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Chapter 431: Some Good Words In Front Of CEO Lu

Chapter 431: Some Good Words In Front Of CEO Lu

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Liang Biqin and her group kept spouting out insults persistently, each word harsher than before, trying to embarrass Ning Xi, so as to get her revenge for what had happened at the company the other day.

Ning Xi had thought that everyone went over to Su Yimo’s side, so she would be able to be on her own in peace, but suddenly everyone was being aggressive towards her. She then put on a surprised face, "Ah, if it isn’t Beauty Liang and Senior Su, and my other colleagues, you guys are here too? Were you guys...talking to me just now?"

Ning Xi’s words frustrated Liang Biqin, "Are you blind?! You’ve just only noticed us after we’ve been here for so long!"

So the whole time she was insulting that girl was practically a monologue?

"Hah…" Somewhere opposite the shop, a man laughed while he sipped his tea. Tsk, this girl looked like a weak little pristine bunny, but her claws sure were viciously strong!

The artistes surrounding her comforted her, "Let it go, Biqin, don’t talk to someone as weird as her!"

Liang Biqin clenched her teeth, "You’re right! Not just weird, blind as well!"

"Can’t even get a peace of mind buying some jade…" Su Yimo mumbled, displeased. She casually picked up the jade bracelet she saw earlier, and without even asking for the price, she said, "Boss,, please get me this one."

The shop owner realized that his future lady boss was not satisfied, and his anxiety crept up a notch. He carefully said, "Goddess Su, you have a good pair of eyes. This jade that you just casually picked is one of the best in our shop! I’ll pack it up for you right now!"

He then quickly wrapped it in an exquisite packaging.

Su Yimo let Liang Biqin hold the jade, then gave the shop owner her card.

The owner smiled at her and said, "Ms. Su, you don’t have to pay."

Su Yimo raised her eyebrows, "What do you mean?"

The owner rubbed his hands together, "Ms. Su, I felt bad about the lack of service today. Just take this jade bracelet as an apology, please! If you don’t, I might not be able to sleep tonight!"

"Gift...gift for my cousin?" Liang Biqin was shocked and stuttered. Did he just give away such an expensive jade bracelet?

The Lu Corporation sure was generous. Even a jade shop owner under them was so magnanimous!

If the man became her brother-in one day, then…

Su Yimo stared at Liang Biqin, before returning to her calm self, "What an understanding owner! We shan't make things difficult either, so I’ll take the jade bracelet on behalf of my cousin!"

Su Yimo did not say anything else.

"Thank you, Ms. Liang! Thank you, Ms. Su! Thank you!" the owner said profusely, then closed in and spoke in a deep tone, "I hope some day, Ms. Su could help me to say some good words in front of CEO Lu…"

Even though the owner was upfront about his other intentions, Su Yimo was appeased, "You want me to be your messenger for such a message?"

The shop owner broke into a sweat, "Of course not! I don’t mean it that way…"