Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 476: You’re So Cute In A Girl’s Outfit!

Chapter 476: You’re So Cute In A Girl’s Outfit!

Chapter 476: You’re So Cute In A Girl’s Outfit!

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"Third…" Just as Ning Xi wanted to yell out and start running towards the woman, she saw a few heavily armed men leaving the helicopter as well.

Ning Xi quickly shouted at Bardy and the useless boss Zeus, "Run!"

The moment they reached a safe place, the air was filled with sounds of machine guns rattling and people screaming…

Ning Xi hid in the shadows and sweat poured off her. If she had reacted even a second later, she would have died!

The scene was dead silent 10 minutes later.

Needless to say, Jeffrey and his men were all dead!

Bardy and the useless boss were in deep shock. Had it not been for Ning Xi, they would have been long dead.

After the sound of gun shots had faded, Ning Xi could not help but run towards the woman.

Before she could give her a hug, a strong punch welcomed her.

Ning Xi evaded the deadly punch with a back handspring.

More and more attacks came after the punch, not giving her any time to catch her breath.

Through their exchange of attacks, Ning Xi did not have any chance to counter them. She could only defend and evade the whole time.

The opponent stepped up her game.

She was still just testing Ning Xi earlier but now she wanted to end her life with every strike, attacking her with even fiercer attacks.

Ning Xi was in an awkward position as she wanted to speak a few times but there were no openings at all. If she lost focus even for a brief moment, it would cost her fatal consequences…

After a long while, Ning Xi had reached her physical strength limit and her shoulder was hit by a powerful fist, causing it to flare in pain.

A minute later, the opponent was choking her throat and it felt like her neck was about to break…

At that moment Ning Xi quickly yelled, "Third Senior Sister!"

The opponent released her grip when she heard Ning Xi’s voice.

The woman was being doubtful, "Who are you?"

"Me! It’s me! I’m Xiao Xi!"

"Xiao Xi?" The woman released her instantly.

When Ning Xi finally could catch her breath, she bent over and coughed, "Third Senior Sister, you’re brutal! I haven’t seen you for so long and the first thing you do is try to kill me!"

The woman was surprised by Ning Xi’s appearance and her cold expression turned into excitement and joy as she hugged Ning Xi tightly, "Oh my! Xiao Xi! You’re really Xiao Xi! I couldn’t recognize you in a girl’s outfit! Oh, my Xiao Xi, you’re so cute in a girl’s outfit! How adorable, let me hug you!"

"Cough...Sis, I’m getting suffocated by your boobs! Although it might be the dream of many men...but I don’t want to die yet…"

"That’s mean, you little kid!" The woman let her and shyly said, "Oops, I mean little girl! I was just thinking who it was that dared to attack me from behind! I didn’t expect it to be you!"