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Chapter 396: Take Off Your Clothes

Chapter 396: Take Off Your Clothes

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Ning Xi gave Bai Lu a reassuring look and as the surrounding voices slowed down, she said, "Senior Su, Sis Meixin, whether or not this clothing is the property of the company, or if my brain actually has issues, I’ve followed your orders to bring you a garment of the same standard. All you have to do is fulfill your part of the agreement and this case will be closed. As for everything afterward, I will take responsibility, and that’s none of your business!"

Su Yimo’s eyes went cold.

Zhao Meixin wanted to rebut her, but she could not think of anything and she just stood frozen.

Liang Biqin could not hold it in, "What nonsense! Ridiculous!"

Ning Xi shrugged, "There were so many witnesses just now who heard your promise. I did not add anything else on."

She paused, then continued, cocking her head sideways, "Or were the words only effective a moment ago? If that’s how it is, as a newbie here, I have nothing to say!"

Zhao Meixin and Su Yimo looked at each other, then said, "Our Yimo said it herself and we’ll not take it back! Ning Xi, you’re looking for trouble yourself so don’t blame us for anything!"

Zhao Meixin glanced at Bai Lu, "Since the both of you did fulfill the promise of bringing us a garment of the same level, consider this case closed!"

Zhao Meixin’s tone was particularly weak specifically when she said "same level".

Everyone knew that even if it was just a night gown, what Ning Xi brought was obviously a few levels above what Su Yimo was wearing.

At this point, Bai Lu still felt uneasy and she looked at Ning Xi anxiously.

Even though she was off the hook for now, Ning Xi had gotten into big trouble!

While she was innocent, today’s incident was caused by her...

Liang Biqin clung onto Su Yimo's arm, and glared at Ning Xi, "Cousin, let’s go! We’ve wasted too much time on this trivial matter already. What a day!"

Su Yimo glanced coldly at Ning Xi and walked away.

The onlookers slowly dispersed as well…

"I sure did not expect things to turn out this way…"

"While Bai Lu is safe now, Ning Xi is in deep trouble, isn't she?"

"Of course! She committed such a huge sin; it’s just a matter of time before she gets payback!"

As Su Yimo’s bunch were leaving, Ning Xi’s voice was heard, "Senior Su please wait!"

Su Yimo was really annoyed, thinking about how much more time she would waste on this newbie.

Liang Biqin replied with a harsh voice, "Ning Xi! That’s enough now, isn’t it?"

Zhao Meixin sarcastically looked at Ning Xi, "What now? Are you afraid? Or regretful? But as you’ve said, there were a lot of witnesses earlier, so it’s too late to take it back now!"

Ning Xi gave a tiny grin, "Sis Meixin, surely you are concerned about me, so why would I regret it?"

"Then why are you asking my cousin to stay? Are you out of your mind?"

Ning Xi saw disdain on Su Yimo's face, "I just wanted to remind Senior Su something...Senior Su, please take off your clothes."