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Chapter 539: Public Kiss

Chapter 539: Public Kiss

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Although Zhuang Keer tried to convince herself to move on, her eyes and heart refused to listen, her attention kept returning to Ning Xi and Small Qiao.

It was nerve wrecking. Would that man...would he really pick Small Qiao?

How could it be?!

She was the one who came into contact with this man first!

Zhuang Keer could not watch this go on, her anger building up and she did not want to just sit there and wait like a fool…

Suddenly, everyone's eyes landed on Ning Xi.

Ning Xi did not expect that Small Qiao would ask for such a thing, it sure made the situation a little awkward.

Aside from the fact that the devil might already be jealous, even if the devil was not around, she still had her rationality intact.

If it was just fooling around like giving Small Qiao a harmless kiss, Ning Xi had no qualms about it.

However, when it came to something as serious as being a girlfriend, even if it was an act, she could not bring herself to do it.

She could toy around with guys but she would never break a girl’s heart. She did not want to give a girl false hope for something that was impossible.

At first, Small Qiao was just having fun but in between the games, Ning Xi glimpsed a sense of seriousness in the girl’s eyes.

Ning Xi stopped decisively.

"I’m sorry, I’ll take the punishment and drink three shots," Ning Xi replied.

Everyone was surprised by her answer.

They all thought that Ning Xi and Small Qiao would get together tonight. No one expected Ning Xi to take the punishment at the last moment. Especially Small Qiao, with disbelief clearly written on her face.

"Bro Tang...why…"

Ning Xi smiled and in a relaxed tone, she said, "There are too many pretty girls tonight and I couldn’t pick one, so I’ll pass."

She knew that Ning Xi was trying to give her a way out but Small Qiao was stubborn. She ignored her sister’s reminder and threw her own reputation to the wind as she said, "Bro Tang, don’t try to fool your way through, I want to know the reason! Why?"

Not minding the crowd around her, the girl had tears in her eyes and her disappointment was obvious.

Ning Xi...what a headache!

It was over now, things were getting out of hand…

Basically, everyone who knew Ning Xi well enough knew that she would freak out if a girl cried in front of her.

Ning Xi’s heart tightened when she saw Small Qiao about to cry. "Small Qiao, don’t cry, I…"

She was thinking about how to handle the situation with the least damage. Could she possibly go along with Small Qiao’s request first so that the girl would not feel embarrassed?

Anyway, she was at fault tonight…

Lu Jingli wiped his face anxiously and prepared for the worst. He totally understood Ning Xi’s personality; she would probably agree with Small Qiao’s request under the attack of the pitiful tears.

Everyone including Lu Jingli was focused on Ning Xi and Small Qiao, no one noticed the devil had gotten up from his seat…

Not a single person saw Lu Tingxiao stand up and walk slowly towards Ning Xi…


As Ning Xi was about to agree to the request, she felt a vice grip on her wrist and she was enveloped in an icy cold embrace. All of a sudden, a fiery kiss was unleashed, accurately landing on her lips…