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Chapter 469: Innocently Take The Shot

Chapter 469: Innocently Take The Shot

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In a place like St. Bernard, would there ever be a robbery team of people who wore expensive Chinese apparel and have professional training?

It did not matter whether anyone else would believe it but Ning Xi had a hard time fathoming it.

The six armed men below continued to sign to one another in the still darkness and they looked around with hawk eyes to examine the entire building.

Very quickly, the first floor had been scoured by them. They probably could not find what they were looking for. Then, the leader pointed his index finger upwards at the second floor.

When they saw that, the other men nodded in understanding and followed after their leader. They walked stealthily towards the second floor.

Little did they know that from the moment they had walked in, their every move was being watched by a certain girl.

At this moment, Ning Xi thoroughly understood that this group of well-trained men were definitely not common robbers. If she guessed correctly, it was the enemies of that particular person; they had come to seek revenge now, neither for money, nor for a woman, but for life.

Unfortunately, that person was not at home, and instead, she would have to innocently take the shot now.

"Damn it, why does it always turn out like this?!" Ning Xi gritted her teeth. She had faced a similar situation twice before, making today the third time. What a charm. That person's enemies were really all over the world. They probably had to deal with revenge seekers from time to time...


Ning Xi returned to the room and thought quickly. Then, she instantly picked up the cute cartoon figure and flicked the switch on before throwing it down the stairs.

The leader went trigger-happy.

It didn't take long for the cartoon figure's bottom half to be shot beyond recognition.

The other half of the cartoon figure fell carelessly among the men.

"Oh...your shot, it really hurt my feelings!" the cartoon figure started to say.

The men looked suspiciously at the cartoon figure that had been shot into half.

At that moment, the cartoon figure continued, "Bro, did you grow up in the crematorium where they sell barbecue?"

"This...this will be a massacre! Let's get some magic going first, how about that?"

"Damn it!" The lead man scowled then viciously crushed the figure that would not stop talking into pieces.

At the same time, Ning Xi's body flashed across the void.

Ning Xi's eyes were sharp as an eagle's and cold as ice. It almost seemed like she had become a whole different person.

Anyone who did not know her well enough would definitely be shocked to see her now. The Ning Xi right now was like the Ning Xi from a few years ago. Her steely eyes held no fear of complicated emotions, but only precise calculations.


When Ning Xi fired the first shot, a loud sound rang across the entire building, and the lead man's miserable scream was heard.

His breathing turned rapid as his body retreated backwards to avoid the attack. However, his attempts were as feeble as wet mud collapsing pathetically; Ning Xi's shot had hit him right in the heart.

The other five men watched on in horror and did not even care about their leader who was shot. Instead, they separated to look for cover.

At the same time, gunfire blasted another three times.