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Chapter 657: They Kissed!!!

Chapter 657: They Kissed!!!

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This guy had crazily outstanding talent. It was truly inhuman for him to improve this tremendously in such a short time!

There was no more meaning in continuing to fight; it would have ended up in a draw.

Regardless, time would not wait for no man. He could not wait any further and he needed to get Ning Xi away soon as Satan’s men would be here anytime!

He had to think of something fail-safe...

Damn it! It was simply too hard! Tang Ye was too careful and there was no opening at all!

He was just distracted ever so slightly by trying to think of an escape plan and a solid punch landed on his face. Pain exploded on his cheek. "You bastard, Tang Ye! Are you really trying to kill me?!"

What a heavy blow!

"I’ll not give you another chance if you get distracted again!" Tang Ye gave him a cold side-eye.

Tang Lang’s nostrils flared. Damn it! He was going to wait patiently until Tang Ye was distracted!

Their fight continued. Tang Lang tried to aim for his fatal points, but Tang Ye moved forward instead of avoiding him, showing no signs of fear at all. Tang Lang would not be able to attack at such a close range. Instead, he was paving a path to his own grave.

As Tang Lang got closer, he had a weird grin on his face. It was too late when Tang Ye realized that something fishy was up. Tang Lang directly...kissed him. They kissed!!!

Tang Lang quickly held Tang Ye by his throat and pushed him onto the car as he was distracted by the shocking kiss. He murmured, "Senior Brother, you lose."

Ning Xi was startled. "Daaaaaaamn! My eyes! Second Senior Brother! That was so wrong!"

"As long as it worked." Tang Lang was proud of his tactic and he smilingly turned to Tang Ye. "Senior Brother, you’d admit defeat, right?"

Tang Ye suppressed his urge to smash him into pieces and took a deep breath. He had fulfilled his promise. "Get lost."

"As you wish!"

As if afraid that Tang Ye would regret his decision, Tang Lang quickly slung Ning Xi over his shoulder and ran away swiftly while quickly sending a text on his phone at the same time: [Retreat!]

On the other battleground, both parties came to a standstill. The air was tense.

The Captain was trying his best to persuade Satan but to no effect.

Time passed and dawn broke slowly, yet both parties did not show any signs of retreating.

The silver-haired man yawned and looked impatient. "Such troublesome creatures! Are we fighting or not?"

As Lu Tingxiao was about to reply him, he received a text message, which caught him by surprise, but he masked his reaction to the content well and no one noticed.

He then looked at the man and grandly said, "As you wish."

The silver-haired man felt a strong bloodlust rise within himself.

Feng Jin did not plan to rely on his employer’s sanity since their opponent was Lu Tingxiao and he expected the latter to make a rational choice. However, seeing that Lu Tingxiao was just as unreliable, he was deeply troubled.

The Captain was even more afraid. "Mr. Lu, we can’t fight them!"

He was not worried about the outcome of this fight. America was barely standing its ground in the war now and if one of their main forces were to be defeated here, other countries might seize the chance and infiltrate the motherland.