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Chapter 651: Taken Away!

Chapter 651: Taken Away!

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Augustine thought that the American military was here for Satan but it was all because of Ning Xi!

This man had mentioned that Ning Xi was his wife. Then, what about Satan? Was Ning Xi not Satan’s woman?

Augustine had no time for doubts; he knew that he could never admit shooting Ning Xi. Instead, he insisted that he did not know Ning Xi and had never abducted this man’s wife.

"Don’t want to talk?" Lu Tingxiao stood up and looked at him casually. "There are a lot of ways to make you talk if you’d like to try."

Perspiration dripped off Augustine’s forehead as he looked at this stranger and thought to himself, "If this man is so sure about what I have done, he probably has enough evidence to believe so and it is meaningless to deny the truth anymore."

"That woman, she...was taken away just now!" After a while, Augustine decided to blurt out the truth.

"Bastard, why did you abduct Madam Lu?! Spill it!" A soldier smashed Augustine in the shoulder with his gun again. These military soldiers were not very patient.

With his wail like a dying pig, a fresh wound split open on Augustine’s face.

"Tell us who took Madam Lu away or I’ll kill you right now!" The soldier glowered at him fiercely.

Without waiting for Augustine to speak, the Captain went up to Lu Tingxiao and whispered to him, "Mr. Lu, from the CCTV videos just now, your wife has been taken away by another group of people, who are still in Philadelphia at the moment."

"Another group of people…" Lu Tingxiao frowned.

What trouble did Ning Xi get herself into this time?

"But, Mr. Lu, these people...they aren’t your common thugs," the Captain explained anxiously as he looked at the military-grade armored car and the heavy machine gun.

After hearing the Captain’s description, Lu Tingxiao replied instantly, "I’m going to save my wife."

"What about these people?" The Captain looked at Augustine and his men. "Should we just kill them right here?"

Lu Tingxiao shook his head. He was reminded of how they insulted Ning Xi and tore off her clothes, so he said coldly, "I remember the American military has a unique interrogation system."

The Captain understood immediately. "Haha, I got you, Mr. Lu. Let me handle them, I’ll not let you down."

"Thank you." Lu Tingxiao nodded his head slightly.

"Get these people on the truck and take them away!" a Corporal beside the Captain ordered. Augustine and his men were being taken away by force, without any means to resist.

Augustine hung his head gloomily as if he was a corpse. He thought what Tang Ye had done to him was his greatest despair, but he had yet to know what was going to happen to him next.

The interrogation system of the American military would be a real hell on earth…

Half an hour later, somewhere in Philadelphia.

Two military fighter jets soared through the city skyline and multiple war tanks closed in, forcing the armored cars to come to a halt.

Although there were heavy defenses on the armored cars, they dared not act rashly when facing a war tank. After all, those were American war tanks and not toy cars…

One shot from that thing would totally destroy the armored car.

"American military?" Feng Jin was surprised by the situation.

Could their activity tonight have exposed them to the American military?