Wuxiaworld > Hidden Marriage > Chapter 581: A Belated Fate?

Chapter 581: A Belated Fate?

Chapter 581: A Belated Fate?

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Even if he was attractive, he was probably invisible to her. Besides, he was still a young boy from university at that point in time...

Ning Xi blinked. From what he said, he must have been referring to five years ago when she was in love with Su Yan.

However, she really did not remember meeting Xi Shiqing, so she was a little curious about the circumstances had he seen her in to remember it for five whole years.

"Really? When was that?" Ning Xi asked casually.

"Five years ago, at your 18th birthday party," Xi Shiqing answered.

The cup in Ning Xi's hand wavered.

After all, that was the worst day of her life.

Xi Shiqing’s eyes clouded over as he slowly said, "You know that our grandfathers are really close, so for that birthday dinner, I went along as well. I remember, you were wearing a white dress at that time. When I saw you for the first time many years ago, I was drawn to you, you were like a...natural princess..."

When Ning Xi listened to Xi Shiqing's description, she really did not know what to say. "Hah, princess...obviously, Mr. Xi, your memory is a little foggy. That dress was a fake and I was even exposed by the crowd..."

Xi Shiqing interrupted her, "Real or fake, is that really important? Even though the ugly duckling was born among the ducks, she was still a swan and she would not change because of just anything."

That was one of the most memorable days of his life because it was the first time he fell in love at first sight and then had to watch as the girl of his dreams get bullied while he looked on helplessly...

It was probably after that incident that he had never returned to the Ning residence.

When Ning Xi heard this, she felt moved and her eyes darkened. "Mmm, Mr. Xi, you seem to know more than I had imagined."

This was when Xi Shiqing realized he had lost his regal posture and had said too much unnecessarily. "My apologies, I accidentally overheard what they were saying."

Because his gaze continued to follow after her for the rest of that night, he had accidentally overheard some things that were not meant for his ears.

After he knew all of that, he felt his heart ache even more for her and hated himself for being useless...

Five years later, he was a successful person but he never could let go of what happened then, until his grandfather suddenly told him that he had arranged a blind date for him.

He was going to immediately reject the old man but who would have known that his grandfather would say that the date was a young lady from the Ning family.

The most popular lady of the Ning family, Ning Xueluo, was already engaged, so who else could it be?

He dared not to imagine, so he asked if it was Ning Tianxin.

Much to his surprise, his grandfather had said the name he did not dare to imagine: Ning Xi.

She had already disappeared for five years. Was she finally...back?

Because he had never paid attention to entertainment news, he didn't even know the most famous stars. He was much like an ignorant person from the ancient times. That was the reason why he had no inkling that she had been back a year ago and even rose to fame as an actress.

In order to share common topics of conversation with her, he had watched all of her works and even read all the news and headlines related to her.

All these years, he had been living the zen life, especially appreciating the teachings of Buddha. His favorite place to go to was the temple to discuss Buddhist teachings with the masters. Even his family was starting to worry that he would become a monk...

Yet, who’d have thought that at this very moment, she would appear.

As Ning Xi and Xi Shiqing were reminiscing, behind them, the little devil’s wailing had intensified.

Lu Jingli and Lu Tingxiao took turns to use several ways to calm him but none of them worked. They simply could not coax him!

Lu Jingli was about kneel down to beg the child. He just wanted this little heir to stop crying!