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Chapter 475: Useless Boss

Chapter 475: Useless Boss

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An unloaded gun?! Lou launched into a tirade and cursed Baldy endlessly.

"Lou, I’m still the leader for our team and I have my pride as leader. How can I expect any respect from my team if you are always scolding me!" Bardy stared at Lough, his mouth curled downwards.

"Screw your pride!" Lou kicked Bardy.

Bardy backed off and fell into a punching stance. Before Lou could react, he threw a punch and hit Lou's jaw, "I cannot stand you anymore, Lou! Now see for yourself what I can do!"

Seeing Bardy’s counterattack, the middle-aged man quickly got up from the floor and started hitting Lou as well.

The others wanted to help Lou but Ning Xi knocked them out with her a strike of her knife-armed hand.

"Hey, Lou! Check out my combo punches!" Bardy threw his punches swiftly like rain droplets splattering onto Lou’s face.

A while later, Lou’s face was swollen and badly bruised.

"Ha!" Bardy shouted and unleashed his final attack, gesturing like a boxing champion. He held both his hands up high and did a victory dance, pumping both hands up and down while chanting, "Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!"

Ning Xi snatched his gun away while he was celebrating his victory against Lou.

Bardy looked at Ning Xi and his triumphant look soon faded.

"It’s really not loaded…" Ning Xi laughed awkwardly, finding the bald Bardy very interesting.

"My dear savior! I’m Zeus. Thank you for saving me!" the middle-aged man said in excitement, "I’m the boss of Solomon and I was betrayed by my second-in-command, Jeffrey. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t live to see tomorrow!"

"Hey, to the most useless boss in history, midnight has just passed. You wouldn't have lived till today without her," Bardy told him seriously.

Ning Xi was speechless as she did not expect that she would accidentally save a gang leader…

It was probably because the boss and his henchmen were so useless that she had thought that this unheard gang was just a group of people fooling around. She only found out some time later how big of an influence the Solomon had, and that the middle-aged Zeus in front of her was one of the weakest leaders amongst all of the previous bosses.

However, currently Ning Xi was focused on the safety of a particular person, so she quickly told them, "You guys, bring me to Jeffrey!"

"Jeffrey is ruthless. Going to him now is like looking for your own death!" Bardy shook his head.

Ning Xi shot him a threatening stare and he quickly said, "I think you’ll be fine though. I’ll bring you there!"

Zeus thought for a while and said, "I know of a shortcut that can reach directly into the heart of his base, follow me!"

They reached a manor in the outskirts half an hour later. Apparently, Jeffrey was here.

"That's weird, no one’s guarding the area. Could it be a trap?" Zeus doubted.

Ning Xi did not give it much thought and she went straight inside the manor.

She was not sure if the person that Jeffrey sent assassins to kill was safe, and where that person was…

Inside the big manor, there were 13 armed muscular men patrolling around.

As Ning Xi was coming up with a plan, an odd sound came from above.

A helicopter appeared on top of the manor.

All the armed men in the manor were on alert.

As she looked from afar, Ning Xi saw a voluptuous woman with brown-colored hair in a tight black suit. The woman used a rope to disembark the helicopter.

Ning Xi was surprised to see the woman as she did not expect that the person she had been waiting for all night long would make her entry in such a grand way.