Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 471: Young Man, Ya Need A Few Shots?

Chapter 471: Young Man, Ya Need A Few Shots?

Chapter 471: Young Man, Ya Need A Few Shots?

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"Ahahaha, I think you guys are aunties!"

"You're such fragile beings, broken by a single touch!"

As the cartoon figure's ridicule rang, the two assassins were stunned for a moment but they still kept their patience and did not make a move.

"Idiots, this is a place that even the gods dare not step foot in. You have come looking for your own deaths instead!!!"

The cartoon figure's voice was sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes mellow and sometimes loud, and sometimes it would pass through clearly.

"With just 998 dollars, I could let you guys feel so good that you can't breathe..."

"That's weird, I feel like shooting something."

"I have two guns, one is called 'shoot'...one is called...ah!"

"What's that thing dripping out?"

The figure kept spouting out annoying insults and Ning Xi smiled from the second floor. Even though the dialogues came from a game, listening to the figure alone continuously felt weird, mmm...very weird...

After the cartoon figure rambled on for a few minutes, one of the assassins could not handle it anymore. The ramblings from the toy were too annoying and caused them not to be able to focus on thinking about the best strategy.

The man initially wanted to signal to the other guy but because the house was plunged into complete darkness, apart from the cartoon figure that emitted a dim light, they were left blind.

"Damn it, I knew I should have brought my night vision glasses!" the man scolded himself silently, holding his right arm out carefully to shoot the cartoon figure.


A gun fired and what came after was the painful cry of the man. He did not even have the chance to pull the trigger. The shot had come from the second floor and hit him accurately on his right hand.

"Their cries, how weird!" the cartoon figure continued.

On the second floor, Ning Xi found the night vision glasses. She had to admit that the owner of the house was well equipped indeed. Apart from not having heavier firearms, everything else was complete.

At this moment, the injured man fell to the floor and half his body was immediately exposed in the open. With the night vision glasses, she had no barriers at all.

"Invisibility is the deadliest power!"

With the cartoon figure's narration, Ning Xi once again fired a shot with flawless precision. She immediately extinguished the life of the man who had been moaning and the cries suddenly stopped.

"And you...young man, ya need a few shots?"

The cartoon figure's words reached the final assassin's ears and gave him a chill as though the words were meant just for him.

"Oh, my big knife has long been thirsty..."

The last assassin had a vicious look in his eyes as he raised the gun towards the second floor and shot numerous times. However, without the night vision glasses, he could only fire blindly. Ning Xi was practically unthreatened by him.

"Gun skills ain't bad, but if you want to hit her, you'd have to wait for the next time!" the cartoon figure taunted.

"You remind me of my family's best milking cow. I'd like to introduce that cow to you!"


"Damn this bloody prank!"

The assassin finally let the anger and fear get the best of him and he lost his rationality as he shot towards the direction of the second floor again.

This time, Ning Xi was already prepared. Just as the assassin was getting into position to make the shot, Ning Xi chose the perfect timing to pull the trigger with her agility and precision.

"Someone as handsome as I am would usually be the main character in other games!"

The final dialogue of the cartoon figure was the curtain call for the black-clothed assassin as he fell to the floor and took his last breath.