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Chapter 473: You Don’t Get My Sense of Humor

Chapter 473: You Don’t Get My Sense of Humor

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Ning Xi turned off the phone and thought that the people outside were the men Jeffrey had been talking about.

Ning Xi left the house to tail them not long after they had left.

Instead of just waiting in the house, she wanted to try to find out who was this Jeffrey who hired B class assassins to kill that person!

Ning Xi equipped herself with her lucky charm and she tailed the group of foreigners stealthily.

They arrived at a villa guarded by a few men in a remote area half an hour later.

"Could this Jeffrey be the villa’s owner?" Ning Xi mumbled to herself. If this was their main headquarters, she would be better off staying put for now.

As Ning Xi prepared to leave, she saw a man around 50 years of age getting chased out of the villa and being pushed to the ground.

"You...you bastards, this is my house! You can’t do this to me! You just can’t!" the middle-aged man roared in agony, his eyes full of hatred.

"Hey, who do you think you are? You might not even see daybreak tomorrow, you idiot!"

"Oh, my dear Lou, it’s been rainy these days, how would he even see the sun?!"

"Idiots, it’s a joke! You don’t get my sense of humor!"

"Get out of my house now!" the middle-aged man shouted as he struggled to get up from the ground while pointing at those people.

"You damned old man, get lost!" A young man slapped the middle-aged man’s right cheek heavily. The middle-aged man fell down again.


"I’m going to trample you to death!"

A few young men started kicking the middle-aged man on the floor while using all kinds of profanity to curse him.

As they were attacking the middle-aged man, Ning Xi had already sneaked into the villa. She then realized that it was just an ordinary villa and not where Jeffrey was.

After searching, she exited the villa from the main door.

"You old man, I’m taking your head off today. Do you actually think that you could get through the night?! Hahaha! The boss told us to snuff your life out!"

"Lou, where’s his dog? Let me do it!"

"Bastard, you watch too many movies! You're just looking for trouble now!" laughed the young man named Lou.


They suddenly saw a lady step out of the villa.

Lou’s men were confused. Who was this woman and why was she in the villa?

"You! Lady! Yes, I’m talking to you, don’t look anywhere else. Look at me!" Lou stopped kicking the middle-aged man and blocked Ning Xi’s path.

Ning Xi stood there expressionless.

"Who are you and why would you be in the villa in the first place?" Lou asked as he assessed Ning Xi and when he saw her adorable face, he smiled maliciously.

"Is this your house?" Ning Xi asked him instead.

"What did you say?!" Lou’s expression changed. No one had ever talked to him in such a tone!

"Lady, I’m Solomon's new boss, Jeffrey’s brother, Lou. Don't you know who I am? If you don’t, I can tell you in detail in bed with me tonight!" Lou said fiercely.