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Chapter 478: I Know You Love Me The Most

Chapter 478: I Know You Love Me The Most

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"Would I still need your help if I could ask him directly?"

"Then go and ask your First Senior Brother!" Feng Xiaoxiao wanted to push the burden away.

"He would never tell me! Third Senior Sister, please! Help me! I know you love me the most!" Ning Xi begged persistently.

Feng Xiaoxiao could not stand it anymore, "Damn it, where did you learn to act this way? Did your personality change along with your outfit as well? No wonder you insisted on not wearing a girl’s outfit the last time! If those dudes from your organization see this, they’d have eaten you alive!"

"I’m only doing this for you, Third Senior Sister!"

Feng Xiaoxiao was helpless, "Fine, my loss, I’ll help you on this but don’t get your hopes up. You know how secretive this person’s background is. Besides, you need to give me a lead to start with."

Ning Xi thought for a while and wrote three words on Feng Xiaoxiao’s palm with her finger.

Feng Xiaoxiao’s brows raised, "Lu Tingxiao...the the powerful business overlord in China?"

Ning Xi nodded, "Yes, I want to know if he has any relationship with Satan."

"Why would the both of them be related? And what’s your relationship to Lu Tingxiao?" Feng Xiaoxiao was doubtful.

Ning Xi carefully phrased her words, "Not much, the company I’m affiliated with now is under the Lu Corporation and he’s my boss!"

"That’s all?" Feng Xiaoxiao squinted her eyes, not believing Ning Xi at all.

A voice came through from afar, "Xiaoxiao! We need to go now! Say goodbye to your little bunny!"

Feng Xiaoxiao looked a little sad, "I’m sorry, my dear, I have to go now!"

Ning Xi was not all that happy as well, "Be careful!"

"Oh, right! There’s another important thing, wait!" As Feng Xiaoxiao entered the plane, she took out her phone and snapped a picture of Ning Xi, "Hahahaha...Little Junior Sister in a girl’s outfit, I’m going to show the seniors!"

Ning Xi was speechless.

It was just a girl’s outfit!

Leader Bardy and the useless boss of Solomon Zeus only came out after Feng Xiaoxiao’s bunch had left.

"You...you know that woman?" Bardy had fear written all over his face.

Zeus was really shocked as well and said, "You called her your Third Senior Sister! If I’m not wrong, that woman is one of the A class assassins on The Sin list…"

Mission accomplished. She had no more reason to stay here and she had had enough of what had happened tonight.

She left immediately, ignoring the both of them.

Zeus quickly went up and shouted, "Boss! Boss, where are you going?"

Ning Xi was shocked and almost fell down, "Who are you calling 'boss'?"

"You, of course!"


Zeus knelt down on one knee and said in a serious tone, "Thank you for saving me, and killing Jeffrey. Solomon praises the strong ones, only you’re worthy to be Solomon’s new boss!"

Funny how he could say that they praised the strong ones.

Ning Xi let out a yawn, "Sorry, not interested."

She did not care what Zeus said afterward and she left, waving her hands…

Back at the hotel where she stayed.

Ning Xi lay on the bed after a shower. While she felt tired, she could not sleep at all. Tonight reminded her of guns and blood, and she felt fearful that she might not have left her old ways of living…

Ning Xi brushed her hair and sat up to check the time on her phone. It should be daytime in China now.

She opened her messenger and sent Cabbage Lu a message: [Boss, I got the endorsement for Noble perfume!]

As she wanted to put the phone down, a text message returned almost instantly: [Congratulations!]

Ning Xi felt as if she had returned to the human world after she saw the message.

Another message came through again: [Have you not slept or are you up too early?]

Ning Xi dared not admit that she had not slept for the whole night, so she sent: [I’m just up early, will be going to the studio to discuss some details with the director.]

[When are you coming back?]

Ning Xi reported genuinely: [If things go well, the work will be done in two days and after that, I want to go shopping, so I’ll be back about three days later. Sis Zhizhi had something urgent to do so she’ll leave first the day after tomorrow.]

[Okay, all the best.]

Ning Xi felt a little sleepy after messaging Lu Tingxiao, she dozed off before work started…