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Chapter 552: Announce Xiao Xi’s Identity

Chapter 552: Announce Xiao Xi’s Identity

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The reprimanded Zhuang Lingyu stared at Ning Xi, then she gently apologized to Ning Zhiyuan, "Father, I don’t mean it that way...as you would know, not many people know that Xiao Xi is my…"

"I’ve told you a long time ago, I told you to announce Xiao Xi’s identity. She was studying abroad before but now she’s back! Everyone’s here today and you will tell everyone that Xiao Xi is part of our Ning family!"

Zhuang Lingyu reacted in horror, "What? Father, absolutely not! I disagree!"

Her expression looked as if Ning Xi was some disgusting and terrifying beast that had to be hidden from the world…

Back then, when she had just returned home, she would have been heartbroken seeing such an expression like that from her biological mother but now, any semblance of expectation was totally eradicated.

Ning Tianxin was not aware of what Ning Xi had gone through, so she felt really sorry for her and held her cousin's hands tightly.

Ning Xi felt a sense of warmth glowing from her heart with Ning Tianxin’s grip and she gave her a happy smile.

Her smile was as warm as the sun and brought an otherwordly kind of joy…

Ning Tianxin did not expect that reaction from Ning Xi and was shocked.

As Ning Zhiyuan and Zhuang Lingyu discussed, a few people had come over. Ning Yaohua, Ning Xueluo, Ning Yaobang, and her two illegitimate daughters joined the group.

Apart from Ning Yaobang’s wife who was not there due to some relationship complications, all of the Ning family members were present.

"What happened? Why have the both of you started arguing?" Ning Yaohua frowned, then he saw Ning Xi and his face darkened. "Why are you here?"

He was surprised that his wife would start an argument with his father. As expected, every time this girl appeared, bad things would happen!

Zhuang Lingyu saw that her husband was here and she quickly told him, "Yaohua, please convince your father! He wants to announce Xiao Xi’s identity today!"

Ning Yaohua responded in shock, "No way! Father, are you confused? Damn it, did this brat tell you to do this?"

Ning Yaohua shot Ning Xi a suspicious look.

Ning Zhiyuan struck the floor with his walking stick and demanded, "Don’t you blame this on Xiao Xi, it was my idea. Now, you tell me, what’s wrong with this?"

"Right, what’s wrong with this? Isn’t Ning Xi your real daughter?" Ning Yaobang followed along, adding fuel to the fire.

His provoking tone angered Ning Yaohua. "You, shut up! It’s none of your business!"

Ning Yaohua’s overbearing attitude triggered Ning Yaobang who replied, "Brother, that’s not quite right of you to say that. I’m also a member of the Ning family, how is this none of my business?"

Damn it! What was the big deal being the business manager? It was not like he received any shares. How dare he yell at him like this?!

Still, he was blessed with an exceptional daughter! Not only did she bring in tons of resources, she even brought back an outstanding son-in-law! Could Ning Xueluo have brought fortune to Ning Yaohua as Master Long mentioned?

God damn it, what sort of luck did Ning Yaohua have for him to pick up such a valuable golden egg?

It was a good thing that his biological daughter was so terrible. He was looking forward to Ning Xi’s return to mess up Ning Yaohua’s life! He was excited just by thinking about what had happened five years ago!