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Chapter 360: The Beautiful, Honorable Ms. Ning

Chapter 360: The Beautiful, Honorable Ms. Ning

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On the stage, the smug Ning Xueluo thought of something. She then smiled and looked at Ning Xi, gently calling out to her, "Ning Xi, can you come over?"

Hearing Ning Xueluo asking Ning Xi to go on stage, Fang Ya and the rest were a bit confused. Why would she ask that woman to go on stage?

But since it was Ning Xueluo’s request, they did not have any objections.

Xiao Tao stared at Ning Xueluo and felt angry, "Sis Xi, just go! If not others would think that we’re afraid of her! What can she do under everyone's watchful eyes anyway?"

Under this circumstances, it would reflect badly on her if she rejected Ning Xueluo directly. Moreover, there were people shooting the scene live…

Ning Xi narrowed her eyes. After fighting with her for so many years, she could pretty much predict what Ning Xueluo would do based on her past experience…

Ning Xi did not hesitate and stood up slowly, then walked up on stage, right in front of Ning Xueluo.

Seeing the both of them together, some actresses let out a cold laugh. This was one interesting scenario, if Ning Xi’s freaky admirer were to come in with his surprise soon, it would be perfect.

Ning Xueluo warmly welcomed Ning Xi to sit beside her, "Ning Xi, I heard that you’re really interested in these top masters in the culinary industry. You can't get a good view from the place you were sitting just now, you can see better from here. It’s rare to get such a chance to see them up close!"

As she finished her sentence, she latched onto Su Yan’s arm and nestled her body closer to his.

Ning Xi just smiled politely and did not say anything, knowing that Ning Xueluo was just up to no good as she tried to disgust Ning Xi.

"Hmph, she can still stay so calm while feeling unhappy. What a good actress!" Fang Ya said sarcastically as the other crew members whispered their agreement, looking at Ning Xi with funny looks.

"What do you guys think Ning Xi’s admirer will come with? If he’s not here soon, the night will be over!"

"Who knows, you can never guess how a weirdo thinks!"

"Hahaha, let us enjoy our dinner first. We might not have the appetite anymore after seeing her admirer!"

Facing all the guests who were observing him attentively, Mr. Danial stopped and looked at the crowd. He then started speaking in his fluent Mandarin—

"Tonight, I’m very honored to be invited here to be in charge of the beautiful and honorable Ms. Ning’s banquet. For you, Miss Ning, and for your friends and guests, I’ll surely prepare an enjoyable meal!"

The old man bowed towards Ning Xi and Ning Xueluo, beaming as he said, "To the beautiful and honorable Ms. Ning, I hope that you enjoy the night!"

Ning Xueluo smiled happily and nodded at him.

Seeing this, the older man's brows knitted in confusion. He had actually been talking to Ms. Ning Xi, but why did the woman beside her nod instead…

But the elder did not care much, his mission tonight was to prepare the banquet, as for other things, it was none of his business.