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Chapter 436: Counting Wrongs And Punishing Them

Chapter 436: Counting Wrongs And Punishing Them

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At Yu Wannian’s harsh tone, Fong Maocai knew that he was done for. His legs quaked and he felt weak at the knees.

Yu Wannian did not even care about Su Yimo, he did not have anyone to count on anymore, he could just apologize, "I...Manager Yu, I’m just confused! I’m too greedy! It’s my first time, really! Please forgive me!"

Yu Wannian looked at him coldly, "First time or not, I’ll be the judge of that. You’ve made quite a number of mistakes here, so don't bother begging me for forgiveness anymore because even I can’t keep you here. Go directly to the finance department, get your salary for this month and leave! If further investigation shows that there have been similar incidents before and that the shop has suffered any losses, we’ll take the necessary action by then!"

Fong Maocai widened his eyes and his heart sank…

He was done for…

If they found out about the previous cases as well…

After that, Yu Wannian turned to the other silent workers, "You guys are experienced workers here, but your performance today was disappointing. After so many years, how can you not even possess the basic qualities of a good worker? You dared to mistreat a customer! From today onwards, you don’t have to come to work anymore!"

"Manager Yu…Manager Yu...we’re wrong…"

"Please give us another chance!"

"The shop owner made us do all these!"

Liang Biqin’s posse thought that the manager would give in, but who knew that this would happen?

Their faces went pale just listening to the workers begging.

Su Yimo particularly felt bad. Even though Yu Wannian was scolding the shop owner, it felt like the sharp words were all directed towards her.

After Yu Wannian had settled down, he went up to Su Yimo without even addressing her by her name, as if he did not recognise her, "Miss, I apologize for any inconvenience caused just now. This incident was a mistake by my workers. I’m sorry but you can’t have the jade bracelet!"

"What! You’re taking back what you’ve just given?!" Liang Biqin yelled, then added, "Do you know who my cousin is?"

"Everyone who comes to Jade Treasury has only one identity: our customer," Yu Wannian said calmly, "Of course, if you like it so much, you could just pay for it. In fact, as an apology, I’ll offer you a 5% discount."

Liang Biqin looked at him in disbelief, "5% discount?"

He had given Ning Xi, that witch, a 20% discount, but only a measly 5% for her cousin. What was he trying to imply?

Su Yimo was incredibly upset.

She had already been humiliated, whether or not she took this jade!

At last, she took a deep breath and handed over her credit card and haughtily said, "You don’t have to give me a discount."

"You’re being too courteous, miss, it’s a must!" Yu Wannian gave the card to the young man behind him. In the end, he still gave her a 5% discount.

Su Yimo did not even care about taking the bracelet and just left.

Liang Biqin quickly grabbed the jade bracelet from the counter before following her…

"Cousin, don’t be mad! Yu Wannian was too arrogant! Just think of it as an accident, we will have plenty of chances to correct him one day. Just wait, he'll regret it then!"

"She’s right, Yimo. That Yu Wannian was not being flexible at all, there was no point arguing with him!"

"We’re just unlucky this time. Who knew that Yu Wannian would come over for a spot check at this time…"