?"

As everyone watched up to this point, they held their breath and stared intensely. The atmosphere was tense, and they were whispering in disbelief: "Guan Xiaoqi is in luck, she hasn’t gotten cut off up till now!"

Fang Ya laughed coldly, "Hehe, it will be anytime soon, just wait and see!"

"True, Jia Qingqing was cut off at the next line for 33 times!"

With Ning Xi’s gloomy stare, Guan Xiaoqi’s face was full of fear, "You’re Meng Changge? How is it possible that you’re Meng Changge? Meng Changge is already dead! This is impossible! Impossible!"

Ning Xi closed in slowly, "Zhao Wanrou, if you’re not dead yet, why would I be? Even if I was dead, I would crawl right back up from hell! Then I'll pull you down to die with me…"

"Ah! Don’t you come over here…Don’t come over…" Guan Xiaoqi screamed in fear.

Zhang Rui reminded the director: "Director…cut! Cut!"

Thanks to the co-director’s reminder, the director returned to his senses and quickly shouted, "Cut!"

This scene…had actually passed…on the first take…

The moment Guo Qisheng shouted "Cut!", no one reacted. It was only after a while that everyone started discussing excitedly:

"Oh my god! Did the sun just rise from the west? Guan Xiaoqi actually passed?"

"And it was on first take!"

"This is too shocking!"

"What has gotten into her?!"

Fang Ya had a livid expression, as she stood up and objected, "How is this possible! Director, how could you let her pass? She…she didn’t do well at all! Her expressions and actions were too exaggerated!"

[1] Cold Palace - it is where disfavored queen or concubines was placed.