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Chapter 455: Don’t You Miss Your Father?

Chapter 455: Don’t You Miss Your Father?

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Ning Xi remembered Lu Tingxiao’s stormy expression after he went into the shower. Even though he was really angry, he had suppressed in order not to make her afraid of him.

And he most probably saw the moment when Ning Xi had killed those people, but neither did he ask nor mention anything about it. Instead, he had treated her gently as usual...

Ning Xi felt a sense of warmth and curled herself up into a ball. She cleared her throat and started singing, "I still don’t know what’s this feeling when I fell in love with you; it was the best thing in my life when I met you...it was you that guarded me through the rain and storm, it was you that I wanted to stay with...we’ve been within reach of each other…"

Although he could not see her, she thought that he should be able to hear her singing.

Lu Tingxiao was known for being as cold as the north pole, but when he heard the girl’s sweet singing while he was in the shower, all of his steeliness melted and his heart became warmer than the sun on the equator…

Three days later, at the Imperial airport in China.

They had finally wrapped up everything and flown back home.

After they disembarked from the plane, Lu Tingxiao was going to suggest sending Ning Xi home, but she interrupted him, "Boss, let me send you home!"

Lu Tingxiao raised his brows, "You want to send me back? Shouldn’t it be the man sending the woman home?"

"That’s different. Aside from a gender perspective, you’re still my boss and I’m your best employee, so of course, I’ll send you home first!" She would be uneasy if she did not send him home safely.

The girl was trying to defend her reasoning, and Lu Tingxiao smiled at her, "Seems reasonable."

Ning Xi nodded, "Of course! So I shall send you back!"

"Fine, you’ll send me back." He was glad that he got to spend more time with her, in whatever way.

Lu Tingxiao sent his son a message after he got into the car.

[Open the windows from your room an hour later.]

No response.

But Lu Tingxiao was patient.

His phone rang around three minutes later. That kid had sent him three exclamation marks.


Lu TIngxiao smiled, he knew that his son understood what he meant.

An hour later, they reached home.

Lu Tingxiao looked up and saw a small head popping out of the window waving impatiently, but it quickly disappeared as soon as they arrived. Moments later, a tiny silhouette ran towards them…

The little kid did not even stop by his father whom he had not seen for days. Instead, he ran past him…

Lu Tingxiao was totally ignored and was speechless. Fine, he was used to this already…

Ning Xi was surprised to see Little Bun. She bent over and picked up her sweetheart, "My little baby!"

As she picked Little Treasure up, she felt as if she had returned to humanity after coming from a world of bloodshed. He was so soft that she did not want to let go…

Little Bun melted right into Aunty Xiao Xi’s arms like a boat docking home, like a bird flying back to its nest, and he felt satisfied, happy, and safe.

As Ning Xi hugged Little Bun happily, she noticed Lu Tingxiao’s standing alone. She patted Little Bun’s shoulder and spoke gently, "Little Treasure, don’t you miss your father? You haven’t seen him for days."

Little Bun looked at Lu Tingxiao and thought about it…