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Chapter 470: Nerve-wrecking Confrontation

Chapter 470: Nerve-wrecking Confrontation

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Before the five men could find a place for cover, Ning Xi continued to pull the trigger thrice from the second floor.




The gun shots rang out, as if confirming the end of the lives of three unfortunate souls. At the same time, three men on the lower ground had collapsed on the floor and their blood soon turned the floor into a bright carmine color.

Outside the house, many locals quickly shut their doors and windows tight. If such a thing had happened elsewhere, panic would have ensued. But this was St. Bernard's and they were used to it.

After all, St. Bernard's was impressive for its crime rate.


At this moment, only two armed men were left standing in the house, and they had both found a good cover.

The two guys had calmed down from their earlier panic of being caught off guard. They were well-trained assassins after all. Even if one of them was the last man standing, he would not act like a headless chicken.

Ning Xi took the chance to fire a couple of shots and then decided to temporarily hide in the room.

"Hmm...how could they not be back yet?!" Ning Xi took a deep breath. She had already left the dark underground world for a long time, and this sudden incident was a little hard for her to adapt to instantly.

Nevertheless, at least her earlier actions were all within her precise calculations, and she managed to get rid of four people.

To be honest, Ning Xi understood clearly in her heart that she had to thank that special cartoon figures, or else, she might not have even noticed the well-trained assassins breaking in. if that was so. Had she not, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Now, there were two more assassins left. For Ning Xi, they should not be too much of a problem.

Very quickly, Ning Xi found the main control panel of the building and chose to turn it off.

Instantly, the house turned pitch black, as if they were in the darkest peak of the night. The entire world seemed as if it had fallen into a deafening silence; there was not a single sound.

The two remaining men below were very careful too. They chose not to make a move immediately, but quietly waited for their chance instead.

Several days before, they received this assassination mission and were already prepared to fail. After all, their assassination target had a reputation within their circle. The temptation of money had done them in. They knew that there was a tiger within this mountain, and yet they had walked right in.

It was too late to regret now that their presence had already been noticed by that person. The chances of escaping from that person's hands was practically nil, so they could only fight with their lives. Maybe there was a ray of hope to leave alive.

Cold sweat soaked the two men's entire bodies but they did not have any anxiety or worry on their faces. Well-trained professional assassins were prepared for such situations. Every day, they walked the borders of St. Bernard's and pactically smeared blood on their knives to make sales with their brains. A situation like today's had happened to them countless of times before.

Looking on from the second floor, Ning Xi did not make any moves either. Before this, she had some luck as an advantage but now, the remaining two assassins were already much more alert.

A moment later, Ning Xi took the broken cartoon figure from the table and switched it on, then threw it to the floor.

She had to say that the cartoon figure seemed to be a high quality customized one; even if it were thrown down from the second floor, it did not break easily.

"Ahahaha...I think you guys are aunties!"

Suddenly, the dead silence was disrupted by the sound of the cartoon figure's insults echoing throughout the building.