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Chapter 648: Holding Back A Curse

Chapter 648: Holding Back A Curse

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"Minister Naka, we can skip the small talk. My wife's survival is uncertain right now. I urgently need to borrow a unit from your army troop." Lu Tingxiao looked stony as always, but upon closer inspection, you would notice a terrifying undercurrent in his eyes.

"Well...Mr. Lu, I think you are all well too aware that the current war situation in America is tense. If you want a troop..." Minister Naka looked like he wanted to say something but stopped.

"What do you mean, Minister Naka?" Lu Tingxiao looked meaningfully towards the elder.

"Mr. Lu, America currently has a few more important investments at hand and these investments are related to the military. So, Mr. Lu, if...you are willing to invest, I think it won't be too much of a problem to immediately organize a troop for you. I'm just wondering what you think about it?" Minister Naka said this as he evaluated Lu Tingxiao's attitude evenly.

Cheng Feng's eyebrows flew up. Minister Naka was obviously taking advantage of the situation!

Lu Tingxiao looked at Minister Naka and said sharply, "Minister Naka, I don't have the mood to discuss business with you right now."

"Well...then it won't be easy to settle this. It might take some time to mobilize a troop..." Minister Naka said, intentionally looking troubled.

"Okay." Lu Tingxiao nodded.

When he heard this, Minister Naka was instantly overjoyed, immediately concluding that he would get a fresh flow of funds. However, what Lu Tingxiao said next changed Minister Naka's entire expression.

"If that's the case, then we'll remove all investments of Lu Corporation in America, then perhaps we'll look for other investments in Country M," Lu Tingxiao finished without giving Minister Naka another look. He nodded at Cheng Feng and walked towards the helicopter.

"My Lord, please hold on!" Minister Naka immediately ran to chase after him and stopped Lu Tingxiao.

He thought that because Lu Tingxiao was in such a desperate situation, he would agree to further investments but the man did not take the bait.

If Lu Tingxiao really removed all his investments, the authorities would blame him and whatever benefits he had dreamt of would evaporate instantly.

"Mr. Lu, what I said was just what we can discuss later. We have an emergency at hand and will still need to save your wife from Philadelphia first, don't we?" Minister Naka quickly said after he stopped Lu Tingxiao.

"What about the troops?" Lu Tingxiao looked at Minister Naka coldly.

"Well, then...how about we prepare a troop of three hundred people for you, Mr. Lu?" Minister Naka seemed to be asking for Lu Tingxiao's opinion.

"Three hundred people..." Lu Tingxiao squinted.

He was not even clear about the current situation in Philadelphia. That place was chaotic. Even without the Italian gangsters, there were still strong forces there and all of these were uncertainties. Three hundred people would not be enough. If three hundred people could solve the issue, why would he go through so much work when he only needed to mobilize his people? Why would he need to look for this minister?

"How about 400 men?" Minister Naka tested again when he saw Lu Tingxiao hesitate.

Lu Tingxiao continued to stare at him without saying anything.

Naka was rather anxious by now, so he rubbed his hands together and asked, "Mr. Lu, what do you want?"

"20 tanks, five fighter jets, and 500 men equipped with firearms," Lu Tingxiao said plainly.

Minister Naka looked stiffly at the tuxedo-clad man, holding back a curse.

20 tanks plus five fighter jets and 500 armed men!? Lu Tingxiao was being too demanding! Why didn't he just rob someone?!

With the recent battlefield requirements, there was no way they had that many tanks and fighter jets to spare. Even if they did, he could not just casually mobilize them!

"No way! Definitely no way! This definitely can't be done!" Minister Naka cried out emotionally.

"Since there is no way, then Lu Corporation can't continue either. Farewell, Minister." Lu Tingxiao shook his head.

"Mr. Lu!" Minister Naka said, practically weeping, "Mr. Lu, your requests are too demanding! With the recent tense battles, we only have five tanks and two fighter jets to spare! Even if you wanted more, you can only mobilize these!"

"Deal." Lu Tingxiao nodded.

"What..." Minister Naka was stunned. Had he just been tricked by Lu Tingxiao?

He was Minister Naka after all and had dealt with diplomatic situations for half his life, yet here he was, being tricked by a businessman...